Earasers Earplugs Review

Earasers musicians earplugs review

Protecting your hearing is one of the best things that you can do for your long-term health. This is especially true if you’re working in a profession where you are frequently exposed to loud noises or enjoy participating in activities where exposure is common.  This might seem like a nuisance in the short term, but … Read more

Shothunt EAR Review

Shothunt EAR

For hunters, sports shooters, or anybody consistently exposed to loud noises, the need for hearing protection is apparent. Construction sites, shooting ranges, demolition areas, warehouses, and many other environments are excessively loud. Therefore, individuals in such areas need a quality protection product. Thus, we bring the Shothunt ear protection review to you. About Shothunt Shothunt … Read more

Decibullz Percussive Filters Review

The new custom-made Decibullz percussion filters protect the user from the maximum sound pressure of gunshots, artillery fire and explosions and suppress them safely to prevent him from long-term hearing loss. DecibULLZ DIY Thermo-Fit molded parts combine new, state-of-the-art impulse filter technology. As a result, they are ideal for hearing protection. In addition, DecibullZ is … Read more

Etymotic GunSport Pro Review

With all the different hearing protection devices on the market, it cannot be easy to find the ideal option for your use. But, some brands are known for their high-quality products more than others. Etymotic is an example of one of them. In this article, we will be discussing the Etymotic GunSport Pro earplugs and … Read more

Best Motorcycle Ear Plugs

best motorcycle earplugs

If you enjoy riding motorcycles, you especially are aware of the importance of having the proper equipment to protect you. The same goes for having the right hearing protection. The noise levels you are exposed to when riding a motorcycle are enough to cause significant hearing damage down the line. That is why it is … Read more