Best Vibrating Alarm Watches – Reviews in 2022

Are you someone who tends to forget to carry out necessary tasks? Does everyone around you constantly remind you that you need to respond to that email, call that person back, take out the garbage, or schedule a doctor’s appointment? Do you often find yourself working up late for work or class?

If you’ve answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, it might be worth considering a vibrating watch alarm.

They work the same way as a regular digital watch or vibration alarm clock, but you can use these watches to set several alarms that vibrate.

This means you won’t have to distract those around you as your reminders come in.

Vibrating alarm watches are also great for children or the elderly. These watches will also work for people who have hearing impairments.

Studies have shown that vibrating watches work great for people with hearing impairments, dementia, and ADHD to stay on task, perform their best, and remember important events.

According to customer reviews, this review will discuss everything you need to know about vibration alarm watches, including what you should look out for and some of the best vibrating alarm watches.

Top Vibrating Alarm Watch

Different Types of Vibrating Watches

There are not many differences regarding the types of vibrating watches on the market. They all are part of the same category. However, here are a few things you may want to look out for when shopping for a vibrating alarm wristwatch.

  • Gender/Size: Some brands have created vibrating watches for men, women, and children. While nothing says you can’t wear a man’s watch if you’re a woman, this might impact how the vibration watch fits around your wrist.

  • Digital vs Solar-Powered: Most vibration alarm clocks are digital, but others are solar-powered. These have traditional watch faces as opposed to digital ones. All of the models on our list are digital watches.


  • Timex: Without a doubt, the best brand on the market for vibrating watch alarms is Timex. All of their vibrating watches have scored the top reviews on Amazon and by customers all over the web. So, if you’re looking for the best vibration alarm, then Timex watches are where you need to start shopping.

  • Casio: In addition to Timex, Casio is another brand that has created vibrating alarm watches with good reviews. Casio, in general, has great watches of all types, so it is a brand you can trust to produce top-quality materials.

Top 8 Best Vibrating Alarm Watches

This Timex vibrating watch alarm is the best option on our list and one of the most affordable. It is a great watch for everyday life, with many useful functions.

With the price of this watch, you won’t have to break the bank. It comes in several different colors, including black, blue, gray, and plum.

The watch features a 16-millimetre wrap that can fit a wrist up to 8 inches wide. It has a 100-hour chronograph with lap and split times, a 24-hour countdown timer, and a calendar for the month, day, and date.

You can choose to have 3 multiple vibrating alarms and 2 time zones or put the watch in military time mode. It is water-resistant up to 330 feet, and you can use it during activities such as swimming and snorkeling.

Here is another vibrating watch from Timex that has rave reviews, comes in many colors to suit all tastes and styles, and is available at an affordable price.

This digital watch will fit wrists up to 8 inches and has a 100-hour chronograph. It has a large display screen and 5 buttons for you to access easily to adjust the settings. It has a customizable alarm, countdown timers and a date calendar with both sound and vibrating alarms.

This watch is water-resistant up to 100 meters, so you can use it while snorkeling or swimming. In addition, it has 30-lap memory and a 24-hour countdown timer.

There are on-screen prompts that allow you to adjust the settings very easily. You also have the option to include 3 daily, weekday, or weekend alarms, include 3 time zones, or set the watch in military time.

This third option from Timex is very similar to the other two. However, it features a battery life of up to 10 years, so you will be able to get a lot of use out of the watch before you need to replace the battery.

It is a casual digital watch that is meant to be able to withstand wear every day. Moreover, this watch with a vibrating alarm has scratch-resistant glass to prove that it is a highly durable option even for the most active person.

The watch has a chronograph function that will allow you to track your personal best during physical activity. In addition, it allows you to choose between 2 time zones, and it has a 24-hour countdown timer.

You also can choose between 3 daily alarms. This watch has an 18-millimeter strap that will fit a wrist with a circumference of up to 8 inches.

You can choose between several different colors to suit your style and taste, including black, gray, and brown, as well as some options that include colorful accents.

Casio 2018 GD350-1CR Watch G-Shock Vibration Alarm Black

Casio G Shock watches are some of the best watches on the market, which also include strong vibrations. With all the Casio G shock features, such as Japanese quartz movement and mineral crystal glass, you won’t find a more suitable watch for an active lifestyle.

This watch has a countdown timer, is water resistant to 660 feet, has a large dial that is easy to read and has a full auto calendar built-in. The stainless steel top plate makes it highly durable as well.

This is a somewhat big watch, great for everyday wear.

Apple Watch Series 8 GPS 41mm Starlight Aluminium Case with Starlight Sport Band - S/M

Possibly the most visually appealing but most expensive option on our list is the Apple Watch. Since it is a smartwatch, it is incredibly versatile and syncs with your mobile device.

Because of this, you can utilize many features such as multiple alarms, an auto calendar, water resistance and a large touchscreen watch face.

It has a countdown timer, silent alarm mode, daily alarms with auto-repeat, water resistance to 20 meters and more. This is great for heavy sleepers since it is fully customizable using your smartphone.

This watch is perfect for everyday use and can be used for everything in addition to its vibration alarm feature.

Casio DW5700BBM-1 G-Shock Men's Watch Black 42mm Resin

Here is another multi-use Casio G Shock watch. This watch features water resistance up to 660 feet, a scratch-resistant mineral crystal watch face, Japanese quartz movement and a strong resin case.

With the automatic calendar, you’ll always know what day it is, and this alarm watch is also shock resistant.

There is a vibrating alarm function as well as an alarm sound. This G-shock model is the most durable vibrating alarm watch on our list.

This vibrating alarm wristwatch is the most affordable option on our list. However, that doesn’t mean that you will have to make sacrifices in terms of quality.

It is a multi-functional digital watch that is resistant to shock and water. It is water-resistant up to 164 feet (50 meters). It has a stopwatch, calendar, alarm, different time zones, and hourly signal as well.

If you love being active outdoors, this is the perfect watch for you. You can also wear it while showering, swimming, and doing more activities every day. The watch face is easy to read, and it is made out of durable materials.

The final vibrating watch is another option from Timex. Like the others in this series, it can fit a wrist circumference of up to 8 inches, and it has a 100-hour chronograph to help those who want to track their fitness performance.

It also has a 24-hour countdown timer and 3 vibrating alarms to make your life easier. You can also choose to set the watch in military mode or in 3 different time zones.

The watch sends reminders for occasions and when you need to drink water, as well as events on your calendar every day. It is water-resistant up to 100 meters (330 feet), so you can use this for many activities.

Even More Vibration Alarm Watches

Buying Guide

In addition to some of the features we mentioned above, here are some more features that you should also keep in mind while shopping around.

  • Purpose: What was the vibrating watch made to do? Is it made for someone very active, loves to participate in sports, and wants to reach a particular fitness goal, or is it made to help someone remember to do important tasks such as take out the trash or finish homework? These also might not play a significant role in the watch you choose to purchase, but you might not want a sporty watch if you want to be reminded to stay on task. It’s also a good idea to check for watches that let you change the time zone or add military time.
  • Style: This might not be the most important feature, but many people want to watch that will leave them looking and feeling their best. As we mentioned earlier, there are vibrating watches that operate digitally and others that operate as regular watches. You will surely be able to find an alarm watch in any style and color that you prefer.
  • Price: The best alarm watches are available at many different prices- even some of the higher-end options- so you will want to check out the price range that suits you the best. Some vibrating watches cost less than $20, and others cost more than $100. The more expensive choices offer more features.
  • Battery Life: This is an important one. You will want to find an alarm watch with longer battery life so that it’s more convenient for you or your loved ones to use every day. The battery life will ultimately depend on how frequent the alarms are. You will be able to change the batteries in some of these watches on your own, whereas others will require the assistance of a jeweler.


This was our review of the top eight best vibrating alarm watches with five additional options.

Now, you will be able to use any of the great watches we included to help you stay on task and remember critical events.

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