Decibullz Percussive Filters Review

The new custom-made Decibullz percussion filters protect the user from the maximum sound pressure of gunshots, artillery fire and explosions and suppress them safely to prevent him from long-term hearing loss. DecibULLZ DIY Thermo-Fit molded parts combine new, state-of-the-art impulse filter technology. As a result, they are ideal for hearing protection. In addition, DecibullZ is the first individually shaped Thermo-Fit earbuds.

Decibullz earbuds are the only customizable shapeable earbuds in the world. They are made of thermo-fit plastic, which I thought was easy to assemble. The price is manageable, the custom fit makes them comfortable, and they do not require the commitment of batteries or other electronic earbuds. 

The Decibullz Percussive Filters use electricity and claim to provide excellent noise reduction with a tailor-made fit to your ears. Noise-cancelling headphones amplify the earmuffs with batteries, but the custom shooting hearing protection does this with power. They are powerful filters that limit strong percussions and sounds and allow you to hear each other better.

In contrast, passive hearing protection uses a physical barrier to prevent loud noises. In addition, powerful filters can limit strong percussive sounds, so you can hear each other better and provide excellent protection when dealing with strong percussive sounds.

This is due to their impact on general communication and the form of hearing protection used. One of the best-known brands of custom earplugs is perfect for shooting, hunting, building sites, music, concerts and general ear protection if you need it.

Decibullz comes to the market with its unique, bespoke earplug design. Each pair of DecibullZ earplugs looks the same on arrival, but you can shape each ear individually if you follow the instructions. DecibULLZ manufactures a range of products, from earplugs to sound.

Drop the filter out, drop the malleable device in hot water to soften it, and push it down to fit your ear. For hearing protection, Decibullz filters never need batteries. With no more than a cup of hot water, you can make affordable DecibULLZ for your ear yourself, and impact filters don’t need batteries.

Decibullz products are only one size, so you should be careful if you have smaller ears. However, DecibullZ Molds for Ears Pro offers a compact and convenient solution for all hearing protection areas.

How to Use Decibullz Percussive Filters?

As with other Decibullz products, its Impact Filter Set is shaped so that the user can adjust his ears. However, unlike the DecibULLZ sealed earplugs, this set uses a filter insert incorporating the aforementioned passive hearing protection technology. Combined with its smaller size than the DecIBullz thermo-fit earphones, this filter is ideal for everyday use and can be mounted via a communication headset or earmuffs.

The Decibullz Custom Molded Percussive Filter Package includes a pair of malleable units in the shapes of the earbuds and the suitable ear cups, a shell for each pair of filters, three pairs of interchangeable silicone tip-like numbers, rubber spikes, a zip pocket and an additional pair of moldable units for friends when they buy plug-in filters. I got their standard malleable earplugs, and Decibullz added the new filters in a new box unique to the percussive product. Apart from the new Percussiv Mark Orange DecibULLZ emblem pad, you get all the materials with the earplugs, but the new pad replaces the standard silicone filter.

When you begin pouring the earpiece in your ear, it is vital to avoid displacing the earpiece material when it overlaps with the edges of the percussive filters. We have learned the hard way that this makes it impossible to remove the filters once the earbuds are hardened. Custom molding is warm and straightforward, and the Decibullz DIY Thermo-Fit shaped earbuds are water-shaped for your ear. The percussive filters are shaped so that the outer part fits into the ear and is fitted into the supplied plastic plugs, which, like DecibULLZ’s, act like standard-shaped earplugs and attenuate the sound with a noise reduction of 31 dB.

Why Buy Decibullz Percussive Filters?

Their motto is that this percussive filter earplug, which in my opinion is a turning point in the market for hearing protection, sounds as you would like it to sound when you need it. It has a technical design that allows you to hear ambient noise and standard hearing protection and acts on loud noises such as nearby gunshots. You can also wear custom earbuds to maintain full position awareness, hear loud noises, detect them, and block sounds up to 166 dB.

The by-product of using hearing protection to block loud noises impairs your ability to hear quieter noises. Amplifying earmuffs have long been the best way to shoot and hear, but the Decibullz approach is a bit different. Percussive sounds are filtered to block them so you can chat louder.

I found that the DeSibullz is easy to put on and off without the need for a lanyard to attach the battery and impact filter to it, as the earbuds collect where they are located at the neck.

Decibullz has entered the earplug game with a range of plug-in accessories that protect your ears even when they are not covered. So when they set about developing a bespoke and convenient set of over-the-ear earplugs, they succeeded. The DecibullZ Percussive earplugs protect the ears so well that I forgot them until the inner ear canal itched.

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