Best Airsoft Communication Headsets

Airsoft is a great sport for anyone who enjoys shooting guns. It’s also a very popular hobby among teenagers and young adults. However, perhaps you want to improve your airsoft game and communicate properly with your tactical team.

Airsoft communication headsets are essential for communicating with your team during airsoft games. But finding quality headsets can be difficult. There are many options, and you want to choose one with a great range and audio quality.

We’ve compiled a list of the top 6 best airsoft communication headsets available online, including a few radios. These communication options will make you look professional and help your team win more airsoft games by properly executing.

The Best Airsoft Headset

Baofeng Radio Headset

Baofeng Black PTT Earpiece Earphone Headset Mic for Baofeng UV-5X 5R TYT Ham Two-way Radio Walkie Talkie Transceiver

Baofeng Black PTT earphones are built-in microphones with an integrated push-to-talk button that allows users to speak into their radio without having to remove it from their ears. This feature makes them ideal for use in crowded areas where speaking loudly would be disruptive. The earphones have been specially designed to provide excellent audio performance and long battery life. They come with a 3.5mm plug and a detachable cable.

Product Features:

  • High-quality audio
  • Easy-to-use functions
  • Long battery life
  • Ideal for use in crowded areas

Suitable for use with 2-Pin Baofeng Jack Portable Handheld VHF/UHF Two Way Radios Including But Not Limited To Kenwood Radios, BaoFeng Radios, Retevis Radios, Wouxun Radios, Puxing Radios

Peltor Comtac VI

3M™ PELTOR™ ComTac™ VI Nib Headset, Foldable, Single Lead, Standard Dynamic mic, MI Input, NATO Wiring, Coyote

These are military-grade communication earmuffs. They have built-in communications and can connect directly to a radio; they also protect your hearing.

3M™ PELTOR® ComTac™ VI headsets are built to perform in any environment. They’re engineered to be durable, water-resistant, lightweight, easy to operate and offer exceptional clarity and range. And they come equipped with a wide array of features and accessories that make them ideal for tactical applications.


  • Noise-cancelling microphones for clear communication in noisy surroundings
  • High-fidelity speaker system for crystal-clear conversations
  • Built-in rechargeable battery
  • Durable construction
  • IP68-rated water/dustproof design
  • Quick-release headband for easy on/off
  • Adjustable padded ear cups
  • Ergonomic design for long-term wear
  • Easy access controls
  • Includes 2 AAA batteries
  • Lifetime warranty

Peltor COMTAC Communication Muffs are top-of-the-line, hence the high price tag. The NIB function (Natural Interaction Behavior) enables communication between headphones at a short distance in noisy environments without using an external radio.

This kind of short-range wireless network (a few meters) allows you to talk to (and listen to) everyone with your Comtac VI — NO RADIO REQUIRED radio. But one of the main features that make two-way radios ideal for airsoft is the 36-mile range to communicate with if everyone on your team goes their way.

The 3M Peltor ComTac VI electronic headphone headset has it all, plus a noise-free boom microphone for use with a radio. It includes a radio jack (and boom microphone), making this communication headset relatively straightforward to use – and it is considered one of the best airsoft headphone options. The headset has a low-profile design; you can lay it to the right or left as you like.

MSA Sordin MIL CC Pro X

Sordin Supreme MIL CC Slim Active Ear Defenders - Leather Band & Foam Kits - Nexus Radio Downlead - Black Ear Muffs

These are also military-grade comms and earmuffs. This less expensive option has hard shell ear cups, a boom mic, easy control and a beautiful design.

The Sordin supreme MIL CC Slim combines the best of both worlds – an active noise reduction system and a high-fidelity microphone. The Sordin Supreme Mil CC Slim is perfect for those who want to block out loud noises while listening to their airsoft teammates speak or music.

The Sordin MIL CC Slim offers excellent performance and protection. Its unique design provides maximum hearing protection without compromising on comfort. The ear defender has been tested according to MIL-STD-812E and meets the requirements of EN 61310-1.

The Sordin mil CC Slim has a high-fidelity microphone that ensures crystal-clear voice transmission. The Sordin mil cc slim is compatible with most smartphones and tablets.

It is extremely lightweight and easy to wear. The ear defender can easily adjust to suit different head shapes and sizes. The ear defender is made of durable materials and will last long.

Also, look at MSA Sordin Supreme Pro X with LED flashlight built-in.

Decibullz Custom Molded Security Radio Surveillance Earpiece Set

Decibullz Custom Molded Security Radio Surveillance Earpiece Set, Thermo-Fit Designed for Clear Acoustic Tube Radios, Awareness…

Decibullz custom molded earpiece set includes 2 sets of earpiece adapters for both left and right sides of the head. The Decibullz + Awareness radio surveillance earpieces connect quickly and easily with clear acoustic tubes, which allow you to hear radio communications clearly while still hearing sounds from your surroundings and fellow emergency workers. These earpiece adapters fit all standard clear tube acoustic tubing with diameters ranging from 1/4” to 3/16”. They are ideal for law enforcement, EMS and military applications.

ATAIRSOFT Tactical Headset

ATAIRSOFT Tactical Headset war Unlimited Power intercom with Microphone Waterproof Headphones, no Noise Reduction Function (BK)

ATAIRSOFT Tactical Headphones are made of high-quality materials and have been tested to ensure they meet military standards. The ear cups can easily be attached to your helmet or headgear. They come with an adjustable mic boom, allowing you to adjust the length according to your needs. You can also detach the mic boom and attach it to your belt if needed. The headset comes with two different types of ear pads, one for each ear. These ear pads are removable and washable. The ear pads are made of soft foam and provide excellent noise reduction. The ear cups are equipped with a 3.5mm jack connector, making them compatible with most smartphones and tablets.

The ATSH100 is a great choice for those who want to get their hands on a quality tactical headset that will last for years. It’s comfortable, easy to use and has all the features you need in a good headset.

Motorola HKLN4604 Swivel Earpiece with Microphone and PTT

HKLN4599 HKLN4599B Original Motorola D-Style Earpiece with In-Line Microphone and PTT, replaces 56517 56517F

The Motorola headphone kit allows you to communicate hands-free using your cell phone or two-way radio. The VOX function of this radio helps you communicate hands-free utilizing a headset. In addition, your purchase includes a boom mic headset so you can talk to your teammates even when your hands are full. Here you run two different radios through one headset with a multiplexer.

This headset has an ergonomic design that fits comfortably over your ears. The microphone boom can be swiveled up or down to position it where you want it. This headset has two cables that attach easily to your phone via the included clips. You can switch between wired and wireless modes using the inline controls.

Product Features:

  • Ergonomically designed for easy placement over your ears.
  • Adjustable microphone boom allows positioning of the mic as desired.
  • Two in-line cable clips allow attachment to any device with a standard 3.5mm headphone jack.
  • Switch between wired and wireless modes using inline PTT controls.
  • Includes two cables for connecting devices with a standard 3.3mm headphone jack.

Motorola is a reputable brand, but you can use their single-pin headphone jack with a broader range of headphone replicas on the market if you buy Motorola radios.

BAOFENG UV-5R Dual Band Two Way Radios

2 Pack BaoFeng UV-5R High Power Tri-Power Portable Two-Way Radio 3800mAh Battery & ABBREE Tactical Antenna

These are the best radios for airsoft due to features for the price. Other radios are of similar quality but have higher prices. Beofeng radio sets can also include car chargers, so you can charge them en route to your game or in between rounds if needed.

This radio is preset with 128 channels. It features a keypad Lock and has a channel step of 2.5/5/6.25/10/12.5/25Khz. You can find many accessories on the market for this radio that are easy to program. There is also a bright LED flashlight on the top of the radio.

They have a lot of power and can connect to advanced radio bands, so it’s important to know which radio bands you’re using and stay off emergency communication bands. It has a fairly long battery life power but comes with a USB charger and car chargers.

The need for a functional radio transceiver in airsoft games cannot be over-emphasized – a two-way radio isn’t just crucial for the airsoft players; game stewards are known to use them to arbitrate airsoft games.

SAMCOM Two Way Radio – Long Range 5 Watts

SAMCOM Two Way Radios Walkie Talkies Long Range 5 Watts 2 Way Radio with Earpieces Rechargeable Hand-held UHF Business Programmable Portable, Dual Channels/PTTs/Group Call, 3 Packs

This set comes with earpieces and all the accessories you need for airsoft. it has 20 channels preset for your convenience. The 1500 mAh battery provides 8-10 hours of use time; the battery is also rechargeable and with a longer stand-by time of up to 3 days.

Most people can use a basic two-way radio. SAMCOM stands out vs other options. This is actually what you need for easy airsoft communication that you can use without problems – there is no point in acquiring a sophisticated two-way radio if you only use it primarily for airsoft battles – you should try to use it at closer range, and I’m sure that this airsoft radio will do its best – simply put, the best airsoft radio is that helps your team stay connected and function better together.

The battery easily lasts for a long day of airsoft, and it is easy to power on/off.

How to Setup Airsoft Communications?

Communication headsets are usually used for tactical purposes and can be easily worn under a helmet or hearing protection device. Some headsets include advanced VOX function (voice transmission), compatibility with most helmets, impulse noise protection (active noise protection), NIB (natural interaction) and IP68 noise-cancelling microphone, which can be clear in noisy environments Communication. You can find the overall Best Two-Way Radio Headsets here.

In most cases, the headset cable connects to the PTT switch, and the PTT switch connects to the radio to present it in a convenient position to turn it on. As a result, the standard radios offer the broadest range of communication and can work with a headset. In addition, the radio has 16 channels allowing players to communicate using privacy codes for secure team conversations.

In a tactical situation, there are two levels of communication to signal your team. Tactical Communications on the first level is radio communication, and hand signals in tactical exercises on the second level. To be successful in airsoft at a high level, both must be used. Check for additional information and watch examples of tactical communication in YouTube videos.

Should I Use an Airsoft Radio?

You should use an airsoft radio if you want to communicate with other teammates, but some of these headsets have the ability to transmit signals right from the headset.

You can use the radio while playing with a headset, and it also has a practical belt clip. Each ear cushion has two speakers, one speaker for surround sound and one for radio.

If you need a private conversation, you can connect an airsoft headset to keep the sound from coming out of the speaker. Unfortunately, you cannot permanently turn the microphone on when setting up communication with a tactical headset. You need a radio, an electronic headset (ideally with noise cancellation or high-pitched mute) and some PTT switch to communicate.

Are Two-Way Radios good for Airsoft games?

Yes, two-way radio or walkie-talkie can be used in Airsoft matches to communicate with other players in your group. They can be hooked up to a compatible PTT communication headset which you can purchase with the walkie-talkies. Easily hang your radio on a belt clip and use the PTT function.

All headphones on this list you can purchase will have a two-way function and a PTT system (push-to-talk).

You can use privacy codes for private conversation; without privacy codes, the other team could find your channel signal and hear your team talking. This could give away your location.

If your team uses poor radio communication for airsoft, you will need a specific skill to defeat your opponents. However, there is no doubt that a group of airsoft fighters can enhance their combat effectiveness using the best airsoft radio.

What Radio Should I Use for Airsoft?

The best radio to use for airsoft is the Baofeng UV5R Dual Band. The Baofeng UV5R with code-red headphone signals, 21 microphones and extended batteries. The Baofeng UV5R radio offers many advantages. The products are also extremely affordable and very accessible. Another option is the SAMCOM 2-way radio for airsoft.

Stick to Family Radio Service Channels

You need to stay on Family Radio Service channels in the US which are not meant for emergency situations. Most Walkie Talkies don’t have access to these channels by default, but more advanced radios do.


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