Pro Ears Predator Gold Review 2022

pro ears predator gold

An entrepreneur named Dan Nigro created the company Pro Ears back in 1992; his vision was to design and manufacture hearing protection which would become the best pro ear hearing protection money could buy. The idea was to tailor the products to hunters, law enforcement and anyone requiring hearing protection while on the job. Dan … Read more

Pro Ears vs Walker’s Hearing Protection

As a shooter or hunter, protecting your hearing is crucial. Exposure to loud noises over time can lead to irreversible hearing damage. This is why it’s critical to invest in high-quality hearing protection. Two popular options on the market are Pro Ears and Walker’s. Both brands offer a range of hearing protection products, but which … Read more

Pro Ears vs Peltor Ear Muffs Compared in 2023

Going shooting? Or maybe you need to hear clear instructions from the boss under all the loud pandemonium? This article will compare the latest electronic ear protection headsets on the market from Peltor and Pro Ears. Peltor and Pro Ears provide some of the best electronic ear protection headsets in the world.  These two companies … Read more

Pro Ears Vs MSA Sordin Earmuffs 2022

If you regularly need to use ear protection for an activity such as hunting, you definitely appreciate the many things earmuffs can do. From the ability to protect your ears to the amplification of ambient sounds, earmuffs are highly recommended if you regularly go hunting or visit the range. A lot of these ear protection … Read more