Pro Ears Predator Gold Review 2022

pro ears predator gold

An entrepreneur named Dan Nigro created the company Pro Ears back in 1992; his vision was to design and manufacture hearing protection which would become the best pro ear hearing protection money could buy. The idea was to tailor the products to hunters, law enforcement and anyone requiring hearing protection while on the job. Dan … Read more

Walker’s Hearing Protection Reviews

Walker’s Hearing Protection Reviews

No matter your age, protecting your inner ears should be of great concern; without hearing, you’ll lose one of the most important senses you have. We often don’t give it much thought, but daily, we’re being bombarded with various sounds and noise volumes throughout our environment, whether on the job or in our leisure time.  … Read more

Top Rated Walkers Game Ears Sound Amplifiers

walker's game ear reviews

When heading out on your next hunting trip, you’ll want to be prepared with the best sound amplification device you can use. Luckily, by choosing a pair of Walker’s Game Ears ear buds, you’ll have your surroundings covered and, most importantly, your ear protection.  You’ll find loads of Walkers Game Ear reviews on their full range … Read more

Earasers Earplugs Review

Earasers musicians earplugs review

Protecting your hearing is one of the best things that you can do for your long-term health. This is especially true if you’re working in a profession where you are frequently exposed to loud noises or enjoy participating in activities where exposure is common.  This might seem like a nuisance in the short term, but … Read more

Eargasm vs Hearprotek Concert Earplugs Comparison

In today’s bustling, noisy world, our ears are constantly exposed to sounds that can cause lasting damage if not adequately protected. The importance of shielding our ears from these detrimental decibels cannot be stressed enough. Whether you’re a musician, a factory worker, or simply someone trying to find some tranquility in a chaotic urban environment, … Read more

Eargasm vs Vibes Concert Ear Plugs

In today’s bustling and cacophonous world, earplugs have evolved from a mere accessory to an absolute necessity. From enjoying live concerts without damaging our eardrums, navigating through clamorous workplaces, to seeking a peaceful night’s rest amid urban chaos, earplugs have consistently proven to be our auditory shield. With a plethora of options in the market, … Read more

Axil Xcor Bluetooth Shooting Earbuds Review

Ever been in the middle of a bustling city, craving your own personal soundtrack to drown out the chaos? Enter Axil Xcor Earbuds – the sonic solution to your urban woes. With a blend of cutting-edge technology and user-focused design, these earbuds promise not just to deliver your favorite tunes directly to your ears, but … Read more

Westone DefendEar Shooting Earbuds Review

It is important to invest in high-quality hearing protection so that you can avoid damaging your hearing over the course of your life. Westone DefendEar earplugs are among the best on the market and are especially known for their outstanding noise reduction ratings. You will be able to use these earplugs no matter where you … Read more