Hearing Impaired Devices

Hearing Impaired Device

For those struggling with hearing loss or impairments, understanding others and communicating with them takes extra effort. Having an impairment can cause further issues beyond the act of listening. For example, hearing impairments may make individuals feel more socially isolated, unsafe, or less inclined to try new things or be in busy, public areas. That’s … Read more

Best Decibel Meters (SPL & Sound Meter)

Best Decibel Meter (SPL & Sound Meter)

One of the most important things to understand about noise is decibels. Decibels are units used to measure how loud a particular sound is. Sometimes, you may be exposed to environments and to sounds where there is a lot of loud noise and where the sound comes at very high decibels. As you may know, … Read more

Phonak D-Dry Hearing Aid Dryer Review

Regular use of Phonak/Unitron D-Dry will help prevent loss of sound quality and unreliability due to moisture entering your hearing aids. You can use Phonak D Dry cases to store hearing aids or molds when not wearing them. Regular use of Phonak D-Dry+ helps prevent moisture-related sound quality deterioration and hearing aid unsafe. The Phonak/Unitron … Read more

Best White Noise Sound Machine

Best White Noise Sound Machine

Many people struggle with getting a decent night of sleep. While many people struggle to get quality rest due to chronic pain or sleep apnea, millions of people worldwide struggle with falling asleep period. Often, the difficulty of getting to sleep lies in distractions, whether internal or external. Soothing sounds, like white noise, can aid … Read more

Dr. Mom Otoscope Reviews

Have you ever wished you could look closer at your child’s ear when they complain of pain or discomfort? As a parent, feeling helpless in these situations can be frustrating. That’s where the dr mom otoscope comes in. This handy tool allows you to examine your child’s ears at home without making an appointment with … Read more