NewEar Digital Ear Hearing Amplifier Review in 2022

If you are a person who is having difficulty hearing, it’s best to visit your physician or an ear specialist. 

Hearing loss is the third most common health problem in the US. Your physician can advise you on the causes and symptoms and if you need to wear a hearing aid or a hearing amplifier. 

People with mild to moderate hearing loss can wear a hearing amplifier or a personal sound amplification product. We’ve already reviewed the best hearing amplifiers on our website, but in this article, we’ll closely review one such product by NewEar. 

NewEar Hearing Amplifier Features:

The  New Ear™ Digital Ear Hearing Amplifier is a hearing device that the Food & Drug Administration approves.

This product offers excellent sound quality at a low price and is rated as one of the top hearing amplifiers.

Designed by a team of Audiologists, they have ensured that this product offers optimum convenience to the user who wants to take part in conversations, watching your favorite program on Television or just listening to your type of music genre.

new ear digital hearing amplifier design

The team of audiologists has designed this product to be lightweight, stylish, and skin tone color to blend with most skin tones easily.

This hearing amplifier amplifies the sounds while canceling unwanted background noise, providing low audio distortion and clear sounds.

You may also want to check out two compatible products that offer excellent sound amplification Otofonix Elite and Tweak Focus.

The New Ear High-quality Digital Ear Hearing Amplifier comes with a button to fully adjust to volume levels with a wide range. 

If you are the type of person on the go, this hearing amplifier is lightweight and can be used in either of the ears as the product has been designed in this particular way; you have the flexibility of adjusting tone and volume, the built-in digital circuitry does the rest of the job and muffles exterior sounds.

This digital hearing amplifier works far better than the analog models in the market as it consumes very low power and for a longer duration. Furthermore, this product works on 3 LR44 batteries, which are supplied with the product. This is a great hearing device for teenagers; inexpensive and durable.




For a person with a hearing condition, this digital hearing amplifier is easily one of the best solutions available in the market. The NewEar Hearing Amplifier comes at an affordable price and delivers digital sound clarity with ease of tone and volume control.

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