Most Discreet Hearing Aids on the Market

Hearing aids are a necessary piece of technology for millions of people around the world. Like anything else on the market, technology has improved, and thus the discreet hearing aids are now the norm. Discreet hearing aids cost a fair chunk of change, but that’s due to the cost of innovating technology, research, and development and producing small electronics.

The Hearing Loss Association of America has estimated that nearly 48 million Americans suffer from some degree of hearing loss. Furthermore, the group has found that those with untreated hearing loss—individuals not wearing hearing aids— earn $20,000 less per year than those who use hearing aids or have hearing assistance in another form.

The National Institute of Deafness and Other Communication Disorders has estimated that fewer than 16% of the people who could benefit from hearing aids do not use them at the time of writing.

Various groups have conducted surveys to find that most of those not using hearing aids refrain due to comfort or style issues. However, a small group, typically older adults, find hearing aids troublesome due to the dexterity needed to handle them adequately.

However, with discreet hearing aids that are small and easy to use, everyone should have a style. In addition, awareness about comfort will become more common with more time, hopefully influencing more people to get on the train. Here we will explore the best discreet hearing aids 2020 offers, but first, understanding the types of hearing aids is important.

Types of Discreet Hearing Aids

There are two main types of discreet hearing aids on the market. Each of the two has advantages and disadvantages. They are styled differently, which may make some people automatically more interested in one versus the other. The two are in-the-ear hearing aids and behind-the-ear hearing aids. By sound, they are easily distinguishable, but there are more differences than at first glance.

In-the-Ear Hearing Aids

Otherwise known as ITE hearing aids, these fit directly in the wearer’s ear canal. Often, the wearer must get an impression of their ear taken by a health care provider to get a custom fit. ITE hearing aids are a style that has many subsets underneath.

You may wear the various hearing aids in this style in the ear canal, or they may only slightly penetrate the ear canal and still be seen. Users can find completely-in-the-canal hearing aids, receiver-in-canal aids, in-the-canal aids, in-the-ear aids, or in-the-ear half-shell aids.

This style of hearing aids is the most discreet as they are small and can fit directly in the ear canal. However, they may have reduced battery life and fewer features such as a directional microphone. Furthermore, as they are small, they can be difficult to handle for individuals with dexterity issues.

Behind-the-Ear Hearing Aids

BTE hearing aids rest on top or behind the ear. They have a tube that snakes around the ear, connecting to an additional piece in the ear canal or on the outside of the ear canal.

Like the ITE hearing aids, BTE hearing aids are a general style that other styles fall underneath. For example, users can find hearing aids with a receiver inside the ear or hearing aids with an earmold covering the outside of the ear canal.

BTE hearing aids are comfortable, easy to handle, and, typically, have good battery life. In addition, they may have more functions than ITE hearing aids as they have more space to accommodate further accessories.

Alternatively, they may be too large for some individuals as some may prefer a single piece that fits directly in the ear rather than something that wraps over the top of the ear.

Best Discreet Hearing Aids

Blomed offers the best, most discreet hearing aid. This listening device is designed as an in-the-ear hearing aid. The hearing aid is small, comfortable, and powerful. The Mini Hearing Amplifier comes with volume adjustment capabilities to adjust to the setting. 

The hearing aid comes with noise reduction technology to help phase out background noise. Each hearing aid created is designed to be used in either ear. One Mini Hearing Amplifier costs $109.99.

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The Digital Hearing Amplifier by LAIWEN is designed to be a comfortable, discreet hearing aid powered by batteries. The hearing aid fits directly in the ear canal, with the outer portion sitting just outside the ear canal. 

The LAIWEN hearing aid has 8 different channels and 16 bands of digital processing to create the best hearing experience possible. In addition, the hearing aids have settings to tailor the listening experience to the wearer’s environment. 

One of the digital hearing aids costs $105.99.

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Blomed has created discreet hearing aids that offer two different hearing modes, four channels, and settings that determine the listening experience based on the environment. The hearing aid is a behind-the-ear aid with a skin tone color to make it discreet. 

Blomed’s Digital Hearing Amplifiers have a 40-hour charge and can be charged fully in 8 hours. Blomed’s hearing aids come with a 2-month warranty where the product can be returned if there is any issue with the devices. A pack of two digital hearing amplifiers costs $99.99

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The iAid Super Mini Digital Hearing Amplifier is a discreet, in-the-ear aid designed for optimal hearing and noise reduction. In addition, the hearing aid comes in three different dome sizes to give users the right fit for their ears.

The iAid hearing aids come with four different modes to adapt to the necessary environment. This hearing aid is ideal for those with mild to moderate hearing loss. iAid offers 45 days of hassle-free return. One hearing aid costs $108.99.

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Bangilijian Hearing Amplifier is a discreet, behind-the-ear hearing aid designed for comfort and power. The digital chip inside offers optimal noise reduction and digital processing.

The hearing aid has three different listening programs for different environments that can be cycled through with one button. Each charge can hold 45-60 hours of use time. The hearing aid is beige colored, ideal for blending into the skin. The Banglijian Hearing Amplifier costs $85.99 per aid.

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