Turtle Beach Ear Force PX4 Review

With a wireless transmitter, you can transmit a surround sound signal from your console to the headset, creating a pseudo-surround effect between the two 50mm stereo speakers. The receiver of Turtle Beach PX4 is equipped with a continuous optical audio output, which means that you can continue using the headphone with your standard speakers. In addition, the Bluetooth LED on the headset displays a blue light for a second to indicate that the headset is connected to your PS3 console.

The Turtle Beach Wireless Transmitter picks up the surround sound signal from your console and transmits it via a 2.4 and 5 GHz wireless dual-band headset. To use the headset with the PlayStation 4, plug the wireless transmitter into the PS4 “s USB port, use the supplied digital-to-optic cable to connect it to the optical port of your PS4 (25mm x 3.5mm or PS4 chat cable) and the headset and PS4 controller, and make a few adjustments to the settings on the console before and after.

The wireless receiver is a small box that combines a base station and a headphone stand that draws power from a long USB cable connected via a USB power supply to the console and uses a standard optical audio cable to receive sound. This is pretty much all you need to do to connect the headset to your console, TV, surround sound, mobile phone or an external audio device such as an MP3 player.

This means you can use the PX4 as a wireless headset for your phone or tablet to listen to music, answer calls and use your game console simultaneously. The optical pass-through output of the wireless transmitter, which is now more of a small box than a combined base station and headphone stand, exists in an existing set of additional 3.5 mm analog inputs that work with the optical signal but are limited to use with multiple devices. As an inexpensive gaming headset, it has separate controls for in-game audio and chats audio.

Wired headphones offer comparable audio quality at a lower price, but considering wireless technology, the PX4 is excellent in terms of price. The Turtle Beach Px4s headset is not cheap, but its price is affordable for a product that provides excellent sound for home consoles and other devices when traveling. Turtle Beach’s P x4 is not cheaper than its price tag for a headset but offers excellent audio for your games console at home and your other devices on the go.

The Turtle Beach PX4s are built the same way as most of its previous headsets, and although they are not the most stylish, they are well constructed and comfortable to wear. With a limited design range for PS4 headsets, Turtle Beach’s Px4 offers a complete package at a reasonable price. One option you have is the Turtle Beach Ears Force PX fourth. This exceptionally high-quality headset provides all the features players need at a very affordable price and technology.

It is no coincidence that the new Turtle Beach Ears Force PX4 headset is named just one letter away from the new Sony PS4 console. With the PS4 coming out in just over two weeks, the Turtle Beach Ear Force (PX4) is the best choice for a versatile gaming headset. The headset is intended to complement the new console visually, thanks to the familiar blue and black design.

The Ears Force PX4 was explicitly designed for PlayStation 4 but can also be used with PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC, mobile devices and Xbox One if you have a stereo headset adapter.

The box contains all cables, accessories, and wireless hubs that come bundled with a leaflet, setup guide, and free stickers. We found that the long and durable USB cable is perfect for charging the headset and when you need to release it for a long gaming session. Some things about the headset itself are the radio transmitter PX4, a 2.5mm – 3.5mm adapter, a PS4 chat cable, an Xbox 360 talkback cable, a detachable boom microphone, a digital cable to optical cable and a charging cable for the headset. After pressing a few buttons on your wireless headset transmitter, you need to connect your console with an optical cable to a USB cable, which you can do here.

The PX4 headphone, which works with PC, Mac, Sony and Microsoft consoles in Current-Gen and Next-Gen flavours, is a considerable investment in pounds. Still, its wireless operation, soothing quality and crystal clear sound are well worth the effort. The sound quality is good, but not great, and it does not sound as loud as some of the other Turtle Beach headphones we have used. Dolby Surround, at best, is mediocre, and although it delivers good sound, it is not what you would expect from a Turtle Beach headset.

Turtle Beach is one of the leading brands in the gaming audio market, providing some of the best headsets for console and PC games. Sony and Microsoft’s new consoles are no cause for concern for anyone who wants to use a gaming headset that allows them to play almost anywhere. Turtle Beach has not only added support for many older headsets but also launched the PX4, which includes everything you need to work with the PS4 without losing PS3 and 360 compatibilities.

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