Peltor Comtac 2 Earmuff Review

It takes only one loud bang of just more than 85 decibels to harm your hearing. Then, the body starts to tremble, and the ears ring in retribution.

The cumulative damage done to your ears over the course of, say, an eight-hour day continuously is significant. In addition, certain guns, when shot, have the potential to break the speed of sound. That makes hearing protection no longer an option but a requirement when out on the range or the job or on a mission.

How do you know what is the right type of equipment to buy to keep your ears safe?  There are so many variations, from earbuds to more advanced electronic headsets. Each is quite effective in certain respects and the right choice for each person for a different reason.

It seems for shooting, a majority of folks turn to the electronic headsets.  There’s more coverage, a seal completely over the ear. Each brand of these headsets gives great noise reduction. Some people even wear their shooting earbuds under the sets for double protection. So, what are some things to look for when buying your muffs? Let’s look.

What Will Determine The Right Electronic Headset For Shooting

Peltor Comtac 2 Swat Tac II hearing protection for hunting

Features That Would Take An Electronic Headset From Good to Great

This gives some ideas as to what criteria need to be met. Now, with the numerous available on the market, it somehow needs to get narrowed down. This was not difficult, though.

There was one that stood out over most of them among a majority of people. It had a median price point but pretty much out-performed even the more costly muffs. So you need to check out the Peltor Comtac II (& Swat tac).

Peltor Comtac 2/Swat tac

The Peltor Comtac Tactical Headset is an innovative electronic set with dual comm radio capability for an airsoft headset. You can talk on two radios simultaneously. In addition, with the purchase of a microphone and an adaptor, you have the added ability to send and receive messages.

It has push buttons which makes it easy to use. The battery compartments are on the outside of each earpiece. They’re difficult to open when brand new but get easier with time. They take two double AA batteries.  

They are cushioned on the inside, but it is recommended to buy the gel inserts. These make them not just more comfortable but less of a sweaty issue when it’s hot.

They are a bit heavier than other headsets, not so much that you’ll notice when you have them on.

The price for the Comtac 2 headset is median compared to other headsets ranging between $125-$200 depending on the pieces you add with it.

Keep in mind that the last time we checked, the Peltor Comtac 2 /Swat Tac II was not available and not sold anymore. As an alternative, you can check out our reviews of the 3M Peltor Sport TacticalPeltor Tactical 6S Ear Muffs and Peltor Tactical 100.



Peltor Comtac II / Swat-Tac II Headset Sound Quality:

Despite the rating, people loved these headsets. There was a little problem with amplified wind noise and background noise being annoying. Some found them uncomfortable. 

The majority overwhelmingly loved the sets, found them very comfortable and would recommend them. They did all agree the muffs were pricey, but some went on to say they were worth the money. One said he used them on a mission in Afghanistan, and they did a great job for him. So, overall, a winner.

The Peltor Comtac 2 headsets sound like good ear protection for shooters.  It looks like they are the preferred product among the majority. A newcomer is doing the rounds, though. So, it seemed like it wouldn’t be right not to make a little contrast and compare the two. So, let’s take a look at the MSA Sordin.

Similar Model: Pro Ears vs Peltor Earmuffs

MSA Sordin VS Peltor Comtac II/Swat tac

The MSA Sordin and the Peltor Compact 2 have the same item description, but the Sordin comes with more parts and performs differently.

The Sordin is thin and lightweight. There is a dual comm so that you can use two radios simultaneously. It comes with two microphones. The MSA has an aux built into the headset for radio. There is Bluetooth capability.   The set incorporates gel inserts for the muffs. The critical parts of the headset are waterproof. The headband has interchangeable fabric for different occasions (fashionable).

The Sordin headset doesn’t have the same reaction in the wind as the Peltor. As a result, the MSA has better positional and directional sound.

The electronics have to go to the Peltor Swat tac.  There is just a bit of giving back with the Sordin. It’s not as clean, clear and concise as the Peltor. You hear just a bit of echo.  

Also, the price is so much more for the MSA when they’re so close in functionality. If you are a real die-hard shooter with the most expensive, you can go for the high-end. The best quality would probably be the median-priced set.

Even with all the perks of the MSA Sordin, it all has to boil down to performance. Yes, there’s a slight issue in real high wind situations with the Peltor Comtac 2. But, for the most part, no issues with that set.

The MSA has that nagging…something going on with the sound. The Sordin is just not perfect electronic-wise which, for the price, you would anticipate it should be.

The Peltor Comtac 2 Wins

There you have it. The majority of consumers have had their say. A lot of these folks held onto their Peltors for several years. Some of them, the wires are exposed. But they’re still using the muffs with no problems.

These Peltor Comtac II/Swat tac are not waterproof, but these people have used them in all kinds of weather. They’ve held the test of time with ease. That speaks volumes for the quality of the headset. When the old sets reach their limit and have to be put down, the customer goes and gets a new Comtac 2.

Make sure you also check out our review of Peltor Comtac III vs Sordin.


When people come to like a product and like these Peltor Comtac II headsets, it makes them feel safe. Then, as it improves, gets better over time, new versions come out; it’s good to know there’s a manufacturer that’s in tune with what’s needed to take care of all of our shooters—but especially the military and the police who look after all of us.

The Peltor Comtac 2 gives control back to the shooter as far as his hearing protection and safety. There’s no more worry about damaged ear drums or being unaware of what’s happening around you when the protection you were wearing only canceled out the sound completely.

Now you have the best of both worlds. Don’t forget about your other protection when you go out to use your guns. It would be best if you always had good safety eyewear with unbreakable glass. Make sure it fits well with your Peltor Comtac II Swat tac headset. You don’t want to break that seal around your ear and increase the noise getting in.

Always keep your guns pointed away and be safe on the range!

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