Best Timex Vibrating Alarm Watch – Reviews

Vibrating watches can be a convenient tool when your primary goal is to find a way to wake up without disturbing your partner with an acoustic alarm. There are several ways a vibrating alarm clock can help you in your daily life, and many additional features are helpful in ways you may not have considered. … Read more

Hearing Aid Desiccant

You will want to remove your battery when your device is wet. Storage to prevent the battery from drying out also extends the life of the battery. Hearing aid dryers Using a desiccant is an excellent option if you need to dry your hearing aids but don’t have an outlet. Desiccant pellets in the dryer … Read more

Ear Covers for Bathing & Showering

These plugs are remarkably soft and sticky, making them easy to attach to the ear and form a barrier between the inner ear and the water. The unique shape helps swimmers create a waterproof and airtight seal around the ear that minimizes leakage for swimmers who are satisfied with their work. At the same time, … Read more

Best Safety Glasses to Use With Ear Protection

The overall best 1 / 3 m safety goggles feature such inventive features as foam seals in frames that block dust, anti-fogging lenses, UVA and UVB protection and all-around designs for peripheral protection. In addition, Wiley Saber Advanced Glass ballistic impact protection lenses are available in various colors and feature an easy-to-snap and fold-out design. … Read more

Bluetooth Ear Hooks & Loop Earbuds

Choosing between 3 sizes means you can be sure to find a fit that suits your ears. For example, with in-ear headphones, you can replace the tip of the ear with foam of different sizes, which fits better into the ear canal. Earwires provide superior comfort, so you can wear earbuds for more extended periods … Read more

Iluv Bed Shaker Alarm Review

John Harvard has done our best to provide you with our thoughts and recommendations, but it is critical that you thoroughly study the iLuv bed shader before you consider purchasing it. We are convinced that the only natural way to meet your needs if you have any further questions about the Bed Shaker is to … Read more

Loud Kitchen Timer for Hearing Impaired

It is best not to use this function if you forget the vibration of the timer. The countdown timer has an alarm volume setting switch that allows use in loud areas (early setting) and quiet environments (low/quiet setting) for hearing impaired work, kitchen timer for cooking, Pomodoro timer, Magnetic digital timer for sports, etc. Perfect … Read more

The Thunderclap Alarm Clock Review

The Thunderclap is a loud alarm clock with adjustable tone and volume controls and a 12-volt alarm shaker that goes the extra mile to make sure that you wake up. Alarm clocks pack a serious punch with a loud ringtone that can wake up even the deepest sleepers. The Thunderclap Alarm is a 113-decibel ringtone … Read more

Best Smartphone Hearing Aids – Reviews

Best Smartphone Hearing Aids

Today, most electronic devices come with Bluetooth technology. This technology allows users to connect their devices to other Bluetooth-compatible devices, such as wireless headphones, to their smartphones. Thankfully, this technology has made its way to hearing aids as well. Now, the best hearing aids connect with smartphones, becoming the norm on the market. However, smartphone … Read more