ESP Hearing Protection Review

It is obvious that maintaining one’s hearing is important in everyday life using ESP hearing protection. Which is something many athletes and shooters ignore. Why? A hunter’s sense of honor is frequently manifested in intelligent decision-making.

To avoid looking ridiculous while shooting earplugs at the range or maybe reducing your hearing while hunting, consider the following. Your hearing will be harmed due to this decision because you will be exposed to dangerous sound levels.

Each bullet can emit 120 – 150 dB of noise, resulting in irreversible hearing loss. As a result, wearing hearing protection when shooting is crucial.

Why Is Electronic Shooters Protection Required?

Hunting entails certain dangers, particularly if you’re hunting with a friend who has clumsy fingers and struggles with his weapon. While gun accidents are a big cause of concern, what about other possible dangers like hearing loss? Did you know that the sound level can reach over 160 decibels when using a shotgun?

A newborn’s bottle cry is likely to be much louder than normal speaking or even the music in your car; this can be incredibly stressful on your ears when you’re out hunting for a long time. Because they didn’t always utilize proper ear protection, hunting enthusiasts like my father now rely on hearing aids.

Failure to wear protective hearing equipment while out in the field or practicing at the range can damage your eardrums. The damage can lead to gradual hearing loss over time if not addressed promptly and properly.

Types Of Hearing Protection

There are several methods for protecting your hearing senses when shooting a firearm. Earplugs or muffs designed for shooting ranges can be used as regular everyday earplugs. As a result, because they’re so good at filtering out all sounds, it’s crucial to take them out anytime you’re talking to your shooter-copilot.

Furthermore, they are worthless for hunters because they prevent you from hearing approaching game creatures. That’s why so many people steer clear of them. However, there is another possibility.

ESP provides cutting-edge digital earplugs that provide the best hearing protection. While wearing this fantastic electronic ear protection technology, which improves your hearing. You can also hear the familiar sounds you’d like to hear (e.g., chats with a hunting buddy, etc.).

When elk hunting, for example, you might hear a bull bugling from afar and anticipate a flushing game bird. You might notice a swarm of mallards approaching from afar and detect them much earlier than normal. These electronic earplugs protect your hearing from loud damaging noises (such as gunshots, rooster pheasant, and unwanted background noises) throughout the process. What sets it apart as the best choice for shooting hearing protection.

Why ESP Hearing Protection

Since 1994, ESP has been providing shooters with superior electronic hearing protection. Each pair of ESPs is custom-fit to your ears, ensuring all-day comfort and maximum protection. They’re so well-fitting to your body that you won’t even notice you’re wearing them.

ESP thinks that smart technology will give you an advantage over your opponents by allowing you to hear natural sounds that other shooters cannot hear, whether in a combat situation, when hunting or while competing in an event. Because you’re wearing your ESPs, you’ll be the first to hear whether a trap is set or a bird is flushed.

Duck blinds are great for normal talks, Sporting Clays courses are great for catching up with friends, and tactical circumstances make it easy to communicate with your team. ESP will appropriately protect your delicate hearing from potentially dangerous noises such as gunfire during this process.

ESP offers the following four models:

  • Apex, which costs up to $2,500
  • Stealth which costs $2,100
  • Elite Digital, costing $1,600
  • Elite Classic, costing $900

Getting ESP

It’s easy to purchase a set of these in-ear electronic shooters protection devices for yourself (or a member of your family) no matter where you live. The fastest and most easy solution is to visit an ESP dealer and have them equip you with custom shooting earplugs.

They will take your ear imprints and then provide you with your purchase including custom programmed protectors with very little effort. Alternatively, you may take your ear impressions to an audiologist or a hearing aid facility, who will be able to produce a mold of them in the same way. Order your preferred ESP model, email your order form, ear molds, audiology receipt, and money, and wait for your gunshot hearing protection to arrive.

Because ESPs are made from custom-fit imprints of your ears, they are so form-fitting and comfy that you would forget you were wearing them if they weren’t helping you hear better. Almost all ESPs require a size 13 hearing aid battery (with orange packaging), widely available at pharmacies.

The ESPs have been treated with P2i Aridion nano-coating technology, making them sweat and weather resistant. This layer helps water bead up and roll away from your device (and your hearing) when exposed to adverse weather, allowing your device (and hearing) to stay safe for longer.

There’s also a volume control knob on the side that you may use to adjust the level of the music. Because of these characteristics, electronic hearing protection (ESP) is the best shooting hearing protection.


If you don’t want to permanently lose your hearing and require a decent set of hearing aids to hear your children and grandkids, you should seriously take hearing protection safety. Let’s face it: wearing large ear muffs on the range is ridiculous, and removing and changing cheap foam shooting earplugs in the field is a nuisance.

Why not stop such problems right now by keeping your hearing? Electronic hearing protection is the best option (ESP).

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