Is Your Hearing Aid Whistling? Here’s the Solutions!

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People purchase hearing aids to improve their hearing. However, as hearing aids are complex pieces of technology, often, complications arise. Many individuals ask why do hearing aids whistle when they experience the phenomena for the first time. Like other intricate electronic tools, sometimes technology works in mysterious ways. Hearing aids, just like software, can act … Read more

Will Medicare Pay for Hearing Aids?

Hearing loss may affect up to 48 million Americans. From veterans to children born with hearing-related issues, hearing loss can affect all age groups, ethnicity, and lifestyles. Medicare primarily affects the elderly, though. Almost one-third of Americans between the ages of 65 and 74 have hearing loss issues. From 75 and up, the percentage jumps … Read more

Best Vibrating Alarm Watch

Are you someone who tends to forget to carry out necessary tasks? Does everyone around you constantly remind you that you need to respond to that email, call that person back, take out the garbage, or schedule a doctor’s appointment? Do you often find yourself working up late for work or class? If you’ve answered … Read more

Walkers Game Ear Elite Review 2019

Many people across the globe show varying levels of hearing frequencies. Some are quite capable of listening to low level frequency sounds.  However, many  people fail to realize that they are suffering from hearing loss till they have visited a doctor for their annual medical check or are told by some friend or relative that … Read more

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