Hearing Aids & Hearing Accessories For Teens

When people think of hearing loss, they often only think about age-related hearing loss or hearing loss in the elderly. However, the truth is that hearing loss affects people of all ages. Thus, it’s important to place attention to all age groups regarding the condition. For example, finding hearing aids for a teenager is just as important, if not more, than finding them for older adults.

According to the Hearing Loss Association of America, one in five teenagers in the US suffer from hearing loss, whether very mild or severe. The group has also reported that 12.5% of kids aged 6 to 19 have experienced noise-induced hearing loss. This is likely because the younger generations often wear headphones, and they listen to music at loud volumes.

They likely do not understand the damaging effects of loud noises and how it impacts their future. The same organization discovered that even a slight impairment in hearing leads kids to miss up to half of the discussions in a classroom setting. To combat this, kids must start getting hearing tests and wear hearing aids to secure their future.

Buying Hearing Aids for Teens

Hearing Aids for Teens

When you’re purchasing a hearing aid or a pair for your teenager, there are a few things you must consider beforehand. Teenagers can be a bit picky at times. Ensuring you’ve picked the best hearing aid for a teenager based on the following features will allow your teen to feel comfortable using them.


The battery life on a hearing aid is a crucial feature to consider. Naturally, you want a battery that will last for days if it is not rechargeable. However, if the hearing aid is rechargeable, it should have a long enough battery life to be worn all day long. 


Having the proper settings is vital for any hearing aid. Teenagers will want the ability to customize their listening experience to fit their given environment. They could be playing outside with friends, in class, or at home—all of which may require different amplification levels.

Style and Color

Teenagers tend to be picky about how their belongings look. For example, some teenagers may want their hearing aids to be their favorite color, whereas others may wish their hearing aids to be discreet as possible. So shop around for different styles of hearing aids. Many manufactures create behind-the-ear hearing aids and in-the-canal hearing aids, which offer maximum discretion.

Hearing Aid Accessories for Teens

One of the essential hearing aid accessories that teens want is a smartphone app. As teenagers have extensive knowledge and experience with technology, using a smartphone app to control hearing aids will come naturally. Many hearing aids manufacturers offer these apps for free when you purchase their hearing aids.

The app takes only minutes to set up through a Bluetooth connection. Once complete, the app will provide your teen with various resources such as changing settings, increasing/decreasing volume, and more. This hearing aid’s Bluetooth accessories are appealing, handy, and technologically advanced.

Alternatively, younger teenagers may appreciate items like a portable hang rope that offers security and a bit of color. Accessories such as these hang around the teen’s neck and clip onto hearing aids, so they could not get lost even if the hearing aids were to fall out.  

The Best Hearing Aids for Teenagers


The newest hearing aid model offered by EARGO, the Neo HiFi, is an FDA-approved, medical-grade hearing aid. The EARGO Neo HiFi is designed to be discreet—it fits in your ear canal, is convenient, and is comfortable. Please read all of our EarGo reviews here.

Thus, teenagers who want a comfortable device that doesn’t show too much have the perfect hearing aid in the Neo HiFi. The hearing aid is all black, fully rechargeable, and allows customization with the EARGO mobile app—just what your teen wants! For this reason, the EARGO Neo HiFi is on the top of the list.

Furthermore, these hearing aids have state-of-the-art technology that produces a clear, natural sound. They come with a natural feedback cancelation technology that ensures speech is heard crisp and clear—perfect for a teenager’s daily life. However, this model is much more expensive than the other models on the list; it costs $2,700 for the pair.

QiongSi Mini Sound Amplifier

Another discreet option for teenagers, the Mini Sound Amplifier, is a small, completely-in-the-canal hearing aid. The aid is only 0.65” by 0.54”. The plug fits directly inside the ear canal, so it cannot be seen, and it has a small wire that allows the teens to pull out the hearing aid whenever needed.

The QiongSi comes with a nano-coating that resists sweat, dust, and moisture. However, it does not have rechargeable batteries, so you must replace them. These hearing aids can run for anywhere between 3 to 10 days, depending on the battery itself.

The hearing aid has a volume adjustment button that allows teenagers to choose the necessary amplification to hear perfectly in any given setting. QiongSi also offers a three-year warranty on the product that comes with a full refund. The Mini Sound Amplifier costs $35.45 for one hearing aid.

MEDca Digital Hearing Amplifier

The MEDca hearing aid is the only behind-the-ear hearing aid on this list. The hearing aid comes in a stylish, modern blue that suits both male and female teenagers. In addition, it is a rechargeable hearing aid that has full-day battery life. So at night, teens can take out the hearing aids, plug them in, and have a full day battery life after an overnight charge.

With high-tech, digital chips, the Digital Hearing Amplifier needs no programming to get started. The hearing aid does offer customization during use, though. It features six different listening volumes that teens can toggle between to find the optimal sound level for any situation. In addition, the MEDca Digital Hearing Aid costs only $39.99 for a pair of 2 hearing aids.

The Bottom Line

Those looking for hearing aids for their teenagers need to be diligent in their search to ensure the teenagers like the products. Keeping the hearing aids and the accessories in mind are essential to a happy teenager that will consistently use the aids.

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