Walker’s Silencer Earbuds Review

Everywhere around us, there is a loud noise. Be it a workplace, airport, malls, or events like a music concert, theatre, shooting range; loud noises affect our hearing slowly but surely. Unfortunately, we ignore the signs, but once the hearing is lost, it can never return.

Those working in construction areas, alongside heavy machinery, are frequently exposed to high sound decibels, which can cause hearing impairment.

Walker’s Razor Silencer earbuds are not just for those at gun ranges or hunting but also for those who feel the need to protect their hearing and feel safe in a noisy environment. 

Top 3 Walker’s Silencer Earbuds

When you purchase the Walkers Silencer earbuds, you will receive both left and right ear earbuds in the bundle. These buds have their own volume control and are integrated with Omnidirectional microphones, which means that these microphones pick up sound 360º of high quality with absolutely no distortion. This feature is handy as there are times we cannot move around the microphone.

They are matt black in color with a carbon fiber accent and have soft silicone foam tips when feeling comfortable when worn on your ears. The fit is perfect and comes in 3 sizes of foam tips- small, medium and large and also comes with a secure fit- sizing fins in 3 sizes. 

The Walkers Silencer earbuds have a locking system each to fit the ear canal perfectly. They are also embedded with the digital sound processing of OS-R3110.

When the sound-activated compression setting in the earbuds gets activated due to loud noise like a gunshot, for example, these earplugs amplify your nearby conversations with friends or smaller vicinity sound levels for your awareness.

Long Battery Life and High-quality Batteries

These electronic earbuds have a long average battery life of up to 80 hours. To ensure a longer battery running, it is advised not to keep opening the battery flap repeatedly. #10 batteries are needed for this device, out of which 4 are included in the bundle. 

Walker also provides a compact case to keep these earbuds safe, thus protecting them from dust, moisture. If taken care of very well, these earplugs can last for a very long time. You can remove the lanyard attached to them. These Zinc-air batteries will activate once exposed to air. Once the seal is removed, you will need to wait for a minute for the batteries to be completely activated.



This is an upgrade to the Walkers Silencer electronic ear buds, because they can be recharged. This means that when the battery runs out you don’t have to worry about buying or changing the small batteries. All you have to do is simply recharge them by connecting them to the charging dock.

These Walker Silencer rechargeable ear buds provide very good hearing protection according to reviews. They also provide digital crystal clear hearing enhancement, while providing 23db NRR.



These Walker’s Silencer Bluetooth earplugs are both rechargeable and can be connected to a mobile device using the Bluetooth technology. So if you’re looking for a high-tech pair of ear plugs that will protect your ears from dangerous noise levels, this is a great option to consider.

You can connect these ear plugs to the free Walker’s app on your mobile. This will allow you to control and adjust all program settings from your smartphone. You can also also adjust the volume settings and check the battery levels.

The battery life is around 14 hours of general use and around 4 hours when the Bluetooth is in use.

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Why Choose Walker’s Silencer Earbuds?

Today the market is flooded with earphones, earmuffs ranging from infants, toddlers to adults. In addition, there are many noise-cancelling Bluetooth shooting earbuds available; Walker’s is a top choice.

According to a survey, 40% of the world population is subject to hearing impairment because they are not taking proper care from the very beginning when they are exposed to loud sounds.  Awareness for the protection of hearing has now increased worldwide. Noise-cancelling headphones, SAC earbuds are bought by people, especially those who frequent noisy outdoors.

Protect Your Hearing in Loud Environments

People with sensitive hearing face a lot of problems due to loud noise. At times small children who have autism, loud noise can set off triggers, which affects them and causes stress in a child. Brands like Walker have given these individuals, children new hope.

Focusing on hearing protection, earmuffs and earplugs have been introduced by the company. These have allowed those with sensitive hearing to go out in public places, go for shooting ranges, hunting, malls, airports without facing any discomfort.

These Walkers Silencer earbuds provide a safe, comfortable healing environment allowing them to participate in activities that they have always avoided.

The environment for the shooting is very noisy. For example, indoor shooting decibels go up from 25db to 30db, much more than outdoor shooting due to enclosed spaces. Hence if an individual is a hunter or shooter, they need to pick up high-quality, sound compressing earbuds for protection as they face a much higher risk of hearing loss.

Some customers who bought Walker’s Silencer earplugs also mentioned that they are using them along with earmuffs. They have said that Walker’s earplugs fit nicely under their earmuffs and that they are getting the best hearing protection all around.

Provides Hearing Enhancement

When it comes to shooting, electronic earplugs are considered the best in cancelling loud sounds. But it magnifies softer sounds, so even when the loud noise is clipped out, you can still hear the nearby sounds around you, like your ongoing conversations with friends.

Earplugs also come in disposable or usable material. If you are looking for earplugs, you should always check the decibels it cancels out. The highest you get in the market is ranging up to 33db. Comfort, along with quality, is also a must. If you will be wearing earbuds for a longer period of time, the ear portion should be comfortable, soft but firmly sitting on your ear.

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Excellent Sound Quality

At a shooting range or hunting, the sound range is above 100db. Our hearing can only bear noise up to 85db. Above that, our hearing can get damaged. As per research, a gunshot sound comes up to around 140db, and concerts have sound levels much higher. The higher the sound levels, your hearing will keep getting damaged. If no proper care is taken, you might lose your hearing for good.

When out hunting, the environment around you is silent until you fire your gun. That’s when the noise gets deafening to the ear. Walker’s Silencer earbud ensures the protection of your hearing and blocks out the loud gunshot sounds. 

It lessens up to 25db of loud noise. You will still be able to hear sounds like your colleagues around you, or any sounds in the forest by animals, etc.

Sound Quality of the Walkers Silencer Earbuds

For electronic hearing protection, in particular, sound quality is a critical concern as well. Poor sound quality can reduce or, in some cases, completely negate the effectiveness of the electronic portion of the hearing protection. 

One problem that tends to plague electronic hearing protection, particularly, is wind noise, which can render some electronic hearing protection virtually worthless on a windy day.

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Peltor Hearing Protection

Sound Activated Compression

Walker’s Razor Silencer Earbuds have a specialized feature of SAC. When there are low sounds in your vicinity, the microphones will magnify the sound at a hearing level electronically to your earbuds.

Thus you will be able to hear sounds without any discomfort. If there are loud sounds like a concert or a shooting range, the inner circuitry or connections will be switched off within seconds. 

You will be able to hear the usual normal sounds around you, but the loud decibel sounds will be tapped to a safe level. As a result, the sound will be audible and enhanced, thus providing you with a comfortable sound environment and protecting your hearing.


For 25 years, Walker’s has come up with innovative noise-cancelling earbuds and earmuffs to protect their users’ hearing. Walkers have specially designed its products for shooting ranges and hunting and has kept in mind the safety of the user and the quality of the product throughout the years of production. Hence they are considered the best on the market today.

Overall, the Walkers Razor Silencer earbuds offer you extreme comfort, high protection, advanced volume control setting with an 80 hours battery life, and unisex product.

Highly recommended innovative accessories whose silencer earbuds provide you with digital sound processing. It will provide you with a 360-degree roundabout sound feel rather than turning around your microphone, which cannot be a possibility in many cases.

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