3M Peltor Ultimate 10 Earmuff Review

Looking for a no-nonsense earmuff that will be great around the yard for casual hearing protection? Read our quick overview of why the Peltor Ultimate 10 Earmuff is exactly what you need.

3M Peltor Ultimate 10

  • 30 dB Noise Reduction Rating
  • Dual-wall design for higher attenuation
  • Low and high frequency attenuation
  • Comfortable for long duration
  • Pivoting cups
  • Headband padding

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Noise pollution has grown out of control, and the makers of Peltor hearing protectors are noticing. The manufacturer has a line of earmuffs to suit all of the loud scenarios we face in our everyday life, from basic earmuffs to electronic headsets.

We’re subjecting ourselves to lawnmowers, power tools, not to mention the loud construction sites, traffic with the beeping horns and rumbling large truck engines or sirens wailing by, shooting and hunting, playing music way too loud or going to a concert. As a result, our ears get a workout on the regular.

With most of these things, we think nothing of just going out and doing what we have to do with our ears exposed to the elements. We’re none the wiser to the cumulative damage done each time we present ourselves to the world.

Watch this quick video overview of Peltor Ultimate 10 earmuffs.

Luckily, companies such as Peltor are creating and promoting products, e.g. 3M Peltor Ultimate 10, every day to bring awareness to you regarding ear safety precautions. In addition, they put this time, effort, and research into their products as a concerned distributor, wise to the effects sound has on hearing.

Their gear is some of the best in the industry at noise reduction. In addition, their line of 3M, including the Peltor Sport Ultimate 10 and the Peltor Bullseye Ultimate 10, are rated highly by customers on the market.

What is so great about the 3M class?  They’re not electronic. But do they need to be for regular folks?  Those who aren’t in combat or in some job-related capacity that requires the radios and the mikes–do they really use that special equipment?  Maybe, but probably not as often as the price is worth.

The Sport and the Bullseye are so much more cost-effective. Not just that, but they weigh a heck of a lot less. Your head and neck will thank you.  So, let’s see what’s going on with these popular earmuffs.

Peltor Ultimate 10 Earmuffs Review

The Peltor Ultimate 10 NRR is 30db which is nearly perfect.  It basically cuts out all of the passive noise in the environment. It leaves you with the ability to have a comfortable conversation with those around you. Peltor made these sets with the notion that you would be wearing them for long-term use. There is no pain or discomfort after having them on for extended periods. They also have a design technique that ensures the wearer will not be subjected to electric shock.

The earpads are foam, and the headband is covered in foam. The ear pads also rotate. This is all to satisfy your degree of comfort. You can also remove the pads for washing, which you’ll want to do because they tend to make you sweat.

The headset is adjustable and is capable of fitting larger heads.  Once you have a good fit, the ear pads are snug and get a good seal.  Wearers say you can barely hear anything when you have the earmuffs on correctly.

Peltor Sport Ultimate 10




There was virtually nothing anyone had to say negative about these hearing protectors.  One person got a defective pair where the earmuffs were separated from the headband. They did feel the earmuffs were made cheap. But, literally, everyone else loved them. They ranged from saying they give the highest protection to buying them to protect their children’s ears. They provide good quality blocks; they don’t fall or move around with outstanding performance once they’re on. They will all repurchase them as well as recommend them to others. Awesome outcome.

That is so much love for a product. Oh, one person did love them but mentioned the sweatiness also.  I guess when something is near perfection for you, there has to be a sacrifice somewhere, right? For the most part, when you’re wearing something over your ears, they’re going to sweat.

Now, we’re going to take a look at the next 3M product, the Petrol Bullseye. The Sport and the Bullseye have the same footprint, but we did come across some unusual differences, some pluses and some minuses. Let’s look.

Peltor Bullseye Ultimate 10




Again, these were well received. The only complaint was they were too large to shoot certain guns adequately. Also, one person said the eyewear interfered with them. We know if eyewear interfered and you can’t get a good seal, it’s a problem.

Overall, the consensus was the Peltor Bullseye Ultimate 10 was exceptional, good for the price, able to wear for long periods–one person slept in them with no difficulty and no discomfort. He said he has an abnormally large head, but after adjusting, the set was perfect.  One went on to say 3M is a great company. Big win.

The 3M Peltor Ultimate 10 series only real differences show in the NRR scoring. The Sport has the NRR30, and the Bullseye comes up just a little shy with NRR 27.  It’s doesn’t seem to be a large gap, but it would make a significant difference when you’re out with your pistols.

The Peltor Sport Ultimate 10 review showed that it could handle rifles or high calibers, or mags. However, the Peltor Bullseye Ultimate 10 is said to be a bit too cumbersome for rifle shooting. The muffs are not really set up to handle rifles. Instead, they get in the way. The same happens when you put eyewear into the mix.  The fit just wasn’t there.

Overall, as a whole, they’re very comparable. However, if you want the best noise reduction (Ultimate 10 NRR 30 dB), the ability to use any firearm you choose, to use your eyewear comfortably, the Sport has a definite edge.

That’s not putting the Bullseye out of the market. On the contrary, these sets are still rated as one of the top hearing protectors on the market. They just have a tough competition going up against one of their own.

For over fifty years, this company has been looking out for the safety of our hearing. Each product gets better and better. With the 3M series, you can add foam ear buds for added protection. They don’t interfere with the seal or the sound quality in any way.  But on their own, they do just fine, 30 dB for the Sort and 27 for the Bullseye.


Regardless of your penchant for the shooting range or the loud music, or the chores that have to be done, we really need to think about our ear health as we would every other aspect of our physicality.  

We get physicals every year. So we’re on the ball with the scans we’re supposed to have and the dental routines we’re supposed to follow, and we’re faithful with our optometrist.

What happened to our ears?  They’re just as important as any other part of our body, maybe more so than some aspects. We rely on our hearing for so much that we take for granted. We’re we to lose that…think about that.  We would lose a lot of the privileges that we’re so fortunate to have.

That’s why it’s so important to follow a health plan for your hearing. Put the hearing protectors on any time you know you’re going to be subjected to sounds louder than 85 dB. Block out the noise and protect yourself.

The founders of 3M company had the consumer’s health in mind when they developed their products. They wanted to protect people from the progressively worsening epidemic of hearing loss due to the noise pollution experienced every day. But Also, they wanted to help the shooters and the hunters and the military and those employed to use firearms.  That was their mission. They succeeded in providing a healthy and safety-conscious product that consumers are praising.

The Peltor Ultimate 10 NRR 30 dB is the best product to help your everyday noise reduction needs. You won’t hear a sound. The only thing you’ll be able to hear is a conversation if you choose to have one. Some husbands use these to hide from their wives.  Now we’re not sure that’s a good use of these muffs. Happy ears, happy life.

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