EarPeace Ear Plugs Review

Concerts and public entertainment events can get loud. When noise reaches decibels that makes your ears uncomfortable, it’s time to think about taking some preventative measures.

Ear plugs are the go-to product when you need something to block out excessive music or loud sounds. EarPeace provides a line of ear plugs that filter in a crisp, clear sound without the overbearing volume.

With a handy carrying case, you’ll be able to bring EarPeace ear plugs with you on any adventure where loud noises may occur. With a number of bands, concert venues, and sponsors using EarPeace already, you can rest assured that you’re getting the best in ear plugs with this brand.

What Makes a Good Ear Plug?

When you begin shopping for ear plugs, you want them for one simple purpose: toned down volume that isn’t distorted.

A great ear plug will keep excessive noise from vibrating through your eardrums, eliminating feelings of discomfort or even keeping headaches at bay.

If you’re going to a concert or music festival, you’re going to want ear plugs that allow you to clearly hear the artists and bands without distortion or muffling. Otherwise you risk damaging your hearing and will most likely experience ringing in ears the next day. 

earpeace ear plugs for music concert

You’ll also want an ear plug that easily fits into your ear and stays in place. Some ear plugs even go the extra mile by offering different skin tone shades, making them virtually unnoticeable by others. 

There are two well known companies who manufacture musician’s earplugs. One is EarPeace and the other is Etymotic. Check out our article which compares Etymotic vs. EarPeace, so you can decide which ear plugs are right for you.

EarPeace Company Info

The EarPeace brand was started over 10 years ago. It began with a small group of inventors and designers looking for a way to better enjoy loud music concerts or nights spent at clubs with high-decibel beats. 

They have worked diligently to create a product that goes through four manufacturing steps to create the best ear plug for enjoying live musical experiences. 

EarPeace is preferred by brands like Metallica, RedBull and Lollapallooza as they offer professional grade performance.

The company has designed and sells 3 earplugs for Music, Motorcycle, and Safety. In this article, we’ll review each one, so you can decide if it’s suitable for you or not.

Top 3 EarPeace Ear Plugs

The EarPeace High Fidelity Concert Ear Plugs are specifically designed to deliver clear, crisp sound at a safe volume. You can still enjoy the music, but your ears will be protected and you will never experience ringing ears after a concert. 

They come with 3 filter sets (Medium, High, and Max), with 17 to 26dB noise reduction. Which means that you can choose the prefect ear plug for an event or activity, and makes them one of the best ear plugs for concerts on the market.

These ear plugs are perfect for bands, orchestras, or concert-goers. They are the best choice for those who are around loud sounds daily and need to protect their ears and avoid hearing loss.

The EarPeace HD Ear Plugs are made from medical-grade silicone. They have a clear design makes them discreet and nearly invisible. An aluminum case keeps your ear plugs clean and easily accessible.

One EarPeace HD review boasts about how well these ear plugs have worked in reducing noise-related migraines. Teachers with noise sensitivity also rave about how clearly the EarPeace HD Ear Plugs transmit voices but filter out the loud noises and sounds.

If you enjoy writing your motorcycle or bike, or like going to a motorsports event, then you should consider getting the right hearing protection.

The EarPeace Motorcycle Ear Plugs reduce wind and engine noise. At the same time, you can still hear approaching traffic clearly and not lose situational awareness.

They are made from premium silicone, which is hypoallergenic. You can wear them all day long, since they are comfortable and you can fit your motorcycle helmet without any problem.

When you purchase this product, you’ll get three earplugs, three filter sets, and premium aluminum case. Each filter set (Max, High, or Medium) provides you with a customized protection between 17-26dB to suit your needs.

Brands like RedBull and Ford Racing use EarPeace as their motorcycle ear protection, so you’ll be sure they provide the highest quality.

The EarPease Safety ear plugs will protect your ears from loud industrial noise. They are perfect if you work at a construction site, industrial areas or just doing some DIY projects at home. Since they will cancel the dangerous loud noise, while allowing you to hear a conversation.

These pieces are crafted from premium grade silicone, and come with three earplugs, three filters and an aluminum case. The three filters allow you to change them and customize the protection you need (between 17-26 dB) depending on your needs.

The safety hearing protection products by EarPeace are a tried and trusted brand by many industry leading companies, such as Ford and Caterpillar.

EarPeace Ear Plugs Review

All Ear Plugs by EarPeace are made from premium silicone, granting you the pliability you need for an ear plug that fits well and doesn’t fall out unexpectedly.

In addition to this, they have a universal fit and are available in a range of different skin tone shades, making them nearly invisible when in use.

They allow crisp sound to filter through without the excess noise and are perfect for use at music festivals around the country.

The noise reduction rating (NRR) for these ear plugs is 17, 20 or 26 decibels, depending on the filter you choose. 

This set comes with three ear plugs, in case you lose one of them you’ll still have two ready to use. 

You’re also getting a handy aluminum carrying case that can easily fit into a pocket, purse, or attach to a keyring.

EarPeace Ear Plug reviews rave about how discreet they are when worn and how they provide a crisp sound without the ear-splitting noise. Other reviews stated how well they worked for loud movie theaters and while riding motorcycles.


If you are looking for an ear plug that will provide a clear auditory experience without the excess noise, EarPeace Concert Ear Plugs seems to be a great choice. They are especially great for use at concerts, festivals, or music venues where loud music is expected.

Although designed for use in settings with loud music, they are also a great choice for those who enjoy traveling the roads on motorcycle, by plane, or just about anyone who needs good hearing protection.

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