Do shooting earplugs work? Why You Should Never Fire A Gun Without Ear Defenders

There are many reasons why you should never fire a gun without ear defenders. One of the most important is that it can seriously damage your hearing. But did you know that shooting earplugs also work? In this blog post, we will review “Mack Daddy” shooting earplugs, the benefits of using them, and how they can help protect your hearing.

Product Description

The top-rated earplug has the greatest noise reduction rating available. Finally, an earplug with a decibel reduction of 33 and a good fit for your ear canals that provides 33 decibels of noise reduction is Mack’s Maximum Protection Shooting Ear Plugs. For people who prefer bigger diameter earplugs without the big, bulky look of competing products, Mack’s Maximum Protection Soft Foam Shooting Ear Plugs are ideal. Molded with super soft, slow-release, low-pressure, and tapered foam for easy fit and unrivaled comfort. Noise reduction is a serious problem for many professions, especially construction, and the military.

Mack’s Maximum Protection Soft Foam Earplugs are ideal for reducing noise levels in loud situations where safe exposure levels must be reduced to a safer, more manageable level. Bring noise levels down to a safer, more manageable level during concerts, motorsports, sleep, shooting sports, power tools, and other activities by using Mack’s Shooting Earplugs. By maximizing comfort and reducing noise, Mack’s Shooting Earplugs can help you get the most out of your hearing protection.

Shooting earplugs
Shooting earplugs


  • Made with Comfy Cush foam for great performance and unrivaled comfort, the Mirage is an ideal choice for those looking for a high-performance earplug. A 33 DB NRR, low pressure, shooting earplug that can fit a larger-sized ear canal without the excessive bulk of other brands. The pleasant foam earplugs are perfect for any circumstance where hearing protection is required. The bottle is ideal for stashing in my luggage bag.
  • Sure, I suppose so. I’ve already got both of them and use them for handguns up to 45ACP and 357 magnums on the range. Other lanes near me were shooting 556 ARs, which were more difficult but just as effective (NRR 30 DB) in suppressing noise impulses. They are becoming my preferred ear protection at the range since they are far more comfortable than my big earmuffs (NRR 30DB). If you don’t create a proper seal, they will not function effectively. Proper insertion is essential for any type of hearing protection. If you fail to make a good seal, they won’t perform well.
  • Mack’s Shooting Earplugs, unlike other earplugs, do not have an expiration date and can be thrown away after several uses or as soon as dirt or wax accumulates on the earplugs.
  • Mack’s Maximum Protection Shooting Earplugs provide the maximum amount of protection against damaging noise, such as gunfire, while also reducing noise. They’re equipped with a Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) of 33 decibels and help protect your ears against hazardous sounds like gunfire that might cause long-term hearing loss.
  • Multi-purpose Earplug for your outdoor activities or indoor range – tactical training, target shooting, hunting, skeet and trap shooting, and other loud events.
  • Mack’s shooting earplugs are the #1 Doctor Recommended Brand and help protect or prevent hearing loss. With safe, high-performance, noise-reducing foam, they’re proudly made in the United States. You may rest confident in Mack’s, the brand that doctors trust. Shooting safely is a lot easier when you use Mack’s shooting earplugs!
  • The “Slim Fit” line of Mack’s shooting earplugs is one that I like the most. If you have tiny ear canals and traditional earplugs become uncomfortable after a while, this is the product for you.
  • When the hooligans come home noisily from the clubs on Friday and Saturday nights, they help me sleep. They’re also great for when I use our leaf blower since they’re comfortable and good at shutting out the noise.
  • I wasn’t expecting much from them, but the high decibel rating truly does make a difference and they fit wonderfully and a lot more comfortably during a shooting rehearsal. They muffle sound better, but they don’t eliminate all of the sounds of your shot; you can still hear the noise, but it’s tolerable enough to not damage or deafen your ears.
  • For those who think these earplugs are too tiny, ears come in all shapes and sizes; not to mention that your ear aperture may change at times. Typically, if you roll the plug with your fingertips and then swiftly insert it into your ear, it will expand to fit snugly. However, I occasionally have to fiddle with them a little bit. Also bear in mind that because they are disposable, they come in a huge bottle. If they keep their form for three or four nights, I’ll wear them for three or four nights; but if they lose their pliability after one night, I’ll discard them after only one night.
  • For just $14 on Amazon, I think that this is an excellent deal.
  • Within 30 days of receiving your item, you may return it for a refund or replacement if it’s faulty. To me, this appears to be quite fair, and I’m sure it applies to any problem that may arise.
Shooting earplugs
Shooting earplugs


  • They don’t expand fast after being hardly squeezed. Not effective in properly expanding in the ear like the older earplugs were.
  • Does not work for all applications.

In Summary

Mack’s shooting earplugs have a 33 dB NRR and low-pressure, foam construction for slightly bigger ears without the excessive, uncomfortable bulk (maximum NRR available). Maximizes performance and provides outstanding comfort. Ideal for concerts, shooting sports, motorsports, power tools, sleep, and other activities where hearing is required. The #1 Doctor Recommended Brand in Preventing Hearing Loss.

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