Pro ears vs Peltor Shooting Ear Muffs and Hearing Protection 2019

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Going shooting? Or maybe you just need to hear clear instructions from the boss under all the loud pandemonium? This article will compare the latest electronic ear protection headsets on the market in 2018 from Peltor and Pro Ears. Peltor and Pro Ears provide some of the best electronic ear protection headsets in the world. These two companies make electronic headsets that block extremely dangerous loud noises, but also make it possible to communicate with others and listen to your favourite tunes in dangerously loud environments.

Pro Ears has a wide range of electronic ear protection headsets and they are all made in the United States of America. They are split into four categories Gold Series, Pro Series, Ultra Series and ReVO series. Pro Ear’s Gold Series headsets are the most expensive but are of the greatest quality and have a high noise reduction rating. The prices of these headsets range from $200 to $260USD. The Pro Series headsets have a price range between $100 and $200 and have a good noise reduction rating. These headsets cost less but still deliver quality ear protection. The Ultra Series headsets cost only $35USD they don’t have all the electronic features of the Gold or Pro series headsets but they are light, comfortable and deliver quality hearing protection.  The ReVO series headsets are made for children. They are small and comfortable.  They most expensive headset from this range in $60USD. This article will detail one headset from each category.

Peltor sort their electronic headsets into many different categories. They enable consumers to choose from headsets with a variety of different electronic features and noise reduction range. Many of their headsets have the ability to connect to your smartphone or other devices so you can listen to your favourite music or answer phone calls while in dangerously loud environments. Most of their headsets range from $100USD to $200USD and are all good quality. This article will outline five different headsets from Peltor.

In recent times, Pro Ears and Peltor have marketed both their headsets differently. The Pro Ears headsets are advertised to be more for the shooting range and industry. Peltor’s headsets are advertised to be for the factory, manufacturing industry, the airport, air industry and the construction site.

Pro Ears Gold II 30It allows the incredible ability of independent volume controlVIEW PRICES
Pro Ears 300The Pro 300 has a highly versatile cupVIEW PRICES
Ultra Pro Passive SeriesPro Form Leather ear seals, and padded, adjustable headbands are extremely comfortable for long term use. VIEW PRICES
ReVO Electronic Hearing ProtectionDual circuitboards for individual ear adjustments with no wires to tangle or break.VIEW PRICES
Peltor’s TacticalPro headsetAmplifies low-level sounds while suppressing dangerous impulse noisesVIEW PRICES
Peltor Worktunes Radio Headset5 Station Presets, Seek and ScanVIEW PRICES
Alert FM-Radio HeadsetAll-purpose noise-reduction headset with AM/FM radio receiverVIEW PRICES
3M™ PELTOR™ WS™ XP Ground Mechanic HeadsetCockpit notification and connection controlVIEW PRICES
3M™ PELTOR™ LiteCom HeadsetDual purpose headset provides hearing protection and makes it easy for workers to communicateVIEW PRICES

The Pro Ears Gold II 30 is the latest product in the Gold Series range. Pro Ears has integrated new technology in their headset known as DLSC (Dynamic Level Sound Compression). This technology basically compresses all noises over the 70 decibels while increasing the sounds below 70 decibels. Therefore, the wearer can hear instructions or conversations clearly while being protected from high level noise. Other features of this headset include:

  • ​Automatic shut off
  • ​Military grade circuit boards
  • ​Low battery indicator
  • ​Separate volume controls to fine-tune the audio for each ear
  • Gel-filled ear cushions enables comfort in extreme hot and cold climates
  • ​1.5 millisecond response time
  • ​Weight: 0.4 kilograms
  • ​Requires 4 AAA batteries.
  • ​Price: $199 USD

The best headset from the Pro Series range is the The Pro Ears 300 headset. This headset is a fantastic choice for hunters, shooters and skeet enthusiasts. They are good for use in both an indoor and outdoor setting with a noise reduction of 26 decibels. The built in DLSC technology compresses noise from gun fire and amplifies commands and communication.

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  • ​Proform leather ear seals for great comfort. They don’t crack or sweat
  • ​Versatile cup design
  • ​Individual ear settings
  • ​Weighs just 0.2 kg
  • ​Dual Circuit boards
  • ​Independent volume control
  • ​Price: $160 USD

​The headsets from the from Pro Ear’s Ultra Series do not contain any of the electronic features as the other headsets of the other series do. However, the Ultra Pro Passive headset still delivers quality protection. The advantage of this headset is that it is light and comfier compared to the other headsets from both other Pro Ears headsets and Peltor. This headset also comes in four different colours, black, green, orange and pink.

  • ​Super light
  • ​Super comfortable Proform leather ear cushions
  • ​Padded and adjustable headband
  • ​Indoor and outdoor use
  • ​The Noise Reduction Rating of 30
  • Price: $35USD

​This Pro Ears headset is made for children, especially those from 16 and under. They have a noise reduction rating of 25 are designed to fit small heads. Many of the same features are integrate in this product that you find in most Pro Ears electronic headsets. These headsets are suitable for moderate noise environments like the shooting range and the race track. Comes in 7 designs – neon green, pink rain, purple rain, zombie, skulls, Typhon and Highlander.

  • Contain dual circuit boards
  • ​Volume control for each ear
  • ​Adjustable headband
  • ​Huge Proform leather ear cushion make headset very comfortable
  • ​DLSC technology
  • ​Price: $60

Peltor’s TacticalPro is a two-way foldable headset. The technology integrated in this headset detects unique frequencies to suppress dangerous loud noises while amplifying low-level sounds. This headset also contains omni-directional cup microphones, this creates a virtual surround sound of conversation between workers in loud environments. In noisy environments, the headset makes the sound of voices and conversation clear and ambient. Other features of this headset include:

  • ​Ability to be used with portable radios
  • ​Gel-filled ear cushions
  • ​Deep ear cup design
  • ​Three-button touchpad
  • 1000 hours of battery life
  • ​Requires AA batteries
  • ​Price ​: $194 USD

​The Peltor Worktunes radio headsets allows you listen to your favorite radio stations or music from your iPod while in noisy and loud environments. It has a Noise Reduction Rating of 26 decibels. The headset has a built-in radio antenna and can remember up to 5 radio stations so you can listen to the radio straightaway after putting it on. It also has a 3.5mm stereo input so you can listen to music or podcasts through your headset from external devices such as iPhones and mp3 players. Other features include:

  • ​Automatic power off
  • ​Low battery warning
  • ​40 hours of battery life
  • Weighs just 0.35kg
  • ​Price: $150 USD

The Alert headsets comes with built-in FM radion. It also has a level dependent function which improves the safety of the wearer and increases motivation in noisy environments. You don’t need to take the headset of or change settings to switch between listening to the radio, an external device such as your smart phone or to communicate with your colleagues. It has an automatic built in system.

  • ​Great FM-radio reception
  • ​3.5mm external audio input
  • ​70 hours of battery life
  • ​Flex System – if you change radio manufacturer you only need to change the cable not the expensive headset

This Peltor headset is designed for use in aircrafts. It contains Bluetooth technology to ensure great communication, strong connection to cockpit. The muffs are comfy and it provides great noise reduction in a loud environment. The headset features a push to talk button and can be connected wirelessly to the aircraft. It can be ten meters apart from cockpit controls without losing connection.

  • ​Cockpit notification control
  • ​Boom microphone
  • High viz colour

The LiteCom series from Peltor are their companies “base model” electronic ear protection. This headsets in this series are integrated with many electronic features and have a high noise reduction rating. This headset can communicate wirelessly over multiple channels and on the same frequency. It can filter out the loud distracting from entering the microphone as background noise during conversation.

  • ​Clear battery status indication
  • ​Simple settings, enables wearer to keep the headset on for a whole shift
  • ​Rugged design
  • ​Built-in communication radio, enables hands free communication with other LiteCom headsets
  • ​38 sub channels, enables users to communicate individually using the same channel
  • ​An aux input so you can connect your smartphone or external radio
  • ​Level dependent funcition enables ambient listening
  • ​PMR 446 MHz frequency range – communication radio
  • ​Two-way communication

​​​To conclude, each headset outlined in this article are good quality headsets and the manufactures of Peltor and Pro Ears are some of the best at making electronic ear protection products in the world. The products are also available on Amazon. On the headsets may be a different price compared to the prices outlined in this article.

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