How to Make Headphones Louder

Do you ever feel like your headphones just aren’t loud enough? Maybe you can’t hear the music or the people around you are too loud. If this is a problem that you face often, don’t worry, we have a solution for you! In this blog post, we will teach you how to make your headphones louder in just a few simple steps. Keep reading to learn more!

If you’re having trouble hearing music on your computer, it’s possible that your headphones aren’t producing the same quality of sound as they used to, or that you’ve already reached the maximum volume limit on your device. I’ve covered some methods for improving and amplifying the sound of your headphones regardless of whether you’re using your computer to watch videos, play games, listen to music, or engage in other activities that generate a lot of noise here are tips on how to make your headphones louder:

Clean Your Headphones

Dirt clogs up everything, even your headphones. Check to see whether your headphones are dusty, gritty, moist, or filthy. Remove stubborn dirt from your earphones using a clean cloth or a toothpick and “dry” cleaning methods like hot water and soap. If your device has an external speaker jack or port, examine it for damage. Check for loose connections in the wires, as well as batteries that are on their way out. Also, clean any dust or debris from the jack or port on your device.

Clean the Earbuds.

Keep your headphones on with the mesh facing down. Brush the mesh screens of the earbuds gently with a dry Microfiber brush to remove any particles trapped there. After brushing the mesh of the earbuds, moisten a cloth with hydrogen peroxide and wipe them off. Dry them using a paper towel from there.

You can also use rubbing alcohol or hand sanitizer if hydrogen peroxide isn’t available. Don’t soak the cloth in water; it might damage your headphones. Always clean the earbuds with a wet cloth, particularly the mesh region.

How to Make Headphones Louder
How to Make Headphones Louder I Bluetooth Earbuds Cleaning Kit

Put your headphones back together.

When your headphones are completely dry, reassemble them. When everything is dry, replace the ear tips. Your headphones should be clean and ready to use once more.

Remove Volume limits on your Device

It may sometimes simply be as easy as removing the volume limit from your gadget. In contrast to Europe and the United States, where legislation establishes the noise level for MP3 players and cellphones at 120 decibels, some nations have set lower limits.

On your Android device, you may decrease the decibel level to less than 80 if you turn off the volume warning bar that appears whenever you try to boost your phone’s volume.

Turn up All the Knobs

Another reason could be that your phone is turned up too loud, and your headphones are set to a lower volume. Check the volume controls on your phone and player by turning them both down as far as they will go and then stepping each one up in small jumps.

If you’re on your phone, don’t forget that individual programs, such as games, may have volume controls and that your phone’s audio settings may differ depending on the app. Check the app’s settings and your phone’s volume control panel to see whether an application is too quiet when other things are audible.

Check Your Device’s Settings

It’s also possible that your equipment has been set up to reduce the volume using software settings.

  • For iOS: Go to Settings > Sounds & Haptics > Headphone Safety. If the Reduce Loud Sounds option is selected, turn it off.
  • For Android: Settings > Sound > Volume In the volume menu, choose your preferred sound level. Tap the ringtone button, then touch + on it until you reach a higher level. The notification and touch feedback buttons should also be adjusted to your desired level. You may also use the switch Volume Keys for Media to select whether or not the volume keys control all applications’ volumes or individual media apps’ volumes separately.
  • For Windows: Open the Settings app and look for Sound Mixer Options. The master volume, which you may alter by pressing the Volume Up and Down keys as well, will be displayed here, as will whether apps have volume enabled.
  • For macOS: Choose your headphones from the drop-down menu. Select System Preferences > Sound > Output and then select your headphones from the pull-down menu. Here you may adjust the individual volume levels for all of your audio equipment.

Install a Volume Boosting App

If all else fails, consider downloading a mixer or equalizer software if one is available. These applications add another level of volume between your device and your headphones, making it simple to increase the volume. However, keep in mind that these applications are only to be used at your own risk with regard to your hearing, and they may remove software barriers on some devices intended to safeguard your ears or the device itself.

How to Make Headphones Louder
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Use an Amplifier

Amps aren’t limited to living rooms. Portable amps may be used to boost the volume, as well as a change to a louder pair of headphones, using them. They are typically powered by batteries and add weight, however, they may also be connected with an AC outlet to provide additional power if needed.

Upgrade Your Headphones

Finally, you might need new ones simply because they’ve gotten old. Your headphones will eventually wear down, just like everything else. If you’re upgrading, get earbuds with noise-cancellation features that reduce background noise. Using open-cup over-ear headphones or closed-cup over-ear headphones to block outside noises can help the music shine through if earbuds are allowing too much noise in.

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