Many people enjoy activities such as listening to their favorite music, watching fireworks, going to concerts, and more. But there’s one downside: you could end up damaging your hearing while participating in such activities. And the thing is, this is irreversible. It’s especially something that you should worry about if you work in a place where you’re frequently exposed to loud noises, such as construction or in a factory.

So what are you supposed to do?

The best way for you to protect your hearing if you’re exposed to loud noises on a regular basis is to wear Bluetooth hearing protection earmuffs. These work by making sure that your ears will remain protected, but you will also be able to listen to music and hold conversations with others. Even if you’re talking to someone while you’re working somewhere quite loud, you’ll be able to hear their voice thanks to the sound amplification technology. And, since these types of headphones have Bluetooth, you’ll also be able to listen to music and other forms of audio without causing damage to your eardrums.

In this review, we’ll discuss Bluetooth earmuffs and all their features, as well as the best ones on the market and things you should take into consideration.

Different Types of Bluetooth Earmuffs

There are not many different types of Bluetooth hearing protection headphones that you will need to consider. All the ones that are available on the market serve the same purpose: to provide your ears with enough protection when you’re being exposed to loud noises while also allowing you to listen to music, answer calls, listen to the radio, and more using a Bluetooth connection.

However, there is one main difference between the earmuffs out there that you can consider:

Headphones versus earphones

While the main focus of this review will be on headphones, there is also the option of using earphones that go inside your ears. Most of the Bluetooth hearing protection devices that are available on the market are headphones that go over your ears because those simply provide the most protection. And, they cause the least amount of damage; noises are farther away from your eardrum. But that doesn’t mean that earphones designed to protect your hearing will cause any problems for you. It all comes down to personal preference in the end. We did include an option for earphones in this review, so you can feel free to check those out if you want something more subtle and a lot more lightweight and comfortable if you intend to be using these for everyday wear on the job.


In the next section of this review, we will talk about several of the best headphones on the market according to customer reviews. But we want to mention that another factor you will want to consider is the brand. Although we have features Bluetooth headphones from several different brands, there is one in particular that takes the cake for providing the best Bluetooth earmuffs on the market: 3M.

3M offers a wide variety of products in many different categories, so it’s likely that you’ve heard of the brand before. But the eight different Worktunes Bluetooth headphones that they offer are some of the highest-rated on the market. If you read other Bluetooth headphones reviews, they will all agree upon the same thing: you first should be looking at what 3M has to offer. Their headphones simply offer the best technology and are made out of the best quality. Of course, they don’t necessarily have perfect reviews, but this is a tried and true brand for many people who needed to purchase some sort of hearing protection with Bluetooth.

Top Bluetooth Ear Protector Headphones

Bluetooth Hearing Protection Reviews

As we mentioned above, 3M is the leading brand when it comes to hearing protectors, so perhaps it isn’t a surprise to see a pair of 3M Bluetooth headphones at the top of our list. These were highly rated on Amazon and are the first pair that come up when you do a search on the site.

Thse headphones have a noise reduction rating of 24 decibels, which is not bad as far as headphones go; most will only go up to 30. This means that your ears will be well-protected from extremely loud noises. These headphones will also provide you with Bluetooth technology. You will be able to listen to any music or audio you want by simply connecting them to your device. They’re compatible with most smart devices, too.

Besides that, you will be able to take phone calls due to a microphone that is included with the headphones. They also are made with comfortable materials around the headband, meaning that, if you’re purchasing earmuff headphones for use at work, you won’t have to worry about getting headaches or otherwise growing uncomfortable throughout the day. You’ll get top-notch sound quality and since these are wireless headphones, they’ll be a lot more convenient for you as you move around on the job.

These 3M Bluetooth headphones also have a noise reduction rating of 24 decibels, but these have the added feature of allowing you to listen to AM and FM radio. So, if you’re someone who prefers to spend your time listening to what’s new on the radio, this is an option for you to consider. Otherwise, you will be able to listen to anything you want on your mobile device by connecting to Bluetooth.

These headphones are unique because they provide you with Voice Assist technology, which means that, if you run into any problems trying to get these headphones to work correctly, you will have an audio assistant to guide you throughout the process. This will also inform you of when you will need to charge your battery.

If you intend on using these headphones every day, you most certainly can due to the fact that they are made with durable materials. The ear cups and headband are fully padded, meaning that you won’t have to feel tired when you wear them for long periods of time.

These headphones require a wire to operate, but we wanted to include them on this list anyways due to the sheer volume of positive reviews that they have received. Just like the other Worktunes Bluetooth earmuffs, these offer a noise reduction rating of 24 decibels. You will have the choice between many different radio stations to listen to. And, if you don’t want to listen to the radio, you’ll definitely have the option to plug the headphones into your phone or other device to listen to music. The headphones have voice assist technology, which not only will provide you with instructions on how to work the device if you feel stuck, but it also will let you know when you will need to charge the battery. Besides the fact that these are great for everyday use thanks to the extra padding on the headband and the ear cups, it’s incredibly easy for you to operate the controls whenever you want to adjust the volume. This can even be done if you’re wearing gloves.

You may not have heard of the brand that manufactured these Bluetooth hearing protection headphones, but these seem to be one of the highest-rated of their kind on Amazon.

They have a higher noise reduction rating than the other ones we reviewed at 29 decibels. You can either opt to use these with the cord or without. These headphones will allow you to listen to the radio or music on your phone, and you also will be able to make and answer phone calls. They have a display on them where you will be able to see the time and how much battery you have left.

The headband is completely adjustable, and it is completely padded, which means that these headphones are great if you want to use them on the job where you will be required to wear them for long periods of time. And even if you don’t intend to use these while on the job, there are a multitude of other occasions where you will need to have hearing protection on you.

These Connex Bluetooth work headphones will provide you with a noise reduction rating of 25 decibels, which is also quite a high number that will offer you with a lot of protection when exposed to loud noises.

They are compatible with a multitude of different devices; so long as the device you intend to use has Bluetooth, you’re good to go with these Bluetooth headphones. You can stream music and listen to anything you want while you’re working. Also, you can receive notifications from different social media sites or anything else on your Bluetooth device, and you will be able to answer calls and talk on the phone.

You can use these headphones for 60 hours continuously before you need to charge the batteries. All of the controls can be accessed easily and it’s simple to adjust according to the volume level that you need. As all the others, the headband and the ear cups have ample padding to provide you with all the comfort you need for all-day wear.

Even More Options

Buying Guide

As we mentioned before, there are not too many differences that you will need to consider when purchasing a pair of Bluetooth hearing protectors because they all serve the same purpose. Most of them have the exact same functions and there aren’t many differences between the ones available on the market.

With that being said, there are certainly a few features that you may want to consider.

  • How high is the noise reduction rating? Out of all these different features, this may be the most important one because noise reduction is what provides you with the most protection. The higher the noise reduction rating, the more protection you will receive against loud noises. Of course, most of them are available with a range of 20-30 NRR, but you will want to read descriptions if you want the highest rating possible.
  • Are they comfortable? If you intend on wearing these headphones all day, it’s important that you make sure they’re comfortable. They should have padding on the headband and ear cups and they also should be relatively lightweight. The headband should also be adjustable.
  • Are they made out of high-quality materials? You will want to read what other people say about the Bluetooth earmuffs that you’re considering because you don’t want to end up with a pair that won’t last you for as long as possible. Make sure that you get a pair made of high-quality materials for great protection, good sound quality, and for long-term use.


Being able to protect your hearing from very early on is the best way to prevent several hearing damage throughout your life. We’re all going to be exposed to loud noises at some point or another, but if you find that this is something which impacts you quite frequently, it’s highly recommended that you take preventative measures to avoid anything bad in the future. Hearing loss is irreversible, so you’ll want to make sure you do all you can to protect it early.

This is where Bluetooth earmuff headphones come in. We’ve outlined the best Bluetooth earmuffs in this article according to customer reviews. Such headphones will allow you to listen to music and the radio at volumes that are safe for your ears. Your ears will also be protected from noises surrounding you in your environment. These are best for people who work in fields where they are exposed to loud noises for long periods of time.


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