Best AXIL Ear Plugs – Reviews in 2023

Best AXIL Ear Plugs – Reviews in 2020

Based in Salt Lake City, Utah, Axil is an American company that produces top-notch hearing protection solutions. The company evolved from two others which bring over 60 years of experience. Thanks to the experience and the merger, the company can design and manufacture some of the best hearing products on the market. For example, the … Read more

How To Clean Ear Plugs

When using foam earplugs, keep your hands away from your ears as the ear plants expand to fill your ears. Keep your hands in place while your ears are earplugs. If you decide to use foam earplugs for a more extended period, for example, in your sleep, it is vital to keep them clean. If … Read more

Decibullz Percussive Filters Review

The new custom-made Decibullz percussion filters protect the user from the maximum sound pressure of gunshots, artillery fire and explosions and suppress them safely to prevent him from long-term hearing loss. DecibULLZ DIY Thermo-Fit molded parts combine new, state-of-the-art impulse filter technology. As a result, they are ideal for hearing protection. In addition, DecibullZ is … Read more

Best High Fidelity Ear Plugs

Looking at the measurements in the Wirecutter Inner Fidelity test, you might think that a high-fidelity earplug would sound similar to standard earplugs, and it does. The internal filter of the Eargasm earplug aims to give you a flatter attenuation of the sound, making it a more practical option for concerts. As mentioned in a … Read more

Walker’s Silencer Earbuds Review

walkers silencer earbuds review

Everywhere around us, there is a loud noise. Be it a workplace, airport, mall, or event like a music concert, theatre, or shooting range; loud noises affect our hearing slowly but surely. Unfortunately, we ignore the signs, but once the hearing is lost, it can never return. Those working in construction areas, alongside heavy machinery, … Read more

Otto Noizebarrier Micro Review

They come with two types of plug inserts and a carrying case to be loaded. And the charger is a rugged protective case that comes with NoizeBarrier Micros – just put them away, and they charge. You can also use the USB adapter attached to the charging case, but this is not included. Headphones work … Read more