Best Motorcycle Ear Plugs

If you enjoy riding motorcycles, you are especially aware of the importance of having the proper equipment to protect you. The same goes for having the right hearing protection. The noise levels you are exposed to when riding a motorcycle are enough to cause significant hearing damage down the line.

That is why investing in a pair of the best motorcycle earplugs or quiet motorcycle helmets is important to protect your ears and only be exposed to noise levels at safe frequencies. There are so many motorcycle earplugs to choose from, and we will go into more detail about them throughout this article.

We have compiled a list of the 5 best motorcycle ear plugs on the market designed to provide hearing protection while also being comfortable under your helmet.

Top 5 Motorcycle Ear Plugs

We’ve spoken about the importance of protecting your hearing and ears at all costs. Hearing protection is vital to prevent hearing damage down the line.

When we are exposed to loud noises, such as fireworks, concerts, motorcycles, or construction, we risk causing damage to our ears, which might cost us in the long run. Making sure that you protect your ears whenever you are exposed to loud noises can prevent damage.

The best way to protect your ears is to wear earplugs under your motorcycle helmet. These are easy to get, and there are so many types of noise-reduction earplugs available on the market. So when we need to immerse ourselves in our own zone, we turn to our ear plugs for comfort.

Sometimes we want to block out unwanted loud noise, which can cause irritation and discomfort. Therefore, when we purchase the best motorcycle earplugs, we should check for their comfort level, durability, and, most importantly, how safe they are for our ears.

Best Motorcycle Ear Plugs Reviews

Features of EarPeace Motorcycle Ear Plugs

Specially designed:

EarPeace has specially designed custom earplugs for bikers. However, it can also be used by individuals exposed to high-decibel sounds quite often. The main feature of these earplugs is to reduce loud noise, like the sound of the roaring engine or wind rushing in your ears, as it can cause uneasiness while riding.

It can also cause hearing damage down the line, as exposure to high noise frequencies without proper hearing protection can severely damage your hearing. Wearing proper motorcycle earplugs will allow you to enjoy the experience of riding a motorcycle again without having to worry about what might happen.

These EarPeace earplugs have a sleek design and are made of soft material. It filters out high frequencies and allows you to hear different noise levels without irritation. It protects your hearing and keeps you in a safe environment. Unlike foam earplugs, you can still hear the honking vehicles around you, which completely block out sounds, thus causing a safety hazard. 

The most important feature of motorcycle earplugs is that you will still hear noises around you, which is one of the most critical factors for staying safe. As we said before, you can use these earplugs for purposes outside of a motorcycle ride, making them a good, versatile choice.


These plugs are washable and reusable. They are made of a soft material that gives comfort to the ear. However, the filter must be removed, and the plugs must be carefully washed with warm water and dried before reattaching them. In addition, ensure you regularly remove any excess earwax from your ears so that the earplugs can seal better in your ear canal.

These earplugs come in an aluminum carrying case, so you can keep them safe. In addition, the fact that they are reusable can help you save money in the long run because you won’t have to buy new products constantly.

Good quality hearing along with protection

EarPeace motorcycle earplugs lower the high-frequency sounds and allow the rider to have a safe ride. Of course, you can still hear traffic, but you won’t be distracted by unnecessary noises such as the wind or music. In addition, on race tracks, the rider can listen to the necessary communications while on the track.

Filter options

EarPeace motorcycle earplugs come with three sound filters suited for three kinds of noise control: maximum, high, and medium. Medium filters lower the sound decibels up to 11db, the maximum filters block out 19db of high frequencies, and high noise filters lower the decibels up to 14db. 

These earplugs come in 2 sizes- small and standard. You can wear these earplugs throughout the day as they are soft and comfortable under the helmet. In addition, the filters help to provide that added hearing protection on your motorcycle, so you can protect your hearing while making sure to stay comfortable and have a safe ride. Aside from that, the comfort of these earplugs will enable you to wear them for long periods of time.

Popular in the market

Redbull, Harley Davidson, and Ford Racing have chosen EarPeace earplugs as their official merchandise. Thus, they support the EarPeace cause for movement to promote better and safe hearing worldwide. 

Therefore, if you purchase a pair of EarPeace motorcycle earplugs, you know that you will get a good deal. Reviews especially praised these earplugs because of their fit and comfort without compromising quality.


  • Durable and soft in nature.

  • 3 filters-maximum, minimum and high.

  • Reusable earplugs.

  • Clear sound.

  • Filters high-frequency DB.

  • Superior hearing quality.

  • Protects hearing.

  • It can be worn by any individual facing prolonged time in a noisy environment.


Features of Eargasm High Fidelity Earplugs

Hi-fidelity earplugs:

Eargasm has introduced a revolutionary earplug designed for the protection of hearing. It reduces noise by at least 21db while preserving excellent sound quality.

Unlike foam earplugs that block out all sounds, Eargasm earplugs still allow you to listen to loud music safely and clearly while protecting your hearing.

These earplugs can be used daily, in clubs, at work, fitness classes, live concerts, airports, and any crowded, loud place. For one, high-frequency earplugs are popular among anyone in the music industry since you will still hear noise around you. 

These are best for use in such situations. For a motorcycle rider, these earplugs are perfect. You still need to be able to hear everything around you, but without facing the risk of hearing loss.

Preservation of sound audibility and excellent quality:

Unlike foam earplugs, Eargasm high-fidelity earplugs do not muffle the sounds you do not want to hear. Instead, they merely preserve sound quality by reducing high frequencies. 

Eargasm uses filter technology to reduce high decibels while listening to loud music, thus enabling you to have a conversation with your friends. In addition, it provides a safe hearing atmosphere for the rider.

The high comfort level and safe:

The Hi-Fidelity earplugs are silicone, which means they are soft and reusable. The comfortable fit of these earplugs is what makes them a trendy option.

And when you consider the fact that they go into your ear canal instead of being worn over the ear, motorcycle riders will especially want to consider getting these earplugs because they are comfortable to wear under a helmet. In addition, they prevent ear irritation or any discomfort when you wear them for a long time.

They are made from clear silicone material; they can also be discreet because people won’t be able to see them in your ears unless they get close. This is very helpful for those with hearing impairment issues because they can wear these motorcycle earplugs in public places like clubs and concerts.

And with the help of these motorcycle earplugs, you will be able to roam freely amidst blaring speakers, loud shouting, etc., without worrying about the potential consequences of hearing loss. Instead, a motorcycle rider must face the brunt of rushing wind, blaring honking of vehicles, and oncoming traffic.

These earplugs prevent discomfort by reducing loud, unnecessary noise around you. They are designed to help the rider carry on with their journey without exposure to deafening noises. Of course, you can still hear traffic, but the traffic volume will be decreased enough to the point where you won’t have to worry about hearing loss.


You can insert and remove these earplugs very easily. There are even videos available to assist in this case. It’s so easy to do that you can even get this product in and out of your ears in a matter of seconds. Also, these earplugs are reusable, so they need to be washed. 

Luckily, these earplugs are incredibly easy to wash, but you should remember that when you wash them, you need to remove the filters and ensure that the filters have dried well before putting them back in.

The only thing that some reviews mentioned was discrepancies in the size. So you want to consider the size of your ears and determine whether you can use regular-sized motorcycle earplugs. 

Some people said the earplugs didn’t fit right in their ear canal. It is important to ensure that the size of your earplugs suits your ear canal well, so fit is one of the most critical factors you need to consider. You should not push these earplugs deeper into your ear canal if you find them not fitting. It’s best to return the product within 30 days of delivery.

An aluminum case:

The Eargasm earplug set includes an aluminum kit to preserve the earplugs without dust or moisture disrupting their performance. Keeping your motorcycle earplugs in a convenient case is a great way to prevent them from getting lost, especially if you plan to take them with you in your bag or elsewhere.

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Features of High Fidelity Ear Plugs

Excellent sound quality:

Unlike foam earplugs, the Etymotic Research ER20 High-Fidelity Earplugs do not block out sounds. They only filter out loud noises, which can cause hearing damage. You will still be able to hear the noise, but it will be in low volumes and excellent quality- not muffled and disoriented.

The main purpose of noise-reduction earplugs and headphones; they do not function to block out sound completely but provide you with a custom level of noise that won’t damage your hearing. So they will help you to hear still what’s going on around you, but you won’t be exposed to dangerous noise levels.

Rather, they will reduce noises at damaging levels to a level suitable for your ears, especially if you will be exposed to the noise for a long time. So, you will still be able to hear everything around you, making these a good option if you are on a motorcycle or anywhere else you need to hear sound.

Reusable and washable silicone motorcycle earplugs:

After removing the filter, these earplugs can be washed in warm water and dried. They are very soft, easily fit in the ear, and are comfortable. These earplugs can be worn the entire day and do not cause any issues. Motorcycle riders especially can wear them comfortably under their helmet.

Protection of hearing and no wind noise:

The Etymotic Research ER20 High-Fidelity Earplugs aim to protect users worldwide from hearing damage. Individuals who have to deal with sensitive hearing issues like tinnitus need a safe hearing noise environment which Etymotic provides them. For example, motorcycle riders can wear these earplugs comfortably under their helmet and drive safely whilst loud noise is filtered in low volumes, thus protecting their hearing. 

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Motorcycle Ear Plugs 2 Pairs, Softvox Wind Noise Reduction & Premium Hearing Protection Reusable Earplugs for Motor, Motorbike, Motorsports, Parachuting, Touring, Racing, Riding, Shooting

Another comparable product is the NoNoise Motorsport earplugs with ceramic filtration technology. They utilize a zirconium oxide ceramic filter for maximum sound attenuation for clear hearing with sound reduction. Filtered earplugs are great for NASCAR hearing protection, which allows you to hear the race.

Precision filters in these ear plugs reduce noise to safe levels and provide great ear protection. Wearing earplugs can get uncomfortable over time, but the NoNoise earplugs will block more noise with more comfort than other brands.

They come with a convenient carrying case, offer a snug fit in the ear canals which will prevent hearing loss with certainty when properly inserted.

Decibullz - Custom Molded Percussive Filters, Custom Molded Hearing Protection

Custom ear plugs like Decibullz are great, but when you buy custom earplugs for motorcycling, you should get the percussive filters version from Decibullz.

These earplugs shape to your ear canals perfectly blocking your inner ear. The percussive filters version is molded the same way as the regular one. Wearing earplugs from Decibullz provides comfort and they have different ear plugs available.

Decibullz custom earplugs provide 33 dB level of protection from loud, damaging noises in a number of different situations. The percussive filters are great at reducing noise but allowing low level sounds.

Features of Shure SE215-K Sound Isolating Earphones

Noise-canceling earplugs:

These dynamic micro driver earplugs are designed to block sound levels up to 37db, but the sound delivered is pleasing to the ear with the right bass and acoustics. Unlike foam plugs which block out complete sound, these plugs produce high-level noise with audible clarity but at low volumes.

Excellent comfort level with this best motorcycle earplugs:

These lightweight and soft earplugs are imbibed with sound-isolating technology. The SE215 has a sleek design and rests snugly over the ear. The cable is also detachable and durable. If the cable faces any issues, it can be replaced. It comes with a Gold plated MMCX Connector. 

It has a lock mechanism that allows 360-degree rotation. This way, it is user-friendly and does not get entangled. So a motorcycle rider can ride with these earplugs plugged in without discomfort.

Protects hearing:

The SE215 aims at protecting an individual’s hearing. Too much loud noise causes hearing impairment issues. These high-fidelity earplugs lower up to 37db of loud frequency. Also, they come in 3 sizes-small, medium and large. They keep you in a safe, healing environment. 

Motorcycle riders have to hear the engine’s roaring, the rush of wind, blaring horns of traffic. These earbuds come in a zipper close-knit case which protects them from moisture and dust.

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Features of Sena SMH10 – 11 Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset

Versatile functionality:

The Sena SMH10-11 is a Bluetooth 3.0 version headset equipped with an intercom that allows you to make calls and listen to music while riding your bike. Sena has specially designed this Bluetooth- intercom device for riders.

This also features a Jog Dial interface. Those features can control music volumes, calls, and intercom. This interface allows you to handle all these functions while riding your bike.

Bluetooth special characteristics:

The range for Bluetooth is up to 900 meters. This feature allows you to make hands-free calls. Moreover, you can connect to up to 4 Bluetooth devices simultaneously, irrespective of the phone brand, share music, make calls, etc. 

It comes in handy for those motorcycle riders who go on trips together. In addition, the Sena SMH10-11 can be used by groups who travel on hikes and trekking to constantly keep in touch with one another while outdoors.  


The Sena SMH10-11 kit includes two SMH10 headsets and two universal microphone kits with a boom mic and wired mic and can easily fit in a helmet. You can install this kit on any helmet. You can adjust depending on your length preference, earbuds, etc.

All this kit comes with a 2 yr warranty and is easily replaceable. It is embedded with advanced noise-cancelling technology. It muffles out unnecessary sounds like loud traffic but in low volumes. In turn, it protects the hearing of the riders. It requires 2 lithium polymer batteries.

Regarding calling, it offers up to 12 hours of talk time, and its charging capability is so strong that it can remain for 10 days on standby mode even if it’s fully charged once.



Foam Earplugs

The NRR Rating of foam plugs is plenty sufficient for reducing noise from engines and the wind. Some commonly used products are Max Lites, Howard Leight Laser Lite, Moldex which are a bit firmer, or Pinlock Earplugs. They all conform to most ear shapes easily.

Protect Your Hearing:

A recent survey declared at least 40 million youth were in danger of hearing impairment. The survey found that noise above 85 dB causes hearing issues. Prolonged exposure to noise levels above 85db leads to hearing damage. 

An individual can stay in a noisy environment of 103 dB range for only 7.5 minutes before experiencing severe and permanent damage. As a result, foam plugs have flooded the market these days due to increased demand. 

One of the main reasons people choose foam earplugs is that they are comfortable to wear because they can fit almost every ear, conforming to the shape of the individual ear canal to provide the most custom fit. However, while there is much appeal in having a custom fit, this isn’t the best for motorcycle riders.

Should I wear earplugs while riding a motorcycle?

The engine noise, wind and other loud sounds on the road can damage your hearing. One hour of riding at motorway speeds on your bike is enough to cause permanent hearing loss.

But we don’t recommend foam ear plugs such as Howard Leight laser lites unless it’s for dirt biking or enduro since they block out all noise.

Foam vs Filtered earplugs for motorcycle riding

Once again, you may be recommended laser lite type foam ear plugs; we recommend wearing ear plugs with filters to hear other road users.

A disposable foam earplug like Laser lites won’t let you hear other road users but will stop harmful noise. There are only a few states where riding with disposable earplugs is not permitted.

American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) has found only three states with laws that ban, limit or curtail usage. They are California, Maryland and Ohio.

Do Ear Plugs Block Wind Noise?

Earplug use while riding blocks wind noise by a decent amount, enough to prevent permanent hearing damage. Reducing wind noise while riding is important for those who ride a lot.

These earplugs block the sound causing distortion. There can be a high-risk factor for motorcycle riders as they would not hear oncoming traffic sounds, the roaring engine, or the wind noise. That’s why filtered instead of foam earplugs are recommended.

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When choosing the best earplugs or earbuds, comfort, durability, quality, and safety should be the main pointers for selection. After careful research, our number one recommendation is the EarPeace Motorcycle Ear Plugs, designed to reduce wind noise without losing situational awareness.

This means that you can ride your motorcycle longer and stay safer. They are comfortable to wear and will seal in your ear canal nicely. In addition to this, you can change the filter and customize the protection between 17-26dB.

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