Walgreens hearing aids Reviews

Do you or a loved one suffer from hearing loss? If so, you may be interested in Walgreens hearing aids. Walgreens is a trusted name in pharmacy and healthcare, and they now offer hearing aids and related services. In this blog post, we will take a look at Walgreens hearing aids reviews to see what people are saying about them. We will also explore the different types of Walgreens hearing aids available, as well as their prices.

Walgreen Co.’s hearing services are provided by an independent hearing provider that is not affiliated with and does not employ, Walgreen Co.’s or any of its subsidiaries’ licensed healthcare professionals or other personnel.

Walgreens has teamed up with Connect Hearing to offer hearing aids in a limited number of Walgreens stores as a test to see if selling big-brand pharmaceuticals is a successful business model.

According to a source, Walgreens is expected to gradually launch hearing aid centers across the United States, similar to CVS. Since launching in 2015 in Dallas and Cleveland, CVS has opened around 30 locations in seven US states (not including previous projections of 50 stores for 2017). While CVS sells Unitron, Rexton, and Bernafon hearing aids, it appears that Walgreens sells Starkey-made products.

Walgreens Hearing is presently only available in Golden Valley and St. Paul, Minnesota. The Starkey Hearing Technologies factory is located outside of Eden Prairie, which might explain why it appears on the Walgreens Hearing website that Walgreens plans to expand its hearing aid business. There’s an exclamation point next to the word more locations coming soon!

It’s likely that Walgreens Hearing is only owned and run by Starkey, a subsidiary of Starkey.

Some of the Walgreens Hearing and Aids Products Descriptions

MSA Pro Hearing Device

Walgreens hearing aids
Walgreens hearing aids

Price – $29.99


  • The latest version is now available, with up to 20 hours of continual use! There are 6 different earbud sizes to pick from.
  • Charges twice as fast with a rapid charger. It fits all ears and keeps out noise.
  • Offers a variety of different sizes of silicone earbuds to fit different ears and block out any noise.
  • Rechargeable – no batteries required, simply use an outlet to recharge.
  • Amplification increases by up to 30 times


The MSA PRO Hearing Device is never intended to be a hearing aid or for use by those who are deaf, but rather it’s meant for non-hearing impaired people to boost sounds in the environment for a variety of reasons, such as recreational activities. Anyone who suspects hearing loss should talk to their doctor.

Shipping Specifications

  • You may return this item to a Walgreens shop for free.
  • This item has no shipping limitations.
  • 0.35 Weight of the product (in lbs): 0.35
  • 2.871x 5.67x 8.58 inches (LxWxH)
  • Item Code: 268044
  • UPC: 67937311601

IQbuds 2 MAX

Walgreens hearing aids
Walgreens hearing aids

Price – 499


  • The new enhanced version of the iQBuds 2s, called the iQBuds 2 MAX Wireless Bluetooth Noise Cancelling Earbuds, is designed to be more comfortable and user-friendly.
  • One of the world’s top-rated and advanced hearing buds is the Roxfit iQbuds2 MAX with Active Noise Cancellation and Ear ID personalization.
  • IQbuds2 MAX has ANC – Active Noise Cancellation, Speech in Noise Control SINC, and directional FOCUS, all of which minimize noise by suppressing external sounds.
  • Made in Malaysia

Shipping Specifications

  • This product cannot be shipped to the following state(s): AK, GU, HI, MP, PR, VI.
  • Shipping Weight (in lbs): 1
  • Product in inches (LxWxH): 3.0x 4.0x 8.0
  • Item Code: 882447
  • UPC: 85475300722

 Hear Gear Rechargeable Hearing Amplifiers

Price – 59.95


The Hear Gear personal sound amplifier is a cost-effective alternative for situations when you want to hear your conversation over background noise. Because it features a discrete behind-the-ear look, you won’t even notice you’re wearing a hearing aid. It’s great for sports events, speeches, churches, parties, and restaurants since it’s lightweight and adjusts volume by pressing buttons on the front of the device.

The greatest budget option for improving your hearing. Three pairs of pleasant ear tips are included. Fits both the left and right ear. One-touch volume control. 3x sound increase, 2 days battery life after fully charged, with tone control tuning for tailoring the sound to your situation

Shipping Specifications

  • This product can be returned to a Walgreens store for FREE
  • This product cannot be shipped to the following state(s): AK, GU, HI, MP, PR, VI.
  • Shipping Weight (in lbs): 0.5
  • Product in inches (LxWxH): 2.0x 7.0x 4.5
  • Item Code: 819239
  • UPC: 84643000239
  • Made in China

Hearbuds Hearing Amplifiers

Walgreens hearing aids
Walgreens hearing aids

Price – $99.95

Stay on top of the latest developments. Don’t miss a thing or a secret. Improve your hearing and enjoy conversations, TV, music, and more by enhancing it. The ability to hear more clearly is made easier thanks to Walgreens Hear bud digital sound amplifier. Processing and three volume settings. Features include: Ready-to-Wear Alternative Modes (8 Hour Mode), Enhanced Hearing with Conversation and Concerts, TV Shows or Music Videos in Select Clarity Setting #1—Medium Setting #2 —High Medium-Sized (#10) Hearing Aid BatteriesZippered Storage Case & Multiple Tips & Fins Included -> zippered storage case, as well as multiple tips and fins.

Shipping Specifications

  • This product can be returned to a Walgreens store for FREE
  • This product cannot be shipped to the following state(s)
  • AK, GU, HI, MP, PR, VI.
  • Shipping Weight (in lbs): 0.2
  • Product in inches (LxWxH): 5.12x 1.25x 8.5
  • Item Code: 819240
  • UPC: 81294402671
  • Made in China

Enrich Personal Sound Amplification

Price – $79.95


Enrich is a personal sound application program that’s also known as PSAP. It has many of the same features as hearing aids at a fraction of the cost. Enrich PSAPs amplify sounds, as the name implies. Universal Fit – right or left ear, Discreet behind-the-ear design, Dynamic feedback canceller, Low-level noise reduction, Three adjustable settings.

Made in Thailand

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