Sordin Supreme Pro X vs Peltor Comtac & SportTac – 2023 Models Compared

Serious shooters need heavy-duty hearing protection, and two popular products are the Peltor SportTac 100-500 and Sordin Supreme Pro-X series. These advanced ear muffs usually cost over $250 and offer superior sound protection and advanced functionality. You can purchase good hearing protection for gun users for around $100 or less, but these earmuffs are designed … Read more

How Many Decibels Is A Lawn Mower?

Have you ever wondered how loud your lawn mower really is? Maybe you’ve noticed that your ears feel a little numb after mowing the lawn, or your neighbors have complained about the noise. Either way, understanding the decibel level of your lawn mower can help you protect your hearing and be a good neighbor. This … Read more