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As we tend to age and become older, we all would like to enjoy the fact that our faculties of sight and sound stay the same as in our youth. But, the reality of life is that it is the vice versa, as we age so does our hearing and sight.

Today communication has taken on a whole new dimension, we could talk to our near and dear ones who are thousand’s of miles away from us just using the mobile phone.

However, have you ever been in a situation where you feel you have to strain your ears to hear what your little grandson or granddaughter wants to say? Or have you been finding it difficult to listen to your favorite television series?

The Williams Sound PKT D1 EH pocket talker Ultra Duo Pack Amplifier with a single mini earbud and folding headphone may just be the right product for you, capable to boost sound up to 128 db.

This product is your personal amplifier that amplifies sound and if you are the one that is quality conscious of affordability and build, then this product surely fits the bill.

This is a portable product and the built-in microphone which is sensitive in nature, you could simply place the microphone near the source of the sound and you are ready to go.

This personal assistant while amplifying sound also reduces unnecessary background noise. Talking to your grand child and enjoy their soft sounds becomes more enjoyable or if you are a nature lover then the beautiful sounds of birds and insects come alive once more.

For the ease of watching your television favorite program, this product comes with a TV cord that you could use to connect to your Television set.

For a small product of its size, it provides up to 200 hours of uninterrupted power with the 2 AAA batteries included.

Williams Sound PKT Review




The Williams sound PKT DT EH pocket talker is a great product for you, ideal to be carried on your person with the use of the belt, provides optimum sound amplification with noise reduction or sit back relax in the comfort of your living room watching your favorite television program.

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    Williams Sound here! We’d like to suggest purchasing the Pocketalker from an authorized reseller instead of Amazon. Sellers on Amazon and eBay aren’t authorized and won’t provide support if something should need fixing on your product. If you purchase the product from an authorized reseller then we fully support the warranty.

    You can find a list of our authorized resellers on our website under personal products: https://www.williamssound.com/wtb-us

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