Walkers Game Ear Elite Review 2019

Many people across the globe show varying levels of hearing frequencies. Some are quite capable of listening to low level frequency sounds.

 However, many  people fail to realize that they are suffering from hearing loss till they have visited a doctor for their annual medical check or are told by some friend or relative that they could possibly be suffering from hearing loss.

Though it is hard to predict what causes hearing loss as many factors influence our hearing while few may suffer from hearing loss as being genetic in nature, many of us are exposed to loud and unnatural sounds that are caused in our surroundings.

Thanks to modern technology and the growing involvement of Doctors, they have now been able to invent or manufacture listening devices that can greatly assist people who are suffering from varying degrees of hearing loss.

We review one such product here, the Walkers Game Ear Elite Digital HD Pro Beige Assisted Listening Device. This product has been rated as No 2 in the hearing devices of 2017.

This water proof device with nano technology, is all weather proof which means that you could use any time anywhere. Sound amplification is upto 50 db which means you do not miss out anymore on conversations.

If you are the person who is conscious of surrounding noise, then this product has 4 distinct settings that you could use either for crowd, nature, environment or more with controls for automatic feedback.

The ear muff enables to block out sounds or they could be used as noise cancelling buds, has a built in sound activation compression (SAC).


For ease of volume control this product comes with a toggle switch, for clear and well defined sound it features a 20 bit audio processor and an equalizer of 8 bands to adjust Bass or Treble sounds as per your choice.

Walkers Game Ear Elite Review




For a little under 200$, the Walkers Game Ear Elite Digital HD Pro Beige Assisted Listening Device, is a great listening device. The waterproofing technology makes it very portable to use in any weather condition, the ear muffs fit quite snugly in the ear.

The toggle switch to choose from different settings and the graphic equalizer make for a pleasant listening experience.

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