Vibes High Fidelity Concert Earplugs Review

Nowadays there is a lot of noise in our surroundings which we have no control over. It can be either blaring speakers, a lawnmower, building construction, racing bikes or cars, we cover our ears trying to muffle out the sounds, but it is of no use.

High-decibel sounds like these damage our hearing and causes discomfort. Unfortunately, the most commonly available earplugs in the market are foam plugs that only help reduce loud sound.

Foam earplugs are not discreet, so people know you are wearing them. Also, if you wear foam earplugs, you will not hear what the other person is saying as it muffles all sounds.

If you are still keen on learning more about foam earplugs, check out our review of the Radians Custom Molded Earplugs. These earplugs are useful for those working with heavy machinery.

Vibes Company Info

Jack Mann, an active concert-goer, founded the company but over time damaged his hearing because of a ruptured eardrum. 

He was eager to design reusable earplugs which focus on sound quality, unlike traditional foam earplugs, which block and muffle the sound. Jack Mann landed a spot on the TV Show “Shark Tank” and received additional funding as a result.

The company has a mission in mind, to protect the masses from hearing impairment. Many youths are already climbing the danger scale of losing their hearing for good, thanks to the attendance of huge scale live concerts. 

Vibes is the first and only company that has committed to the cause of hearing protection by contributing its revenue to charities focusing on the same.

Vibes Earplugs

Vibes has introduced high-fidelity earplugs. They have a clear as glass outer cover. These reusable soft earplugs only reduce the bass and treble sounds in the music or any sound you listen to, thus enabling you to carry on your conversation with colleagues at work or a bar.

You can also concentrate on other vehicle sounds while you drive a motorcycle or if you are attending a concert, though the loud music is blaring, you can still listen to the music safely.

It is the style of design and the quality performance the product gives to the mandatory user. For example, while searching for earplugs, a user will check for its quality, performance, comfort level, if it protects from loud sounds, its design, etc.

Product Features:

Protection from harmful loud noise range:

Foam plugs only block out loud sounds, thus making everything sound distorted and muffled. On the other hand, vibes hi-fidelity plugs reduce the sound frequencies and make you hear music without any hiccup.

Vibes lowers down high decibels and protect your ears from loud noise and any hearing discomfort; this makes one of the best earplugs for musicians

This comes in a lot of use where individuals are subject to high decibels an environment like people who work at music concerts, those who attend music shows, motorcycle racing, clubs, airplanes, basically any place subject to loud noise constantly.

Sleek design:

The outer cover of the plugs is transparent. Its classy feature makes it invisible and cool to wear. So even if you are wearing them not only for music concerts but also for daily wear, no one will notice you wearing them.

Its transparency feature is helpful, especially for hearing aid problems and those sensitive to loud sounds. You can also check out our Walker Silencer Earbuds Reviewwhich has a slim design and protect your hearing. 

Reusable plugs:

Vibes are made of a soft material that is durable and washable, thus ensuring longevity. These should be washed with warm water, rubbing alcohol dried well and then fixed back on the plug holder. 

They not only protect your ears from high decibel sounds but also ear infections. They are available in different sizes and are so comfortable to wear you might not realize you have had them in your ears all along.

They come with three sizes of sound blocking tips: small, medium and large. This means that men, women, and kids can wear them comfortably for a long time. Earpeace HD earplugs are a similar reusable set.

Protects ears:

Concerts, for example, have a sound decibel of around 98 dB – 110 dB. Sound decibels over 85 dB causes hearing damage. In a recent survey, your hearing can withstand only up to 8 hours in an 85-decibel noise range. In a 103 decibel range, you can withstand the noise for only 7.5 .minutes.

Vibes is specially designed in such a way that it reduces the high noise range up to 22 decibels. As a result, it offers superior quality protection. It also allows you to carry on your conversation or listen to loud music without your hearing being impaired.

Individuals with sensitive hearing, autism disorders can listen to music with ease and comfort. They can still participate in activities they were otherwise hesitant to do, like going to clubs, attending motorcycle races, movies, parties, concerts, etc. These plugs offer them a safe healing environment.

Daily wear:

you can even wear these plugs for daily wear. Its sleek design and clear outer shell make it invisible, so nobody would even know you are wearing them. 

You can carry on your usual work while conversing with individuals around as Vibes does not completely block out the sounds as foam plugs do.

Whether you work in a classroom, as a truck driver, amongst light machinery, in a club, as a security head, in a concert as a photographer, or the performing band, videographer, etc., these plugs will make you communicate properly. In contrast, you work, thus not causing any hindrance.

Even if you are going for a fitness class, these plugs will come to great use because of the loud music beats in one room; they can cause discomfort.

Motorbike riders:

Individuals who daily commute on bikes are greatly affected by the loud engine sound, rushing wind in their ears. Foam earplugs in this area block out all the noise, but this can also be a safety hazard. That’s why it’s important to find good motorcycle earplugs

Vibes lowers the noise frequencies, thus still allowing the rider to hear passerby vehicles. Thus, it protects the rider from hearing issues and makes them comfortable hearing their favorite music to pass their time while riding.



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Won’t repeat usage cause wear and tear just like foam earplugs?

Foam earplugs are not made of durable or washable material, unlike  Vibes. Vibes are made of soft material. Therefore, they can be washed with warm water and reused, thus increasing their longevity.

Why can’t we use foam earplugs?

Foam earplugs block out the sounds cause distortion. It does not protect your ears from loud blaring music or noise. Foam earplugs will muffle sounds. Learn more about with our high-fidelity earplug reviews.

If any person is trying to communicate, you will not hear a thing, unlike using vibes hi-fidelity plugs. Foam plugs, in this case, can also be a safety hazard for bikers.

Can Vibe hi-fidelity plugs be used for concerts? 

According to a survey conducted by World Health Organization (WHO), around 1.1 billion teenagers and adults worldwide are at risk of losing their hearing and causing permanent ear damage due to constant exposure to recreational noise. 

If the noise environment is above 85 dB, research states that it is safe for only 8 hours to be exposed to a noise range. However, if the decibel rises to 100 dB, an individual can be exposed to only as much as 15 mins. 

Longer than that, the hearing doesn’t take time to get permanently damaged. Hearing loss occurs when you are exposed to decibels above 85db for an extended period of time.

Foam plugs do not protect you from loud noise. They only shut out the sound. Whereas Vibe fidelity not only gives you amazing sound quality but also protects you from damage. Vibes reduce up to 22db across frequencies in your noise environment.

Will they look bulky and out of shape in my ears?

Unlike foam earplugs, Vibes are nearly invisible. The outer shell is transparent and makes the user comfortable wearing them to work or even daily usage. They are available in different sizes and are very soft.

For those with sensitive hearing or autism spectrum disorders, these plugs are handy. They allow the individual to be more approachable and social and interact freely like any normal being then rather than having neon-colored special plugs dangling from the ears. In addition, you can wear them for a long time throughout the day without facing any issues.

How should Vibes earplugs be taken care of?

They should be washed in warm water and rubbing alcohol. Dry them well and then replace them on the plastic nodule. Vibes hi-fidelity comes with a hard case to keep the earplugs safe.


If you attend music concerts frequently, work with machinery, go to sports events, and other noisy events, then it’s important to protect your hearing. The Vibes High Fidelity Earplugs have received high ratings from users and are a preferred brand for hearing protection.

They block out harmful decibel levels while still allowing the user to hear conversations and communicate clearly. They have a sleek design, come with multiple size ear tips, and are reusable. They are the perfect companion if you want to keep your ears and hearing protected.

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