Best Ear Protection for Nascar Races

Nascar racing is dangerous and exciting. All the speed and intensity. Drivers get hit from behind, cars flip over, and drivers crash into each other. Fans are cheering, and the NASCAR announcer is making his calls. Most fans don’t know that hearing damage happens every race day. They wear cheap earplugs that don’t protect their … Read more

Pro Ears vs Walker’s Hearing Protection

As a shooter or hunter, protecting your hearing is crucial. Exposure to loud noises over time can lead to irreversible hearing damage. This is why it’s critical to invest in high-quality hearing protection. Two popular options on the market are Pro Ears and Walker’s. Both brands offer a range of hearing protection products, but which … Read more

Axil vs Tetra Hearing: Which Hearing Solution Reigns Supreme?

Ever wondered which hearing technology can truly enhance your auditory experience? Dive into our comprehensive comparison between Axil vs Tetra hearing. Uncover the benefits, features, and unique qualities each brand offers to find the perfect match for your needs! Key Takeaways Understanding Hearing Technology What is Axil hearing technology? In our noise-saturated world, distinguishing the … Read more

Choosing the Right Ear Protection: A Look at EarPeace vs Loop

Welcome to the ultimate showdown of ear protection: EarPeace vs Loop. When it comes to safeguarding your hearing, these two brands have earned their reputation in the market. Whether you’re a music lover, frequent concert-goer, or someone exposed to loud environments, finding the right ear protection is essential. In this comprehensive comparison, we will delve … Read more

Silicone vs Foam Ear Plugs: When to Choose One Over the Other

Silicone ear plugs

Have you ever wondered which earplug material offers the best protection for your ears in varying situations? In the age-old debate between silicone and foam ear plugs, making the right choice can significantly enhance your comfort and hearing protection. Dive into our comprehensive guide on ‘Silicone vs. Foam Ear Plugs: When to Choose One Over … Read more

Best AXIL Ear Plugs – Reviews in 2023

Best AXIL Ear Plugs – Reviews in 2020

Based in Salt Lake City, Utah, Axil is an American company that produces top-notch hearing protection solutions. The company evolved from two others which bring over 60 years of experience. Thanks to the experience and the merger, the company can design and manufacture some of the best hearing products on the market. For example, the … Read more

Vibes High Fidelity Concert Earplugs Review

vibes high fidelity earplugs

Do you love going to concerts or playing music but hate the ringing in your ears afterwards? As a musician myself, I know the importance of protecting your hearing while still being able to enjoy the music. That’s where Vibes Earplugs come in. Vibes Earplugs are high-fidelity earplugs designed specifically for concerts and musicians. They … Read more

EarPeace Earplugs Review

Earpeace Ear plugs Review

Concerts and public entertainment events can get loud. When noise reaches decibels that make your ears uncomfortable, it’s time to think about taking some preventative measures. Earplugs are the go-to product when you need something to block out excessive music or loud sounds. EarPeace provides a line of earplugs that filter in a crisp, clear … Read more