Etymotic vs Earpeace HD Musician Earplugs

etymotic vs earpeace

Music is there for every occasion. It celebrates joyous events, brings us through mourning, calms us during crises, soothes us to sleep and provides entertainment. Music is also known to calm the effects of Alzheimer’s in patients. It makes some folks want to move into nursing homes. Some doctors dance for their kids in pediatric … Read more

Walker’s Razor VS Howard Leight Impact Sport Earmuffs 2022

The introduction of electronic hearing protection has been a game-changer for anyone who works or has hobbies that put them into loud environments. Whether it is working on a construction site, mowing the lawn, or shooting a gun, users need to block out the sounds that are harmful to their hearing while still being able … Read more

Westone vs Etymotic Earplugs Compared

westone vs etymotic ear plugs

Talking about ear plus, undoubtedly, it is one of the most effective ways of avoiding hearing loss. Whether you’re attending a music concert, riding your motorbike or working with loud machinery at home, your ears are exposed to loud noises that negatively affect your hearing abilities. You can easily and completely suppress unwanted sounds by using … Read more

Howard Leight vs Peltor Earmuffs – Hearing Protection 2022

Anyone who works in an environment with constant and incessant noises knows how irritating and aggravating it is and how difficult it can be to get things done. Whether you work in construction, outside on the runway of an airport, or want to cut out all the unnecessary noise of your day-to-day, you can definitely … Read more

Pro Ears Vs MSA Sordin Earmuffs 2022

If you regularly need to use ear protection for an activity such as hunting, you definitely appreciate the many things earmuffs can do. From the ability to protect your ears to the amplification of ambient sounds, earmuffs are highly recommended if you regularly go hunting or visit the range. A lot of these ear protection … Read more