Can AirPods Cause Cancer?

Can AirPods Cause Cancer

Apple’s AirPods, the brand’s wireless & tough earbuds, were first released in 2016. Since then, many rumors have spread on the internet regarding the possibility of headphones causing cancer. However, the claims come from earlier than that. Conspiracies about Bluetooth headphones causing cancer have been around for a while. The theory is that the electromagnetic … Read more

How to Protect Your Ears When Flying


Most people have felt the “popping” sensation while flying or changing elevation quickly, like driving through the mountains. Occasionally, the airplane ear experience can cause intense pain, muffled hearing, or even ringing if the case is severe. Beyond the dreaded airplane ear, flying is a notoriously loud experience, thanks to the plane’s engines. Planes typically … Read more

7 Effective Ways How to Pop Your Ears

Anyone who has ever flown on a plane will tell you they have experienced a need to “pop” their ears during take-off or landing, or sometimes during the flight itself. While this is merely an annoyance instead of anything serious, it is good to know how to pop your ears when required to remain comfortable. … Read more

Natural Remedies for Hearing Loss

Natural Remedies for Hearing Loss

Experiencing hearing loss is a difficult thing to accept for anyone. It may cause people to feel insecure, angry, and it may decrease the quality of your life. There are many things that doctors can do to help you hear better, but many people wonder if there is a natural remedy for hearing loss. Many … Read more

Reasons for Hearing Loss

Reasons for Hearing Loss

According to the World Health Organization, hearing loss affects over 460 million people worldwide. Out of the affected, 34 million are children. You can prevent many of the top reasons for hearing loss in children. Unfortunately, the statistics will only continue to rise—by 2050, the WHO projects more than 900 million people with hearing loss. … Read more

Colleges for Hearing Impaired Students (Deaf & Hard of Hearing)

Colleges for Hearing Impaired Students (Deaf & Hard of Hearing)

All around the world, students can find universities that specialize in niche industries and subjects. For example, many universities specialize in engineering, business, music, and the arts. While hearing impaired students can join any school they like, many colleges for hearing impaired students remain popular choices. While the options are not near as extensive as … Read more

Best Device To Unclog & Pop Ears

Safe to Use Unclogs Ears Quickly Simple Design PURCHASE FROM AMAZON Do you suffer from ear congestion or pressure that won’t go away? It could be due to a blockage in your eustachian tubes. These tubes connect your middle ear to the back of your throat and equalize pressure and draining fluids. When they become … Read more

Silencing the Night: Effective Strategies on How to Stop Crickets from Chirping

Are you tired of the relentless chirping of crickets disrupting your peace? This article will explore effective strategies on how to stop crickets from chirping, ensuring a quieter environment. Discover a range of solutions, from natural remedies to environmental adjustments, tailored to restore tranquility in your space. Key Takeaways Understanding Cricket Chirping Crickets chirp primarily … Read more