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Our Peltor Hearing Protection Reviews are a great method to get an unbiased opinion on Peltor Hearing Protection. Consumer evaluations are an excellent way to quickly and simply evaluate a variety of Peltor Hearing Protection for passive sound protection. Consumer ratings, recommendations, and feedback are included in these written testimonials. Learn about the benefits and drawbacks of people who have used Peltor Hearing Protection.

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Peltor Tactical 6

Most Positive Review: I bought these because I wanted good hearing protection and background noise cancellation at a reasonable price, and the specifications stated that they have jacks for connecting to audio accessories. The standards don’t tell you that you’ll need to buy two-pin cables separately to use this capability, which can cost anywhere from $20 to $40, depending on the application.

This ear pro’s terrible fit and finish and its general shoddy manufacturing. The batteries lasted about 10 hours. The cutoff feature is sluggish, picking up on innocuous noises like a metal thermos on concrete. There is no tension in the switch control.

RatingThe Peltor Tactical 6 has an average rating of 4 stars out of 5.

Peltor Sport Tactical 500

Most Helpful Positive Review: I’m writing this review with the Peltor Sport Tactical headphones connected to my smartphone through Bluetooth, and they sound great and seamlessly sync to the phone. I’ve turned down the sensitivity of the headphone mic to the point where I can only hear the music, so I’m planning to test these out on a plane and in other noisy environments soon before providing a noise reduction rating. I went to the range yesterday and utilized my smartphone shot timer, which worked perfectly and suppresses gunshot noise perfectly.

These headphones were easy to link with the phone with the wireless technology by pressing and holding the Bluetooth button for three seconds, after which a voice informs you that pairing mode is active. Once Bluetooth is enabled on your mobile devices, all you have to do is press the Bluetooth button for a second, and it will pair. Due to its ultra digital Hi-Tec matrix, the 500’s did an excellent job at the range of reducing downrange noise and focusing on the sound of people conversing. I like the dynamic suppression time of this hearing protection.

Two open stereo durable recessed microphones are located on the front of the headphones to reduce wind noise. If you have a smartphone or other Bluetooth-connected device, change the volume of the input on that device and the mic pick up levels on the headphones with the up and down keys to achieve the right balance of the two you want to hear while ensuring noise protection.

By pushing the Bluetooth button once to stop, you can advance, halt, or go back to a song. Press the forward button twice and the reverse button three times to advance a song when you use them to stream music. Taking phone calls is similar in that you press and hold the Bluetooth button to answer or ignore the call.

Most Helpful Negative Review: I haven’t had much chance to utilize these yet; I just tried them out when they arrived. The Bluetooth connection was simple, but there was a crackling sound when I pressed the phone’s “buttons.” It’s a little grating and I recommend the manufacturers improve speech intelligibility. Following the link here to write a review and discovering that the maker has recently withdrawn them is not especially reassuring considering their stock.

RatingPeltor Sport Tactical 500 has an average rating of 4.5 stars out of 5.

Peltor TacticalPro Electronic Hearing Protector

Most Helpful Positive Review: I used them in a week-long firearms training program. During effective training and mentoring, we fired over 4000 shots fired. They did a fantastic job and I can conclude it actively filters noise. I heard both the instructors’ and range officers’ directions well through their voice while also drowning out the sound of exploding rounds all around me. I would strongly suggest it. The reduced echoes and situational awareness make it an ideal choice as an ear protection for outdoor shooters.

Most Helpful Negative Review: I got these hearing protectors after hearing that they amplified low noise while blocking out loud noise. The pair I received does not magnify any sounds and, when turned up, emits a loud buzzing. Hoping I can get a better product that can reduce wind noise runs through its clear voice-tracking technology.

RatingThe Peltor TacticalPro Electronic Hearing Protector has an average rating of 4.8 out of 5.

Peltor Tactical Sport Earmuffs

Most Helpful Positive Review: Some headsets sell for $400 and receive mixed reviews; however, this set of ear cups is fantastic. I don’t even realize I’m wearing them. When shooting rifles, I can still wear them. The only strange thing is that I can hear the gunfire, but not the discussions a couple of people down the firing line are having. This means it can cater to low sounds perfectly, but the suppression technology does not do well in terms of gunshot recognition. (It’s a good problem to have.) Plus, you can turn down the level, so it’s not a big deal. After I bought mine, my friend and father grabbed theirs, and I’m now on the lookout for a set for my daughter. AWESOME PRODUCT.

Most Helpful Negative Review: You must order a specific plug-in cord to use the accessories with these earmuffs. The main disadvantage is that it does not amplify sufficiently. These headsets are unable to block noise completely.

RatingPeltor Tactical Sport Earmuffs has an average of 4.1 out of 5.

Peltor RangeGuard Electronic Folding Ear Muff

Most Helpful Positive Review: I purchased these for use in pistol and rifle classes due to their impression technology, as most of them require electronic hearing protection. I’ve been using them for about a year and a half and am extremely happy with my order history. The battery life is adequate, and I appreciate the automated shutoff feature, i.e. it automatically sets suppression time, since I am prone to forgetting to turn them off. The optimal fit always holds them in place.

They are difficult to beat for the price considering the sound quality and noise protection. I want you to be mindful that when anything loud enough goes off, hearing gets buffed for a second or as long as people are shooting. which is a design flaw of these earmuffs. Aside from that, this headset is fantastic, and I suggest it even if you have to receive phone calls.

Rating: The Peltor RangeGuard Electronic Folding Ear Muff has an average rating of 5 stars out of 5.

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