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If you’re someone who has a hearing impairment, you’ve probably tried every product on the market to help you with your condition. But you might not have heard of Pocket Talkers. Known as a great alternative to hearing aids, a Pocket Talker can be put in your pocket or attached to your belt. You’ll be using headphones or earphones in order to hear. These are mostly recommended for people who don’t live in particularly noisy areas and who simply need to be able to hear what people are saying to you, television shows, and other relatively quiet noises.

In our Pocketalker review, we will talk about all that you need to know about this product to help you decide whether it’s worth trying.

What Makes a Pocket Hearing Aid a Good Option?

As we will talk about more in the next section, there is only one brand that offers Pockettalkers, Williams Sound. However, the Pocket Talker hearing device falls under the general category of personal amplifiers. These are budget friendly alternatives to hearing aids (or they may be used in conjunction). The main purpose of sound amplifiers is for you to be able to hear speech more clearly, whether this be in a classroom, a personal conversation, on television, or any other similar situation. Sound amplifiers tend to get rid of background noise. The more they’re able to get rid of background noise, the better you will be able to hear.

What matters the most is the quality of the microphone and of the earphones. If the brand is highly reputable, then their microphone and earphones will most likely be great too. Better quality means that you will be able to hear sound a lot clearer.

Some people don’t like the fact that personal amplifiers are pretty noticeable, so if this is the case for you, then there are other options on the market.

What is a Pocket Talker?

While there are many brands on the market that manufacture personal amplifiers, the one that is specifically known for creating Pocket Talkers is called Williams Sound. It isn’t the most popular brand on the market, but if you want to get the best Pocket Talker, this is where you need to go. It’s an American brand that has been working on several forms of communication systems for decades. Williams Sound Pocket Talkers are some of the best-rated personal amplification devices on the market.

Pocket Talker Reviews

There are three different types of Pocket Talkers that Williams Sound produces- the regular Pocket Talker, the Pocket-talker Ultra, and the Pro. If you look at the selections on their website, however, you will notice that they have options for you to decide what kinds of headphones you want. This will determine the price of the product. Now, we will explain these different models in more detail.

This version of the Williams Sound Pocket Talker is the 2.0 and it retails for $229 on their official website. It’s a new and revamped model, and it claims to have a better range of sound and better sound quality than the other models the brand offers provide.

Another nice thing about this product is that it comes with a variety of accessories. For one, it comes with both headphones and earphones, so you will be able to determine which one you prefer more. There is also the microphone- which doesn’t come with a cord- a lanyard, batteries, and mounting clips. This product has a nice and thin design, too, so it will be easy for you to keep in your pocket when out and about.

Here is a YouTube video that shows a doctor giving his personal review of the Pocketalker 2.0.

This model retails for between $169 and $214, depending on which one you choose to get. If you just want the pocket talker on its own, it will cost $169.50. And if you want to have a neckloop, then it will cost $214. The rest are $184; you will have the option of choosing between headphones you wear behind your head, mini earphones, and a model that comes with both earphones and headphones.

The Ultra is best for if you plan on having personal conversations or are in the type of situation where you need to be able to hear what someone is saying. You can adjust the volume as you wish. This one also comes with a variety of accessories, including a microphone, lanyard, batteries, and an extension cord.

And finally, the brand also offers the Pocketalker Pro. The cost of this model will also depend on which package you’ll choose for earphones and headphones. On its own, the Pro will cost $173, and the packages will cost $189. You can either choose to have one earbud or regular headphones.

Once again, this model is best if you want to be able to listen to sounds close to you. It also helps to get rid of background noise. Some of the accessories that the Pocketalker Pro comes with include an extension cord, batteries, a belt clip, the microphone, and a case for you to carry your product around with you.

Pocketalker Pro vs Ultra

There are a few key differences in the Pockettalker Pro vs Ultra:

  • More durable square case with the Pro.
  • Pro is to be used with neckloops and telecoil-equipped hearing aids.
  • The Pro has an LED screen
  • Both models feature the omnidirectional microphone
  • Because of it’s features the Pro has slightly higher price tag.

Finally, here is a YouTube video that shows the three different models available and how people are using them.

Pocket Talker Pros and Cons

If you’re someone who is on the go a lot, this can be an important feature when it comes to whether or not you want to purchase something. Pocketalkers can be taken with you wherever you go and they’re unlikely to get lost thanks to the added convenience of the belt clip.


It can be transported easily

If you’re someone who is on the go a lot, this can be an important feature when it comes to whether or not you want to purchase something. Pocketalkers can be taken with you wherever you go and they’re unlikely to get lost thanks to the added convenience of the belt clip.

It comes with headphones

When you go to purchase a pocket talker, you will also be getting a pair of headphones with it. However, should anything happen to those headphones, you’ll most likely be able to use a pair that you already have.

It comes with a microphone

The purpose of this is for anyone you’re talking to to speak directly into the microphone so you can hear what they are saying. It especially works great because people say that it gets rid of all the noise in the background, too.

The volume will adjust according to other sounds around you

This is important because you might find yourself in a situation where there’s a lot of louder noise. If you’re using earphones, this could hurt your ears badly, even causing damage. Luckily, the technology in the pocket talker is designed to make sure that the volume will adjust according to these sounds so they won’t be as loud for you.


It’s not exactly small

If you’re someone who has used hearing aids before, you know that they can be invisible. But this is something that people will see. There’s nothing to be ashamed of, of course, but some people prefer to have hearing devices that are not noticeable. That won’t be the case if you choose to get a pocket talker.

The earphones don’t have the best quality

Some people who purchased this product said that the earphones this product is available with aren’t of the best quality. This might have an affect on how well you will be able to hear sounds.

How to Use The Pocket Talker for Hearing Impaired

It’s actually very simple to use the pocket talker and you won’t have to spend hours and hours trying to figure it out, even if you’re someone who doesn’t understand too much about technology. You will be hearing all the sounds amplified through your earphones. As far as how the sound gets to your earphones, the pocket talker comes with a microphone that catches important sounds and that gets rid of unnecessary background noises. You will be able to adjust the placement of the microphone as necessary in order to hear sounds more clearly. For example, if you’re having a conversation with someone, you can give them the microphone to speak into. Or, if you’re watching a video, you can put the microphone closer to the speakers in order for it to pick up the sound. That’s all that there is to it. It’s perfect for situations where you need to focus on a particular noise and not any of the noise in the background. It’s practical, so if you’re looking for something that will provide you with practicality more so than good looks, the pocket talker is definitely for you.


Overall, if you want something that will provide you with amplified sound, then it is worth checking out the Williams Sound Pockettalker. Pocket talker reviews have shown that this is a great alternative to other hearing devices on the market, so it might be worth giving a try.




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