Best Ear Protection for Shooting & Gun Ranges 2023

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Finding the best hearing protection for shooting outdoors and at gun ranges can be particularly challenging. This is because these environments can be quiet for long periods of time, during which you need to hear the sound or ambient noises around you, followed by brief periods of intense noise.

The average gunshot sound level is anywhere from 140 to 190 decibels (dB), which is more than loud enough to cause immediate hearing damage.  So, if you are a hunter or sportsman, finding the best ear protection for shooting is a must.

You could spend hours on end searching online for the best shooting ear protection. Luckily, there’s no need to waste precious time when you have everything here to guide your decision-making. We’ll share with you the best shooting ear muffs, in-ear protection, and our top choices for electronic ear protection for shooting.

So for all this and more, stay tuned!

The Best Shooting Ear Protection

Types Hearing Protection for Shooters

When looking for the best hearing protection for shooting, you must know about two major types: passive and electronic.

Passive Earplugs and Muffs

Passive hearing protection blocks the sound from hitting your ear using a physical barrier, either the inner ear (earplugs) or the outer ear (earmuffs). In this case, you typically want the highest protection you can get, but there are some minimums you’ll need to consider. Passive hearing protection is more budget-friendly; the major downside is it does not provide situational awareness of ambient noise.

Active (Electronic) Ear Protection

Electronic ear protection is generally considered to be the best ear protection for shooting overall.  Active hearing protection works by amplifying ambient noises using microphones and speakers to hear still what is going on. It then cuts off the amplification or lowers the sound level whenever there is a gunshot.

The result is protection when you need it while still allowing you to hear voices and ambient noises. Read about the best in-ear electronic hearing protection for shooting here.

Indoor Range vs Outdoor Range

Indoor ranges and shooting or hunting outdoors have different requirements. You’ll want to hear range commands when needed, and hunting amplification can be helpful.

Hearing protection is listed as the Noise Reduction Rating (NRR), rated in dB of protection. Many people ask, ‘Is a higher NRR rating better?’ The answer is yes for louder noise environments where you need maximum protection. The higher the NRR, the greater the ability to reduce noise coming to your ear.

You typically want at least 20 dB of protection for outdoor shooting and hunting

Indoor shooting is louder and requires at least 25 dB of protection, although the upper 20s are preferable.

We recommend Noise Reduction Ratings over 30 dB, which also use electronic or passive impulse protection.

This review will look at the best passive and electronic ear protection for shooting, both earplugs and earmuffs. To choose shooting hearing protection, you must first understand the different types. 

And, whether you are looking for men’s ear protection or women’s ear protection for shooting, you’ll find what you’re looking for here.

Let’s dive in and take a closer look at choosing hearing protection.

Shooting Ear Protection - Earplugs

Passive - Howard Leight Laser Lite

Active Protection - Peltor TEP-200

How do earplugs work?

Earplugs work by blocking the canal of the ear. They can be disposable, made from foam or wax, or reusable, typically made from silicone with a triple flange design.

When looking at in-ear protection for shooting, we consider two factors. Firstly you want the highest noise reduction rating earplugs you can get, which for earplugs is around 33db. Secondly, you should consider comfort since you regularly wear your earplugs for several hours.

Top 5 Range Ear Plugs

Howard Leight Laser Lite High Visibility Foam Earplugs

Sometimes the best ear protection for the range is also the simplest. For example, the Howard Leight Laser Lite High Visibility Earplugs are a simple pair of disposable earplugs designed for industrial environments. However, they are also one of the best range ear protectors.

Key Features & Specs

  • Great NRR Rating – These foam ear plugs offer an outstanding NRR of 32db, more than enough for indoor and outdoor shooting. 

  • Comfortable Design – They use a soft, slow-recovery foam that is easy to roll and position in the ears and stays put once it is there.

  • Competitive Price – These shooting ear muffs are affordable and come in bulk packaging, making it easy to always keep a few pairs in your range bag or hunting kit. 

Con – They are not as durable as some of the other forms of shooting ear protection, although, for a disposable earplug, they do the job well.

Final Word – You can’t go wrong with the Laser Lite earplugs for a quality basic pair of shooting earplugs and great to add to your handgun accessories.

Peltor TEP-100 Tactical Earplugs

These are the most advanced in-ear protection on our list. With the Skull Screws ear tips, the Peltor TEP-100s boast an outstanding NRR of 30db. This is more than enough for any shooting environment. These active in-ear shooting earbuds are perfect to keep in your range bag.

Key Features & Specs

  • Electronics Integration – In a very low-profile and comfortable earplug, you get all the hearing protection you need with the sound amplification you want. These are definitely the best active protection for shooting.

  • Design – The compact design makes these earplugs comfortable and easy to transport.

Con – The audio quality doesn’t tend to be as high as you get used over-ear electronic hearing protection, but that is to be expected given the smaller space they have to work within packaging the electronics components.

Final Word – The cost is significantly more expensive than other passive earplugs, but if you want electronic amplification without the bulky earmuffs, these are the best shooting ear plugs available.

Would you mind reading our full Peltor TEP-100 electronic earplugs review?

ISOtunes Sport Caliber Shooting Earbuds: True Wireless Bluetooth Hearing Protection, Water and Dust Proof, 13 Hour Battery, 25 dB Noise Reduction Rating (NRR)

ISOtunes Sport CALIBERS are built to last. These in-ear protection earbuds feature a durable rubberized finish and rugged construction to withstand the rigours of outdoor adventures. The earbud design provides superior acoustic performance and comfort. With their ergonomic shape, they stay securely in place during strenuous activity.

Shooting ear protection devices should look tactical; this model has a military-style finish. ISOtunes are a great alternative to noise-canceling headphones in their off-time as well.


  • Durable Rubberized Finish
  • Rugged Construction
  • Ergonomically Designed Shape
  • IP67 Rated Protection Against Sweat, Water & Dust
  • Built To Last
  • 13 Hours Of Playtime On A Single Charge
  • Up To 25dB Noise Reduction Rate (NRR)
  • 3.5mm Audio Jack For Connectivity
  • 2 Year Warranty
Caldwell E-MAX Shadows Pro - Electronic Hearing Protection with Ambient Sound Amplification, Bluetooth, and Rechargeable Case for Target Shooting, Range

Caldwell E-MAX Shadows Pro are electronic hearing protection devices that provide superior performance and comfort during target shooting or range activities. They feature a unique combination of advanced noise reduction technologies and state-of-the-art electronics to deliver outstanding sound quality and reliable protection.

Most ear protection is dull; Caldwell has created these stylish ear plugs that protect you from loud noise while letting you get the perfect cheek weld.

Product Features:

  • Noise Reduction Rating (NRR): 25 dB
  • High-Performance Audio Transducer Technology
  • Advanced Digital Signal Processing
  • Custom Fit Ear Tips
  • Durable Polymer Construction
  • Anti-Microbial Coating
  • Includes Charging Case & Battery Pack
  • Lifetime Warranty

You can also look at personal sound amplifiers, specifically the Walker’s Game Ear. Also, if you plan on bringing your dog hunting, make sure they also have sufficient dog hearing protection.

AXIL GS Extreme 2.0 Shooting Ear Protection Ear Buds – Hearing Enhancement & Noise Isolation Bluetooth Earbuds – Bluetooth Hearing Protection w/Dynamic Speakers – 25-Hour Ear Protection for Shooting

AXIL GS Extreme 2.0 earbud is an advanced hearing protection device with three modes: hearing enhancement, noise cancellation, and protection. The earbuds have been engineered to deliver high-quality sound and superior performance. You can read our full review of GS Extreme here.

This shooting ear protection features a unique design that combines the benefits of active noise reduction and passive attenuation technologies. This means they can be used as either hearing enhancement or protection devices. In addition, the earbuds offer a variety of functions, including voice control, music playback, call answer/end and volume adjustment.

Product Features:

  • Hear better than ever before.
  • Enjoy crystal clear sound.
  • Stay safe and protected.
  • Easy access to controls.
  • Quickly change between hearing enhancement and protection modes.
  • Customize your experience.
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion batteries last longer.
  • Durable and lightweight.
  • Three-in-one earbuds.
  • High-performance digital signal processing.
  • Built-in microphone.
AXIL Ghost Stryke II Electronic Ear Protection Earbuds |Compact & Ultra Comfortable w/Digital in-Ear Silencer & Enhancer, Hearing Protection for Shooting/Hunting, Sleeping, Lawn Care & Concerts, Red

AXIL GS Digital Tactical Ear plugs are designed specifically for shooters who want to hear their surroundings while maintaining situational awareness. The GS Digital Tactical ear plugs feature an open design that allows users to hear the ambient sound without having to remove them from their ears. This means they can be used during long periods of time or when wearing protective gear such as helmets. They have been engineered to provide superior performance and durability, making them ideal for active shooters.

Product Features:

  • High-quality, medical-grade, non-allergenic acrylic shells
  • DSC Technology – Automatically compress all loud sounds to a safe level
  • Impulse Noise reduction up to 99 dB
  • The design provides maximum isolation
  • Includes carrying case, cleaning brush, silicone ear tip, foam ear tip, and 10a battery
  • Available in black, gray, and camouflage
  • Ideal for hunting, shooting sports, tactical operations, law enforcement, military, and more
  • It can be worn under most earmuffs
  • Designed to work with any firearm
  • Durable construction
  • Waterproof

SureFire EP4 Sonic Defenders

EP4’s were designed from the ground up with the shooter in mind. They use an innovative filter system that reduces the dB level of impulse sounds (gunshots) above 85 dB. The louder the sound, the more it reduces. These are the best shooting ear plugs with no foam plugs or electronic protection.

Key Features & Specs

  • Filter System – The result of the filter system is an earplug that acts very similar to electronic hearing protection but without the need for batteries. Voices are still apparent, but gunshot noises are reduced to a safe level.

  • Clarity – Crispness in sound is noticeably better in these earplugs than in others.

Con – Although this isn’t a con, it’s worth mentioning that gunshots will still sound very loud and crisp with these earplugs in. The good thing is that the sounds won’t leave your ears ringing. That tends to take people by surprise the first time they wear them.

Final Word – With an NRR of 24db, these are only appropriate for shooting outdoors, so don’t plan on wearing these to the indoor range. However, the combination of clarity and protection does make these the best-hunting earplugs on our list. Please read our review of the SureFire EP4 earplugs.

Decibullz Custom Molded Shooting Earplugs

Decibullz uses a very innovative approach of combining an in-ear silicone earplug with an outer ear canal custom-molded putty. The result is a combination of inner/outer ear protection that simultaneously provides an excellent 31db of protection and custom comfort.

Key Features & Specs

  • Great NRR rating – The best have over 30db of protection for shooting earplugs, and Decibullz definitely falls into that category. However, NRR of over 30db is generally seen in disposable earplugs. This is an outstanding rating for a pair of reusable earplugs.

  • Custom Design – The custom molding makes them extremely comfortable for long-term wear.

  • Comfortable Wear – You’ll be able to spend an entire day at the range without taking home a set of sore ears as a souvenir.

Con – One of the only cons is that they may not be suitable for all ear canal sizes, i.e. children.

Final Word – If you’re looking for a shooting ear protection recommendation that doesn’t fall short, this pair of earplugs is a great choice! You can check out the best youth ear protection for shooting here.

Howard Leight Impact Sport Bluetooth Earbuds

Howard Leight Impact Sport Bluetooth 5.0 Electronic Shooting Earbuds, Black (R-02701)

Howard Leight has been designing high-performance shooting ear protection since 1999. The Howard Leight Impact Sport is the latest generation of their popular wireless sports earbuds. These new models feature an improved ergonomic design, enhanced audio quality, and more advanced connectivity options than previous versions.

Howard Leight makes the best shooting ear protection in their over-ear models. Now you can get this same sound protection in Bluetooth noise cancelling earplugs for work.

Product Features:

  • Ergonomically designed neckbands and ear hooks provide superior comfort and stability during extended wear.

  • Enhanced audio quality includes a larger dynamic range speaker and increased sensitivity.

  • Advanced Bluetooth® 5.0 technology offers faster pairing times and greater compatibility with newer smartphones and tablets.

  • The quick connect function allows users to pair quickly with compatible devices without manually searching for them.

  • Six hours of playtime per charge.

  • Includes a convenient carrying pouch.

Peltor Combat Arms Earplugs

The final product on our best shooting earplugs list is the Peltor Combat Arms Earplugs.

The Combat Arms were designed specifically for use with the military. They are among the best gun ear protection items for the indoor range and for working inconsistent noise environments. If you are looking for pistol accessories, this is one you’ll want to have.

Key Features & Specs

  • High Protection – The yellow end offers noise-activated protection up to 22db, which is perfect for the gun range or hunting, where you will have loud bursts of impulse noise, while the olive end provides constant protection for passive noise at an NRR of 22db.

  • Innovative Design – The innovative dual-sided design is great for protecting your ears from loud noises.

Con – This product has limited availability, as the manufacturer has discontinued it. If you can get your hands on a pair before they’re all gone, you’re in luck! 

Final Word – These earplugs are ideal for environments where you would experience many different types of hazardous noises; for this reason, these earplugs made our top 5 list.

Ear Buddy Foam Earplugs

The Ear Buddy Premium Soft Foam Ear Plugs, Noise Cancelling Earplugs for Sleeping, Hearing Protection for Concerts, Work, Shooting & Travel, Noise Reduction Rating 32 Decibels, 50 Pairs

Earplugs are essential to any shooting kit but can be loud and uncomfortable. That’s why Ear Buddy created their premium ear plugs. These ear plugs block background noises while keeping your hearing intact. When using these ear plugs, you won’t have to worry about missing shots or turning down the volume.

These ear plugs are perfect for hunting, shooting, general hearing protection, and more. With their high noise reduction rating of 32 decibels, you will experience peace and quiet during loud activities like shooting guns, riding motorcycles, and working around machinery.

Ear Buddy foam earplugs come in a large container. They provide excellent performance and are easy to insert into your ears. We recommend using them every time you shoot, ride, work around machinery, or engage in any activity where you may be exposed to loud sounds.

Ear Buddy foam earplugs guarantee their products 100%, which means if you aren’t satisfied with the ear plugs, return them within 60 days for a refund. No questions asked.

The Best Range Earmuffs

For Indoor Gun Range - Walker's Razor Slim

Walker's Razor Slim Electronic Muff, Black

For Outdoor Shooting - Sordin Supreme Pro X

Sordin Supreme PRO X SOR75302-X-G-S - Active Adjustable Ear Muffs - Hearing Protection - Gel Seals - Camo Canvas Headband and Green Cups

How do shooting ear muffs work?

Earmuffs are probably considered the best shooting ear protection type. Ear muffs cup the ears to block noise rather than sitting inside the ear canal. They cover the entire ear comfortably. Many of the best earmuffs for shooting also include electronics integration. Electronic ear muffs are good for those who wear hearing aids, as they fit over easily and let your hearing aid function.

They are also more budget-friendly because the ear cups offer significantly more room to include the electronics. This means that they can be integrated at a much more competitive price.

You can take a closer look at electronic earmuffs here.

The price difference between passive and electronic earplugs may be several hundred dollars, but the difference between passive and electronic ear muffs maybe $50 or less. So naturally, this makes the electronic versions of earmuffs much more attractive. As a result, you’ll find that they feature heavily in the earmuffs portion of our shooting hearing protection reviews.

In more detail, let’s look at the top earmuffs models of the best shooting ear protection for ranges.

Top Earmuffs for Shooters

Howard Leight Impact Sport

Impact Sports are the top-selling earmuffs in the Hunting and Shooting Earmuffs category on Amazon. This is a well-deserved spot for an outstanding set of earmuffs and one of the reasons they earned the top spot of all our shooting ear protection reviews.

Key Features & Specs

  • Great NRR Rating – Impact Sports have an NRR of 22db.  This makes them good for outdoor shooting activities and hunting. They can also be used for indoor shooting if they are doubled up with inner ear protection.

  • Microphones – This model features directional microphones. These are recessed and covered with foam to protect them from wind noise, which can plague electronic hearing protection.

  • Battery Life – The Impact Sports have a long battery life

  • Design – Slimline design for comfort. 

Con – When using inside, they don’t muffle the best, but they are great outdoors.

Final Word – These are a great pair of earmuffs to use for a day at the range. Consider buying these if you’re looking for the best protection for the range.

Sordin Sharp Active Ear Defenders

Sordin Sharp Active Ear Defenders - Electronic Ear Defenders with Bluetooth - EN 352 - SNR: 29 dB - Green - One Size

Premium shooting ear protection from Sordin that provide long-lasting comfort with soft ear cups. The padded headband and gel pads of the ear muffs provide active hearing protection at the shooting range to prevent hearing loss.

Sordin Sharp is an electronic ear protector featuring a built-in microphone and Bluetooth connection. This means you can stream music wirelessly through your smartphone or tablet. The over-ear defender has been specially developed to provide high-quality sound reproduction and is equipped with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

Product Features:

  • Sound level reduction of up to 29dB
  • Built-in microphone
  • Wireless streaming via Bluetooth
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Up to 36hrs operation time
  • Noise isolation of up to 99%
  • Anti-microbial treatment
  • Waterproof & CE certified
  • Suitable for shooting sports activities

Peltor Sport Tactical 300 or 500

Peltor Sport Tac 500, Black, One Size

We want to say these are the best shooting ear protection overall. The Sport Tac 500 ear muffs have Bluetooth capability and Clear Voice tracking to hear conversations better. Peltor makes the best shooting ear muff options for both the outdoor and indoor range.

They provide maximum hearing protection and prevent hearing damage. The additional electronic protection is added piece of mind. The low-profile design allows for a good butt cheek weld.

Peltor Sport Tactical hearing protectors are made of lightweight, durable materials and feature an adjustable padded headband design that provides maximum comfort and secure fit. The Peltor Sport Tactical hearing protector has been engineered to provide superior performance and durability while maintaining its compact size.

This model offers a high level of noise attenuation and includes a dynamic suppression time function that allows users to set their own personal preferences for optimal comfort. Check out our Sordin vs Peltor overview to learn more.

Product Features:

  • Durable construction
  • Lightweight, flexible design
  • High-quality earmuffs
  • Noise Reduction Rating (NRR): 26dB
  • Dynamic Suppression Time Function
  • Run on AAA Batteries (Not Included) or Alpha 1100 Lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery (Sold Separately)
  • Ideal for both indoor and outdoor shooting and hunting

Axil Trackr or Trackr BLU

AXIL TRACKR Noise Cancelling Ear Muffs – Mowing, Construction, & Shooting Ear Protection – Comfortable Ear Muffs for Noise Reduction – Sweat & Water Resistant Ear Protection for Shooting

Axil and Sig Sauer Trackr BLU have Bluetooth capability. These are the most advanced shooting hearing protection option in an earmuff. These ear muffs provide the ultimate noise protection to prevent hearing loss. Shooters design them to have all the features you need, like a low-profile design to get the perfect cheek weld.

Tired of wearing foam muffs or earbuds? The AXIL Trackr Bluetooth shooting ear muffs are the perfect solution for shooters who want to enjoy their favorite music while they shoot. With an integrated microphone, these earmuffs allow you to communicate hands-free via text messaging and voice call apps. Using the built-in Bluetooth connection, you can also listen to music through your smartphone or tablet.

One common alternative is ISOtunes vs Axil hearing protection.

Product Features:

  • Hear everything around you without having to wear headphones or earbuds.
  • Enjoy clear hearing in any environment you want.
  • Turn your hearing up or down to your desired level, then notice while you hear everything you want; the Axil Technology will automatically shut out damaging loud sounds to give you the hearing protection you need – all at the same time, without interrupting your clear hearing.
  • Enjoy 5.0 Bluetooth for audio and hands-free communication.
  • Smooth, clear hearing enhancement sound quality.
  • 40 dB gain/amplification.
  • Auto blocker technology shuts off all sounds over 85 dB.
  • 27 dB noise reduction.
  • Sweat and water-resistant.
  • Sound-activated compression – 0.02 second reaction time.

Sordin Supreme Pro X

Sordin Supreme PRO X SOR75302-X-G-S - Active Adjustable Ear Muffs - Hearing Protection - Gel Seals - Camo Canvas Headband and Green Cups

These are premium ear protection with an auto shut-off feature, gel pads, and low-profile ear cups. There is an available helmet version, and a padded headband version also comes with optional LED light.

The directional mics help to block loud sound dynamically while amplifying low sound, so you can hear range commands and ambient noise while blocking wind and loud gunshots. The gel ear cups provide comfortable over-ear protection for long wear.

Sordin Supreme Pro-X active noise reduction ear defenders are made in Sweden. They block out loud noises but amplify low sounds. These ear muffs are perfect for hunting or shooting sports where you want to be able to hear what’s going on around you. Check out more in our MSA Sordin Earmuff reviews.

They are best for the outdoor shooting range or hunting but also work great for indoor ranges.

  • Made in Sweden
  • Approved according to ANSI/ASA S3.19-74
  • European Norms EN 352-1, 4, 8
  • Waterproof microphones
  • Robust electronics
  • Extremely robust
  • Flexible application
  • Perfect for outdoor sport shooters and hunting

ISOtunes Sport DEFY Shooting Earmuffs

ISOtunes Sport DEFY Shooting Earmuffs: Rechargeable Bluetooth Hearing Protection

ISOtunes ear muffs for shooting provide superior noise protection, making them one of the best shooting ear protection options.

ISOtunes Sport DEFY is an innovative new line of hearing protection featuring a unique combination of active noise cancelling technology and advanced acoustic design. This revolutionary product provides superior performance and value over competing products.

ISOtunes SportDEFY offers three levels of protection based on the level of noise suppression needed. Level 1 is ideal for those who want to hear their surroundings but are concerned about hearing loss due to excessive exposure to high-decibel sounds such as gunfire, explosions, and heavy machinery. Level 2 provides additional protection from low-decibel sounds like lawnmowers, chainsaws, and leaf blowers. Level 3 is recommended for those who work around hazardous equipment or live near airports with frequent jet engine noise.

ISOtunes has developed a proprietary Active Noise Cancellation algorithm that uses two microphones to eliminate unwanted ambient noise. The result is a complete elimination of background noise without compromising speech clarity.

ISOtunes’ patented acoustic design incorporates a lightweight, flexible ear cup shell made of highly resilient materials that conform perfectly to the shape of your ears. A single ear cup fits both left and right ears.

ISOtunes was engineered to provide maximum comfort and durability. Its ergonomic design allows it to stay securely in place during strenuous activity.

ISOtunes is backed by a lifetime warranty.

ClearArmor Safety Earmuffs

These are some of the best passive shooting hearing protection for indoor ranges, where there tends to be extremely high noise and less reason to hear ambient noises. Wearing a basic ear muff is your first defense against hearing loss.

Key Features & Specs

  • Comfortable Design – The ClearArmor Safety Earmuffs are very comfortable. They have a full ½” of foam on the headband, by far the most of the earmuffs we are looking at today.

  • Incredible NRR – These muffs have a rating of 34db, the highest of any product we are looking at today. 

Con – They do have large earcups that are a bit bulky and can be a drawback

Final Word – In terms of overall performance and comfort, these are definitely some of the best hearing protection for the range.

Pro Ears Predator Gold Electronic Muffs

Pro Ears - Predator Gold - Hearing Protection and Amplfication - NRR 26 - Contoured Ear Muffs - Black

Pro Ears – Predator Gold is an advanced hearing protection system that provides superior noise reduction performance while maintaining speech clarity. The unique design of the ear cups allows them to be easily adjusted to your individual needs. They are made of durable, flexible, lightweight materials that will provide years of service. Pro Ears is known for some of the best shooting ear protection, both ear plugs and ear muffs, and is a leader in electronic ear protection.


  • Advanced Noise Reduction Technology
  • Durable, Flexible Materials
  • Adjustable Headband
  • Lightweight & Portable
  • Long Lasting Batteries
  • Quick Response Time
  • Superior Sound Quality
  • Waterproof

Peltor Tactical Pro Electronic Shooting Earmuffs

Peltor is widely recognized for producing the best electronic ear protection for shooting.  Peltor built this reputation by building products for US Special Operations Command, and this expertise has carried over into their commercial products.

Key Features & Specs

  • Innovative Compression – Peltor has a reputation for being the best electronic ear muffs for shooting because they use a compression technique rather than a clipping technique. Other brands shut off amplification whenever there is a gunshot, while Peltor compresses the sound to a safe level. This gives a superior experience while shooting and listening for voices or other ambient sounds.

  • High NRR Rating – A NRR of 26db means these earmuffs are a great choice for either indoor or outdoor shooting.

Con – There are no major cons to note.

Final Word – The Tactical Pros are the top-of-the-line offering from Peltor for the commercial market. 

Howard Leight Impact Pro

The Impact Pro offers the highest NRR of all electronic hearing protection on our best ear muffs for shooting. They have an outstanding NRR of 30db, which means you’ll be well protected no matter how loud your shooting environment is. These are specially designed for indoor ranges and handgun and pistol shooters, where echos can happen frequently.

Key Features & Specs

  • Comfort Design – The Impact Pros are designed for comfort and performance. They feature large ear cups and soft foam padding around the ears that will let you wear these earmuffs for hours on end with no discomfort.

  • High Value – For all the protection and features these earmuffs provide, they are probably the best value for the price earmuffs on our list.

Con – This model is bulkier than some, and they don’t fold down like compacts.

Final Word – If you think a pair of heavy-duty electronic earmuffs will make the best protection for the range for you, then you certainly won’t be disappointed with the Impact Pros.

Walker’s Razor Slim Game Ears

The Walker Razor Slim earmuffs are the slimmest electronic earmuff we’re looking at in this review.  These earmuffs won’t feel bulky on your head or interfere with anything else while you are shooting.

Key Features & Specs

  • Good NRR Rating – Their NRR is a respectable 23db, making them very competitive with the top-selling Impact Sport model.

  • Solid Design – Walker really focused on style and aesthetics with the Razor. They have a very aggressive profile that consumers love and come in various colors to match your individual preferences.

  • High Clarity – These earmuffs provide outstanding clarity thanks to their top-notch electronics.

Con – The fit on these isn’t as great as others with models.

Final Word – If you are looking for a combination of form and function, then definitely take a closer look at the Razor. Read more about Howard Leight vs Walker’s Earmuffs.

FAQ on Ear Protection for Shooting

There are many questions about ear pro for shooting; because of the wide range of situations where you need hearing protection from guns, not to mention higher noise ratings from different caliber ammo. Here are some commonly asked questions about shooter hearing protection.

What level of noise reduction rating is needed for shooting?

If you’re doing outdoor shooting, you want no less than 20db of protection, while for indoor shooting, you should consider at least 25db.

30 dB NRR is most desirable.

Are earplugs good enough for shooting?

Using a pair of passive earplugs is a great way to start protecting your ears while shooting, but you really should use more protection to guarantee your ears are safe!

You can purchase filtered earplugs or electronic ear plugs, providing impulse noise control from gunshots.

Do I need to use ear plugs and earmuffs together?

While this is unnecessary, choosing to use both will improve the level of noise you are protected from. For example, using foam plugs and regular earmuffs offer a great level of hearing protection and require much less budget than some electronic hearing protection.

Can I use earplugs and electronic earmuffs at the same time?

You really could do this, but it is not necessary at all. If anything, you should use a pair of passive earplugs with electronic earmuffs on the outer, if you please.

What ear protection do Navy Seals use?

3M PELTOR solutions are specifically designed for modern warfare fighters for use with guns and ballistic helmets.

What is the most effective shooting ear protection?

For the best shooting ear protection, compared to plugs and earbuds, earmuff protection can be a more beneficial choice. To minimize noise, the protected ears feature adjustable headbands and ears cups with foam padding. Currently, earmuffs have various forms, including passive or electronic ones.

Of all the best electronic ear defender muffs we feature in our list. the best ones would be the Peltor Tactical Pro or Howard Leight Impact Pro. You can’t go wrong with either of these two.

shooting earmuffs and plugs


As you’ve seen in our shooting hearing protection review, many great options exist to suit your individual needs and preferences.

Remember to start with your protection needs when deciding which pair of shooting headphones to buy. For example, if you shoot primarily at an indoor range, it won’t do you much good to select hearing protection designed for outdoor shooting.

After you’ve determined what level of ear protection you need for shooting, the next step is to look at the best inner ear and outer ear options that match your needs. From there, you can select other features that may appeal to you.

There are many great earplugs and earmuffs out there, and you may need multiple types for different situations, for instance, hunting hearing devices, electronic earmuffs for hunting and a pair of passive earplugs to use indoors.

No matter what products you decide on, you’ll find that any options on this list will leave you incredibly satisfied with your purchase.

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