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​Ear wax is a problem for many people. Though ear wax is a necessary and helpful part of the human body’s system, when there is an excess of ear wax it can cause many problems. Some people who have consistent blockage of ear wax complain of pain in the ear, difficulty hearing, coughing, headaches, dizziness, or ringing in the ear.  Going to the doctor to fix the problem often calls for hundreds of dollars. Because of this, some people try to remove the built up wax by using a cotton swab. Often times, this can lead to pushing the wax further into the ear, rather than removing it. It is also unsafe and can lead to infections. Luckily, there are several at-home options for consumers to use. Here are some of the highest rated and best ear wax removal kits available on the market today.

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TOP TENG® Ear Pick Ear Wax Removal Kit

100% medical grade stainless steel VIEW PRICES
Baby One Ear Curette LED Light Ear Wax Removal Kit

100% Medical grade stainless steel VIEW PRICES
Hear Ear Wax Remover from Equadose

Elephant Ear Washer Bundle

Removes earwax and buildup  VIEW PRICES
Ear Gator Ear Irrigator Kit



​This model comes at the top of our list as one of the best ear wax removal kits around. It has six separate pieces made with medical grade stainless steel and a handy and attractive metal storage box. The tools are great to use for the whole family and are easy to sanitize using a cotton ball and rubbing alcohol. If you are a frequent traveler, this model is ideal with its small size and protective case. As with all their products, TOP TENG boasts a lifetime warranty on their ear wax removal kit. Each piece has a user-friendly ergonomic design. Consumers give this a full five-star rating, likely due to its high quality and affordable cost.

​If you are looking for something to clean out the ears of the little ones, this model is one of the best ear wax removal tools out there for parents to use on their children. Build up of ear wax can lead to ear infections, slow speech development, and more. Since doctors warn parents not to use cotton swabs, many parents are on the lookout for the best ear wax removal kit for kids. This product comes with six stainless steel pieces and a convenient travel case. In addition, one of the pieces, designed to look like an adorable pink fish, has a handy pink LED light attached; a must for any parent attempting to clean out his or her child’s ear canal. This is a low-priced alternative to those expensive doctor visits!

​If sticking sharp metal objects inside your ear canal sounds frightening, this ear wax removal kit may be much more your speed. The only thing you need to use this product is warm water and some hydrogen peroxide that you can buy over the counter at your favorite drug store. This product, using the suction method, cleans the wax from your ear in the same manner that your doctor does. Only this is much less expensive and is done in the privacy of your own home! Users rate this product high due to its ease of use and similarity to the way the doctors perform the same task. For a fraction of the costs, it’s worth it to try one of the best ear wax removal kits around.

One might argue that this is the best ear wax removal kit available on the market today. It is recommended by doctors and this brand is the one used in some hospitals and offices by clinicians. Instead of paying hundreds to visit your care provider, check out this bundle that comes stocked with everything you could possibly need to perform ear wax removal. This kit comes with ear wax removal drops and extra washers, which many kits do not. And in case you weren’t impressed by its work (and we think you will be) there is a 30-day money back guarantee! Though the cost is slightly higher than other models, we think the benefits outweigh the costs on this model.

​This kit is the Cadillac of ear wax removal tools. Though its cost is higher than others, it can be considered the best ear wax removal kit out there. This product is a complete kit for all your ear wax removal needs. Included is an otoscope (the tool your doctor or nurse uses to check inside your ears), lighted ear curettes (the tips that go on the end of the otoscope), and an ear irrigation device. The attractive case that holds these products includes literature on what, exactly, you are seeing inside the ear you are looking in. You’ll be able to tell if it’s normal, filled with ear wax, or even an infection. In the event the ear has an excess of wax, you’ll be able to sue the irrigation system to safely and gently get rid of wax.


​There are many options for those looking for a safe and inexpensive way to remove excess ear wax. Remember, using a cotton swab or similar item is dangerous and can lead to working the wax deeper inside the ear or can, in some cases, even cause infection. Check out these best ear wax removal kits for a safe and affordable way to get rid of that pesky and embarrassing wax for good!

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