We’ve all had the experience of leaving a concert with our ears ringing. That ringing is a sign of ​hearing damage, and it’s something you should avoid at all possible costs.

​​The Best Concert Earplugs

​​​​​​Hearing never recovers once it has been damaged, so prevention is key. People that work in noisy environments, such as aviation, construction sites or factories understand this and wear their hearing protection religiously.

​Even the musicians on stage wear earplugs.

Those of us who typically spend our days in front of a computer aren’t quite as experienced at protecting our hearing. So when the weekend hits and we head off to a concert to relax, our hearing is the last thing on our minds, we want to unwind and listen to the music.

Let’s take a look at the best earplugs for concertgoers. So the next time you head out to relax and take in some music, you don’t have to put your hearing at risk or compromise your experience.

Ear Defense Premium Filtered Earplugs

The Ear Defense earplugs come with two sets of earplugs at different attenuation levels. This means that no matter how loud the concert winds up being, you’ll have an earplug that will work for you.

They also come with a handy carrying case so you can ensure you will have them handy when it’s time to put them in, or swap out pairs. They’re also clear which means they won’t be very noticeable, which is nice.

These also provide two neck straps and 4 post extenders that make insertion and removal easier. While you most likely won’t use the neck strap at a concert, it’s a nice touch and can be handy if you want to use them for other activities as well.

DUBS Acoustic Filters Advanced Tech Earplugs - Earplugs For Concerts Reviews

DUBS win the award for being the most stylish earplugs on our list. The unique form factor looks more like a piece of electronics gear than an earplug. While these don’t provide nearly the level of hearing protection as the Ear Defense earplugs, users do report excellent clarity so they are definitely worth taking a look at.

There is quite a bit of technology that goes into these little earplugs. They use 17 individual parts to filter down the sound that is reaching your ears by about 12 decibels. At that level you may find that these are inadequate for some louder concert venues. But at the right venue, these offer a great mix of style and protection while maintaining the clarity of the music.

V-MODA Faders - Best Hearing Protection For Concerts

V-MODA Faders take a similar approach to the DUBS we looked at above in attempting to lower the volume rather than block it out completely. They attenuate sound the same amount as well with an NRR of 12db.

This should be adequate for most concerts, but will likely be a little low for extra loud venues. One thing that is interesting about the Faders is that they were developed by professional musicians who took sound quality into account at every step in the design process.

So if sound quality is important to you, these will be a set of earplugs that you want to take a closer look at.

ISOLATE Earplugs - Best Earplugs For Music Concerts Goers

ISOLATE earplugs use titanium or aluminum metal plug to attenuate sound rather than plastic. These do the same thing as the other earplugs we’ve looked at above, lower sound while maintaining clarity, but use a different methodology.

While other earplugs that were designed for music incorporate a small air passage, usually a hole down the center of the earplug, to let some sound through, these use a conductive metal material to still deliver dampened, but clear sound into the ear.

The result is that they lower sound at all levels, even the difficult to block lower ranges, while still giving excellent clarity and an outstanding NRR. These definitely win the award for innovation on the best concert earplugs list.

Eargasm Activewear Series - Best Earplugs For Live Concerts

One of the best things about the Eargasm earplugs is actually the case they come in. It is designed to be shorter than any of the competitor’s cases for easier carrying in your pocket or purse.

This may seem like a small thing but when you are headed to a concert and then a night on the town it’s one you’ll appreciate These have a proprietary attenuation system that provides excellent clarity, but do only provide an NRR of 12db so they may not be appropriate for louder venues.

They are clear so they won’t stand out when wearing them at a concert. They also incorporate a small tab into the design for easier insertion and removal.

Decibullz Custom Molded Earplugs - Best Earplugs For Metal Concerts

Another entrant on the best ear plugs for concerts list with an interesting technology are the Decibullz custom molded earplugs. Decibullz have a unique moldable earpiece that can be heated and then formed to your ear.

This connects into a tip that goes into the ear and has three sets of triple flange tips and one set of foam tips that can be interchanged to find the right fit. These have an outstanding NRR of 31. So if you are a heavy metal fan or go to a lot of shows at loud venues then these may be the earplugs for you.

The downside is that these earplugs are not designed with the attenuation features of the other products listed. However, in a loud concert the hearing protection is probably more of a concern than the sound clarity so these may be the way to go.

Read the full review here – doctear.com/decibullz-earplugs-review/


No matter what concert you are going to, or if you value hearing protection or sound clarity more, there is a product on this list of best earplugs for concerts that meets your needs. If clarity is important to you, I recommend you take a look at the DUBS, V-MODA, ISOLATE or Eargasm products. If its max protection you are looking for take a look at the Ear Defense or Decibullz. No matter what product you settle on, make sure you wear them regularly and correctly, because no earplugs can protect your hearing if they aren’t being used. 

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