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When it comes to heading out on your next hunting trip, you’re going to want to be prepared with the best sound amplification device you can get your hands on. Luckily, by choosing a pair of Walkers game ears, you’ll have your surroundings covered and most importantly your ear protection. 

You’ll find loads of Walkers Game Ears reviews on their full range of ear protection, but it’s often difficult to decipher through the mix to find the best product for your specific needs. We are focusing specifically on the behind-the-ear, noise cancelling hearing enhancement device from Walker’s.

Whether you’re looking for a game ear that is sound cancelling, ones that amplify high frequency, or those that will protect your ears from muzzle blasts, we’ve searched the best of the best throughout the categories to find a Walkers game ear that has all your ear’s needs taken care of. All of the reviews on the products below are not only at the top for how well they rank in protection but are also high on our list for ensuring your safety while in the field or on the job.

Background on Walker's

walker's game ear reviews

A brand, part of the GSM Outdoor Network of Companies, known for leading the way in hearing protection and the development of new innovations throughout the last 25 years. Walkers manufactures products specifically for hunters and those requiring shooting protection. They are trusted in caring for your ear safety by offering the highest standard of quality for a wide range of applications. Whether you’re on the shooting range, out hunting, or need reliable ear protection that won’t damage your ears while you’re on a noisy job site, Walkers is sure to have a product that will keep your ears protected.

In the list below of top Walkers game ear reviews, we’ve taken into account many considerations, the most important of the criteria you’ll want to have checked when purchasing ear protection is as follows:

  • Noise Reduction (NRR): Vitally Important (Any sound over 85db is damaging to the ear, a gunshot is roughly 150db)
  • Decibel Enhancement / Amplification of High Frequencies
  • Protection from Muzzle Blasts
  • Clarity and quality of amplified sounds

The Top Walkers Game Ear Reviews

​With 40 dB of enhancement to allow you to hear high frequency noises while cancelling out background noise, the Elite HD listening enhancement device is a perfect companion as you hunt. It has an 8 band graphic equalizer, and a 20 bit audio processor to ensure clear crisp sounds.


  • ​Comfortable fit
  • No ringing in your ears following a muzzle blast
  • Great toggle volume control
  • ​Nano Tech water repellent coating Cons


  • High price: You may think this product is a bit high in price but when you take into consideration the cost of hearing aids later on in life, this preventative ear piece may offer enough protection to ensure you won't require a hearing aid in the future.

​Final Word:

The muzzle blast suppression on this ear piece is incredibly effective and its environmental adaptive listening mode ensures you’ll be able to hear all that lurks in your surroundings without background interference.

​The Micro Elite has many of the great features of the Elite HD such as sound enhancement, internal graphic equalizer, 20 bit digital single processor and noise reduction. As the name suggests, this assisted listening device is quite small. Coming in three sizes with snap tips means it will fit easily to the shape of your ear.


  • High protection from loud noises
  • ​Snap Tips: Memory foam fit making them incredibly comfortable


  • Poor Instructional Guide: Recommended to look online for additional information on use
  • Price: The most expensive in the Walkers game ear product line

​Final Word:

Although Micro Elite is listed as a game listening device, many reviews comment that it is a great alternative to a hearing aid for those who are looking for a more affordable option. The Walkers game ear micro elite is more suited for individuals who have not experienced severe hearing loss and thus is ideal for individuals who participate in occasional hunting/shooting activities.

**Note: Hearing aids require additional testing therefor we are in no way endorsing this product as a replacement for a hearing aid.

​Looking for a Walkers game ear elite review that can blow the rest out of the water, you may have just found your perfect match. A step up from the other models with its 50 dB hearing enhancement and 29db NRR, the game ear elite HD performs at excellence on either of the 4 program settings (general, crowds, nature, and power boast).


  • Easy to adjust sound tube to correct length
  • ​Adjustable frequency tuning: Base/Treble fine tuning
  • ​Great sound reducing capabilities


  • ​Noise cancelling capabilities could be better: Some background noise may be present

​Final Word:

If you’re looking for a bit more power strength in hearing enhancement while being able to have access to customizable channels as you move between environments, the Ear HD Power Elite will do the job!

​Coming with 4 sound processing channels, similar to those you’ll read about in the Ear HD Power Elite reviews, the Ear Elite HD Pro also has an 8 band graphic equalizer that produces clear sounds and allows for faster sound compression.


  • Price: Comes in at roughly $100 less than the Ear HD Power Elite
  • ​Adjustable frequency tuning: Base/Treble fine tuning


  • Customizability: Not possible to manually switch between the 4 processing channels
  • Poor Tips: Does not come with the best attachments

​Final Word:

If you’re not interested in game ears with super powered capabilities and are looking for an affordable option to some of the others in our list, the Ear Elite Pro HD will leave you more than satisfied.

Labeled as one of the most comfortable of all the Walkers game ear models, comes the GSM Ear Elite HD X, 20% smaller than the standard Walkers game ears. The HD X, comes with 1 environmental adapter listening mode and has a 29dB NRR rating.


  • Superior sound amplification
  • Loaded with features
  • ​Advanced audio quality option


  • ​Does not stand up well in windy conditions. You can counter this by wearing a hood or similar covering over your head.

​Final Word:

Relatively low cost, coming in at just over $100, this is a great sound amplification device for general use rather than under the pressure of noises while hunting or in a shooting range.

Walker's Game Ear FAQ

How does a Game Ear device help my hearing?

The magic lies in the sound activation compression technology of Walkers Behind-the-Ear models. Each delivers a NNR of 29 to 31db which allows you to safely hear all of your surroundings while lowering the volume on harmful noises.

Should I look for a game ear with high noise cancelling capabilities?

Noise cancelling is definitely a feature you want to have with your game ear. The Walkers line of products has you covered on this front.

I'm looking for an alternative to a hearing aid, what would be my best option?

It’s common for people to use sound amplification devices as opposed to hearing aids, usually for the cost savings. You can find the best hearing amplifier for this purpose here.

As for Walker’s only, the best value for those looking for an alternative to costly hearing aids seems to be the Walkers Elite HD Pro; users also love the performance and battery life. The excellent sound quality works well for those with mild to moderate hearing loss. For those who require a bit more in a sound amplification device and are not on a tight budget, the more superior option, hands down, is the Walkers Game Ear Micro Elite.

Can I get replacement parts for my Walker's Game Ears?

Walker Game Ear replacement parts are available by request from the manufacturer. Alternatively if you still have warranty on your hearing amplifiers, you could return them for a new pair. Please check the retailer before purchasing on the warranty, maintenance or return policy.

What is the battery size for Walker hearing aids?

The Walker’s sound amplifier’s, and all of their in-ear products, use the following battery size: 


​You’re already aware of the effects of harmful sounds on your hearing, as well as the need for purchasing proper ear protection to not only protect your hearing while hunting or shooting but to ensure safety as you navigate your surrounds. Being able to effectively hear the subtle movements of animals or your fellow hunters around you can be achieved with the use of a Walkers game ear. Many of the features we’ve shared with you such as noise cancelling and high frequency dB enhancement are only some of the incredible built in features available in the Walkers game ear product line. Whether you end up purchasing the Walkers Game Ear Elite, Micro Elite, Elite HD Power, Elite HD Pro, or the Elite HD X, you can be comfortable knowing that your hearing and safety will be protected.

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