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DoctEar cares about your ears and your hearing. Visit our website to learn more about hearing protection, headphones, hearing enhancement, tools for the hearing impaired and the best products for your ears.

Your ears are an incredible asset, and life can wear them out. We do our best to take care of them, so you should know all there is about how to do that and what hearing protection products to use for your activity.

Headphones are an incredible product that allows us to take sound with us anywhere; there are so many specific products available for your needs, and we can help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

Inevitably we’ll all lose our hearing to a certain degree at some point; luckily, there is a plethora of solutions to hearing better with hearing aids and other hearing-impaired assistive devices.

Sound is a blessing and can sometimes be a curse. There are situations where you need to block sound, hear it better, or want to enhance or modify it before it enters your ears.

When you’re shooting, sleeping, flying, swimming, skiing, or mowing the lawn, you could use specific hearing protection or headphones to guard your ears and enhance your experience.

How Do We Help?

We cover information on hearing products for all stages of life for various needs and purposes.

We help to highlight products with specific uses you may not have heard of. We also outline the key benefits instead of endless product features.

We feature articles from product enthusiasts, industry professionals, OHSA and brand owners themselves.

Our reviews are unbiased and tailored to suit your needs so you can quickly find the perfect product or solution with the right information.

We originally focused only on occupational hearing protection and life-related noise reduction. Now, we have expanded to include headphones and hearing-impaired device information.

Why Hearing Resources?

It’s one of our main senses, so it’s incredibly important.

On one hand, we need to protect it from loud noises. Hearing damage can lead to various issues, including stress, insomnia, trouble communicating and balance issues.

On the other hand, we should enjoy the sounds in life to their fullest extent (or mute life’s wonderful sounds on occasion). Music and entertainment can be enjoyed in the best way possible for your ears and your experience.

Who We Are

Doctear was started by Josh Roberts, a worker in the construction industry with a passion for safety. He noticed that everyday workers weren’t aware of what products were available.

Once he started researching, Josh realized he needed to share this information with others.

We now include a small writing team with Josh passionately searching for new topics. We now include info on working hearing protection and much more!

Take the best care of your ears and enjoy them; learn more now on our website.