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When we need to immerse ourselves in our own zone, we turn to our earplugs for comfort.  There are times when we just want to block out unwanted loud noise which can cause irritation and discomfort.  When we purchase earplugs, we should check for its comfort level, its durability and most importantly how safe it is for our ears.

Listed below are 5 best in the market earplugs and earbuds specially designed for a loud noise environment especially for motorbike riders.

Best Motorcycle Ear Plugs Reviews in 2019

EarPeace Motorcycle Ear Plugs

Features of EarPeace Motorcycle Ear Plugs

Specially designed:

EarPeace has specially designed ear plugs for bikers. It can also be used by individuals who are exposed to high decibel sounds quite often. The main feature is to reduce loud noise like the sound of the roaring engine wind rush in your ears as it can cause uneasiness whilst riding and can also cause hearing issues.

EarPeace has a sleek design and is made of soft material. It filters out high frequencies and allows you to hear the loud noise without any irritation. It protects your hearing and keeps you in a safe environment. You will still be able to hear the honking vehicles around you unlike foam earplugs completely block out sounds thus causing a safety hazard.


These plugs are washable and reusable. They are made of a soft material which gives comfort to the ear. The filter needs to be removed and the plugs need to be carefully washed with warm water and dried well before reattaching them. Its longevity increases if taken care of well. These earplugs come in an aluminium case so you can keep them safe.

Superior quality hearing along with protection:

A recent survey declared at least 40 million youth were in danger of hearing impairment. It was found that noise above 85 dB causes hearing issues. Prolonged exposure to 85db above noise lead to hearing damage. An individual can stay in a noisy environment of 103 dB range for only 7.5 minutes. Foam plugs have flooded the market these days due to an increase in its demand. These earplugs block the sound causing distortion. They can be a risk factor to motorcycle riders as they would not be able to hear oncoming traffic sounds the roaring engine or the rushing wind in the ears.

EarPeace motorcycle ear plugs lower the high-frequency sounds and still allows the rider to have a safe ride as he can still hear the traffic sound but without interruption from unnecessary noise. On race tracks, the rider can listen to necessary communications on track. 

Filter options:

EarPeace motorcycle earplugs come with 3 sound filters suited for 3kinds of noise control- maximum, high and medium. Medium filters lower the sound decibels up to 11db, the maximum filters block out 19db of high frequencies and high noise filter lowers the decibels up to 14db. These earplugs come in 2 sizes small and standard. You can wear these earplugs throughout the day as they are soft and comfortable to wear under the helmet.

Popular in the market:

Redbull, Harley Davidson, Ford Racing have chosen EarPeace earplugs as their official merchandise. Thus in turn supporting  EarPeace cause for movement for better and safe hearing worldwide.



Eargasm High Fidelity Earplugs

Features of Eargasm High Fidelity Earplugs

Hi-fidelity earplugs:

Eargasm has introduced a revolutionary earplug designed for the protection of hearing. It reduces at least 21db of high frequency and still preserves excellent sound quality. Unlike foam earplugs which block out all sounds, Eargasm earplugs still allows you to listen to loud music safely and clearly, in turn, protecting your hearing. These earplugs can be used for daily wear, in clubs, at work, fitness classes, live concerts, airports , basically any crowded loud place. For a motorcycle rider, these earplugs are a boon.

Preservation of sound audibility  and excellent quality:

Unlike foam earplugs, Eargasm hi-fidelity earplugs, do not muffle the sounds you do not want to hear. They merely preserve sound quality by reducing high frequencies. Eargasm uses filter technology to reduce high decibels while listening to loud music thus able to have a conversation with your friends. It provides a safe hearing atmosphere for the rider.

The high comfort level and safe:

Hi-Fidelity earplugs are made of silicon. They are soft in nature and reusable.  They prevent ear irritation or any discomfort. As they are made from clear silicone material, its usage can also be discreet. This is very helpful for those having hearing impairment issues who can wear these plugs and roam in public places like clubs, concerts and roam freely amidst blaring speaker, loud shouting, etc. A motorcycle rider has to face the brunt of rushing wind, blaring honking of vehicles and oncoming traffic. These earplugs prevent discomfort and by reducing loud unnecessary noise around him, the rider can carry on with his or her journey without any noise stress. He can still hear the traffic sound but it will be in low volumes.


You can plug in and remove these earplugs very easily. There are even videos available to assist in this case. Also, these earplugs are reusable so they need to be washed after removing the filter dried well and replugged back. You should not push these earplugs deeper in your ear if you find them not to be your fit, its best to return the product 30 days within delivery.

An aluminum case:

The Eargasm earplug set involves an aluminium kit so that the earplugs are preserved well without any dust or moisture disrupting its performance.



BeAmbient - High Fidelity Ear Plugs

Features of High Fidelity Ear Plugs

Excellent sound quality:

BeAmbient earplugs, unlike foam earplugs, do not block out sounds. They only filter out the loud decibels which can cause hearing impairment. You will still be able to hear the noise but it will be in low volumes and excellent quality- not muffled and disoriented.

Reusable and washable silicone earplugs:

These earplugs after removing the filter can be washed in warm water and dried. They are very soft and easily fit in the ear and are very comfortable. These earplugs can be worn the entire day and do not cause any issues. Motorcycle riders especially can wear them comfortably under their helmet.

Protection of hearing:

BeAmbient hi-fidelity earplugs aim to protect users worldwide from hearing damage. Individuals who have to deal with sensitive hearing issues like  tinnitus need a safe hearing noise environment which BeAmbient provides them. Motorcycle riders can wear these earplugs comfortably under their helmet and drive safely whilst loud noise filtered in low volumes, thus   protecting their hearing.



Shure SE215-K Sound Isolating Earphones

Features of Shure SE215-K Sound Isolating Earphones​

Noise-canceling earplugs:

These dynamic micro driver earplugs are designed in a way that it blocks sound levels up to 37db but the sound which is delivered is pleasing to the ear with the right bass and acoustics. Unlike foam plugs which block out complete sound, these plugs produce high-level noise with audible clarity-but in low volumes.

Excellent comfort level:

These lightweight and soft earplugs are imbibed with sound isolating technology. The SE215 has a very sleek design and rests very snugly over the ear. The cable is also detachable and durable. If the cable faces any issues, it can be replaced. It comes with a Gold plated MMCX Connector. It has a lock mechanism which allows 360-degree rotation. This way it is user-friendly and does not get entangled up. A motorcycle rider can ride with these earplugs plugged in without any discomfort.

Protects hearing:

The SE215 aims at protecting an individuals hearing. Too much loud noise causes hearing impairment issues. These hi-fidelity earplugs lower up to 37db of loud frequency. Also, they come in 3 sizes small, medium and large. They keep you in a safe healing environment. Motorcycle riders have to hear the roaring of the engine, rush of wind, blaring horns of traffic. These earbuds come in a zipper close-knit case which protects them from moisture and dust.

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Sena SMH10 - 11 Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset

Features of Sena SMH10 - 11 Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset

Versatile functionality:

The Sena SMH10-11 is not only a Bluetooth 3.0 version headset but also is equipped with an Intercom which allows you to make calls, listen to music while riding your bike. Sena has specially designed this Bluetooth- intercom device for riders.  This also features a Jog Dial interface. You can use those features for controlling volumes of music, calls, and intercom. This interface allows you to handle all these functions while riding your bike.

Bluetooth special characteristics:

The range for the Bluetooth is up to 900 meters. This feature allows you to make handsfree calls. You can get connected up to 4 Bluetooth devices simultaneously irrespective of the phone brands, and share music, make calls to one and another, etc. It comes in handy for those motorcycle riders who go on trips together. The Sena SMH10-11 can be used by groups who travel on hikes, trekking so that they can constantly keep in touch with one and another while outdoors. 



The Sena SMH10-11 kit is inclusive of two SMH10 headsets and two universal microphone kit which comes with a boom mic and wired mic and can be easily fit in a helmet. You can install this kit on any helmet. Depending on your preference for length, earbuds etc, you can make your adjustments.  All this kit comes with a 2 yr warranty and is easily replaceable. It is embedded with advanced noise-cancelling technology. It muffles out unnecessary sounds like loud traffic but in low volumes. In turn, it protects the hearing of the riders.  It requires 2 lithium polymer batteries. With regards to calling it offers up to 12 hours talk time and its charging capability is so strong, it can remain 10 days on standby mode even if it’s fully charged just once.




While choosing the best earplugs or earbuds, comfort, durability, quality, safety should be the main pointers for selection. Also while buying earbuds , always look out for special features they come with like noise cancellation, Bluetooth multi-pair functionality, etc.

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