Best Vibrating Alarm Clock For Deaf or Hearing Impaired

If you know someone deaf or has some degree of hearing loss, it’s obvious that there might be some everyday tasks that would be difficult to carry out. One example is when it comes to setting their alarm. Someone deaf will not hear the alarm clock ring every morning and won’t wake up on time.

This is where considering a vibrating clock comes into play. These alarm clocks will vibrate instead of ring whenever the time comes, which someone who has hearing loss or is hearing impaired will feel (as you know, they are typically able to pick up on vibrations a lot better than the average person).

This article will discuss some of the best vibrating and extra-loud alarm clocks for deaf and hard-of-hearing people. Including what features all these top alarm clocks offer and what other people have said about them in their reviews.

Top 10 Vibrating Alarm Clocks for Hearing Impaired

Different Types of Vibrating Alarm Clocks for People with Hearing Loss

Of course, when you purchase a vibrating alarm clock, there are several features that you will have to consider.

Extra Loud Alarm Clock:

Make sure you read the product description carefully to know how loud the alarm clock is. With some models, you can adjust the volume up to 120 dB; just so you can get an idea, 120dB is as loud as a thunderclap (hence the Thunderclap alarm clock) or a chainsaw at close range. 

This is pretty loud and is suitable for people who are deaf or have some degree of hearing loss. There are also different tones for those with a certain hearing range only.

The best alarm clock for deaf or heavy sleepers who have difficulty waking up in the morning should be extra loud. So double-check the maximum decibel levels the alarm clock can reach. Also, you might want to see if you can adjust the level.

vibrating alarm and bed shaker

Vibrating Setting and Bed Shaker:

Having an alarm clock with a vibration setting or a bed shaker is a great feature because the vibrations will help you wake up on time every day. In addition, people who sleep with a partner in the same bed or have roommates might not want to use an extra loud alarm clock since it will cause them to wake up and have a deafening sound.

This is something that a lot of companies have found a solution for. Companies usually do this by adding a bed shaker which wakes you to the alarm clock, so you can place it under your pillow or next to you as you sleep. This way, you can feel the vibration, but your sleep partner won’t.

People with hearing loss normally wear hearing aids during the day; however, when they sleep, they take them off. That’s why the top choice of alarm clock for people wearing hearing aids is an extra loud one with a bed shaker or vibration setting.


If you need something on the go or while on vacation, you can opt for a vibrating alarm watch. But many of the models we feature here are battery-operated and small enough to pack with you to complete your morning routine no matter where you go.

Brands Who Make Vibrating Alarms:

Plenty of brands on the market have created vibration alarm clocks. Here, we will outline some of the brands people have raved about and some of the best for heavy sleepers and the hard of hearing.


If you have any electronic gadgets, you probably know that Sharp is a leader in the field. The brand manufactures everything from televisions to mobile phones to almost anything you can think of. And you also will be able to get a vibrator alarm clock from this brand too.

The Sharp alarm clocks are some of the highest-rated and reviewed ones on Amazon, which we will discuss below. But, if you’ve ever been on the market for anything electronic, the brand Sharp is more than likely to have caught your eye.


ShakeAwake is a brand that perhaps is not as well-known, but it was created entirely to manufacture and sell vibrating alert systems. According to many of the reviews, people were pleased with the product they got from Shake Awake and said they would recommend it to anyone.

You can choose from several different clocks that suit your preferences and needs. This is especially true if you have some degree of hearing loss and wear a hearing aid during the day.

Sonic Alert

This is another brand that has produced products that people are happy with. Once again, when doing an Amazon search for a vibrating alarm clock, you will be sure to find that the alarm clocks manufactured by Sonic Alert are some of the highest-rated on the website.

Of course, the brand has also created several different types of products. Their most popular one is the Sonic Bomb alarm clock, at the top of our list of the best alarm clocks for the deaf and hard of hearing.

Serene Innovations

The Serene Innovations whole house alert system. This wireless home notification system links with your doorbell and clock and includes a bed vibrator, strobe light, timer and more features. This is a great all-around solution.

Reviews of the Top 5 Alarm Clocks for Deaf People

Naturally, some vibration alarm clocks have received better reviews than others. So, without further ado, we will discuss some clocks people have purchased and loved.

As we said, Sonic Alert is one of the most popular brands regarding alarm clocks for deaf and hard-of-hearing people. So, it should be no surprise that the first product on our list is from this very brand.

This Sonic Bomb alarm clock is known to be a very loud clock with a strong vibration. You can adjust the volume up to 113dB, and it comes with a powerful 12-volt bed shaker, so you won’t have to worry about accidentally sleeping late in the morning. It also comes with flashing lights, perfect for super heavy sleepers who may be profoundly deaf or hard of hearing.

There are several different colors of this product that you can choose from, and if something happens to it, you will also get a 1-year warranty.


  • You can adjust the volume to ring extra-loud (up to 113db).

  • It has a bright red light that flashes.

  • Comes with a very powerful 12-volt super shaker.


ShakeAwake is another brand that we have mentioned is one of the best on the market. This clock, in particular, has received many positive reviews on Amazon, mostly thanks to the fact that it is small and easy to take with you.

It is small in size, perfect if you often travel and need a reliable clock to wake you up for work every day. In addition, it has a dual alarm feature, which means that you can set it up as a beeping sound alarm or vibrating alarm, making it a good option for people who have hearing loss or are hard of hearing.

There is also a backlight for viewing in the dark. You only have to purchase a battery separately, as this product does not have one already. Also, look at the iluv Bed Shaker review.


  • Small pocket size, so you can use this vibrating clock with a wristband to wake you up from your sleep, but not your partner.

  • Simple to use and has a backlight to see the time at night.

  • Low price


The brand Sonic once again appears on our list of the best alarm clocks for the deaf and hard of hearing. This is another clock that has received almost all five-star reviews. 

It’s a product that is extremely easy to read and operate, and you’ll also be sure to wake up with this because of the loud noise (90 dB) and how it shakes the bed.

This Sonic clock uses AA batteries and is very lightweight. There’s a test button on it, so you can test to see if all of its functions work properly. There are several colors this product comes in, including pink, white and black.


  • A loud audio alarm clock, which you can increase up to 90dB.

  • Comes with a bed shake and easy-to-hear beep alarms.

  • There is a turn knob so you can adjust the volume and tone.


This is one of the best vibrating clock alarms for heavy sleepers and people with hearing impairment. And according to the very high reviews this product has received, that seems to be more than just a claim.

This digital alarm clock will shake you awake and is a popular choice among many people. However, this vibrator alarm clock also can make an easy-to-hear noise if that’s something you’re looking for. The display is large and measures 7.5″, plus there are five brightness levels to choose from for natural light and a big snooze button.

It can link to your phone to charge and listen to audio. The clock will charge any USB-compatible devices.


  • Four very loud settings you can set and choose from (the loudest is about 110dB). A great choice for heavy sleepers or hard of hearing.

  • Powerful vibration shaker with long 71-inch wire.


This is another alarm clock you will use if you are a heavy sleeper or have hearing loss. You won’t have to worry about accidentally sleeping in with this one, but you also won’t have to worry about the alarm clock waking up your partner since it comes with a powerful pillow super shaker.

It’s also perfect for deep sleepers who need a thunderous sound since you can adjust the ringing volume. People who have difficulty waking up from their alarm will love it. 

With a bright LED on top of the screen, you can use this clock as a night light. You can adjust the screen’s brightness to make it easier to read and add some natural light to the room while you sleep. It has dual USB ports to charge your phone or other devices at night and comes with a battery backup.


  • It has three alarm sound levels: low, medium, and high. The highest is 116 dB, which is suitable for hard-of-hearing people.

  • It has a large screen display, and you can adjust its brightness from dim to bright.


Buying Guide: How To Choose Vibrating Alarms?

We have outlined some of the most important tips for you to consider above regarding the different types of vibrating alarms available on the market. However, we will continue to do so in our buying guide to help you find the right one.

Tip: You may also want to check out our guide on the best doorbells for deaf people.


As with most products, you will want to make sure that you check your budget before purchasing a vibrating alarm clock. There are plenty with a low price that are more budget-friendly but still offer great features.

However, you will also be able to find many that are more expensive and over $50 or even $100. They will have some advanced features; for example, they’ll allow you to receive phone calls. Luckily, some of the best ones are in the low-mid price range, as seen in our reviews.

alarm clock for deaf or hard of hearing

Is The Alarm Reliable And Does It Work Every Time?

It would be best if you made sure that the alarm clock you purchase is durable. There might come a day when you need your alarm clock, so you can wake up for an important event or work only to find that the buzzer isn’t working. You will want to avoid the possibility of this happening as much as possible.

When reading the reviews, make sure you pay attention to where people talk about how well the lights, vibration, and other features worked after using the product for a long time.

If you ever have the same problem with extreme difficulty waking up, these alarms will do the trick.

Can I Use My Phone With My Hearing Aid as an Alarm?

Those with Bluetooth hearing aids can link their phone to alert them at a set time. This allows you to set multiple alarms with your device, but you must keep your hearing aid in to hear it.

Hearing aids come with some incredibly useful features, especially Bluetooth ones.

What kind of alarm clock does a deaf person use?

However, with technology for deafness, it has become much simpler to wake up. These digital clocks can be plugged in and battery operated or come with light sources, vibrators or strobe lights. If you have a louder sound alarm, you can alert an uninjured individual to a noisy alarm.

What is the loudest alarm clock available?

Overall Best Sonic Alert SBB 500SS. Sonic Bomb Dual Alarm Detector. Sleep Shaker. Part old-school alarm clock, part Armageddon combines electric pulsating light, 12-volt pillow shaker, and siren that reaches 113 decibels (about as high as jets take off) for simulated sound.

Other Useful Alert Products for Hearing Loss:

Loud Kitchen Timer for Hearing Impaired

Vibrating Pillow Alarms

There are plenty of reasons why you may consider purchasing an alarm clock. Of course, the main purpose of these clocks is to help those with hearing impairments, but some people have difficulty waking up from a typical alarm due to their sleeping patterns, which have found that such clocks help immensely.

Our recommendation for the top alarm clock is the Sonic Bomb Dual Extra Loud Alarm Clock with Bed Shaker. It has an extra loud alarm at 113 dB, flashing lights and a 12-volt pillow shaker. It’s easy to use, and you can adjust its setting, ensuring you wake up at the right time every morning.


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