The Best Dog Ear Muffs for Fireworks & Thunder

Our dogs mean the world to us! We want to take them everywhere, but sometimes we get into noisy adventures.

This is where dog hearing protection comes in. You protect your hearing in loud environments, so protect your dog’s hearing as well!

Since you are looking for ways to protect your pet’s hearing from loud noises in situations such as:

  • Taking them shooting
  • If they are sensitive to thunderstorms or other loud noises
  • Viewing a fireworks display
  • In the military or working dogs exposed to loud equipment
  • Anywhere you think your dog’s sensitive hearing may be in jeopardy

We have compiled a list of the best solutions to provide a calming effect, prevent canine ear damage and keep them safe.

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The Best Ear Muffs for Dogs

Here’s a good way to test your dog’s sensitivity to sound. The next time you turn up your TV or stereo volume, observe how your furry friend behaves. They may leave the room, bark at the TV, or display some strange behavior that they are uncomfortable with.

If your dog’s hearing is constantly exposed to noise above 85 dB, it will affect its hearing capability and could lead to noise-induced hearing loss. Like humans, dogs, too, tend to lose ear function as they age. If you ensure they are not exposed to loud sounds or take precautions, you can protect their hearing.

Besides going deaf due to heredity, constant noise exposure is the biggest reason for deafness in dogs. Unfortunately, we may not have given much attention to our dogs to reduce noise, but now is the time to change that.

Whether you are looking for dog headphones for thunder, military dog hearing protection, or dog ear covers for your pooch to reduce noises in loud situations, you’ll find what you’re looking for here.

Please Note: Unless certified, dog earplugs are unsafe for your pooch; they can enter the inner ear and create issues. Would you please use external ear protectors over dog earplugs?

Mutt Muffs DDR337 are the most popular dog ear muffs that protect your dog’s hearing against loud noises. The Mutt Muffs hearing protection provide passive sound reduction to reduce noises without affecting your dog’s hearing capability. In addition, these muffs have comfortable wide foam-filled ear seals for your dog’s sensitive ears, which will keep them calm & safe around loud and scary noises.

  • Comfortable design: Comfortable and light in weight, your pooch can’t complain. The carefully crafted design is specifically engineered to fit accurately on your dog’s head. The foam used in these earmuffs is ester resin foam, similar in design to human headphones, and provides ear seals for maximum comfort.

  • Blocks loud sounds: The materials used will reduce sounds with an estimated decibel reduction of 21 to 24 dB. A good seal around the dog’s ears is important to block unwanted noise. These muffs protect against high-frequency sounds like shrieks and wind whistles that a human does not even register. The higher the sound frequency, the more easily the sound is absorbed by Mutt Muffs.

  • Mutt Muffs protect your dog from loud noises such as construction, engines, gunshots, fireworks, high-frequency wind whistles & thunderstorms, yard machinery, vacuum cleaners, yelling or crying children & more.

  • Adjustable straps: This over-the-head hearing protection for dogs is available in different sizes, from X-small to X-large. The adjustable straps allow you to adjust for optimum fit.

Dog's Head & Weight Sizing for Mutt Muffs

Muff SizeTypical Dog WeightHead Circumference 
(Around where Muffs would lie)
X-Small5 to 10 lbs7 to 9″
Small9 to 25 lbs9 to 13″
Medium20 to 50 lbs13 to 18″
Large50 to 95 lbs18 to 23″
X-Large95 lbs and up23″ and up

The Mutt Muffs are designed to block and prevent hearing damage from loud noises; they are a pair of highly effective earmuffs for dogs. While wearing the earmuffs, the dog’s ear flaps are down, covering the ear canal to protect the ear. These handy muffs are an additional layer of security for your pup.  

Crafted to protect your pup from high frequencies humans cannot hear, like the wind whistles.  Mutt Muffs don’t cure thunderstorm phobia. Although, they do a great job of protecting and lowering the impact of loud sounds. Best of all, Mutt Muffs hearing protection is inspired by pilots. It’s no wonder why these muffs are one of the most reliable and trusted hearing protection for dogs on the market.

Assuming proper fit on your pup’s head, hearing protection will provide a gentle compression which many dogs find comforting.


  • Passive sound reduction.
  • Provide a calming effect for dogs
  • Lightweight.
  • Comfortable over-the-head design.
  • Straps are easily adjustable.
  • Available in different sizes – extra small, small, medium, large, and extra large.
  • Specially crafted with wide foam that fills the ear seals for maximum comfort.
  • Designed to fit perfectly on the curved head of any dog.
  • Available in 4 lovely colors – black, blue, pink, and red.


4 Paws Aviation uses FAA-approved foam to reduce loud noises. The inner foam used in these muffs is the same as in human aviation headsets. 4 Paws Aviation is a US-based company that has been manufacturing hearing protection for dogs for over 7 years. 

With a product that’s been made to reduce noise in an aircraft, it’s no wonder why it’s so great! The foam used in these muffs is highly effective in reducing the noise level for your pet. The 4 Paws Aviation ear muffs for dogs reduce noises during thunderstorms.

You can use them anywhere and wherever you’re traveling with your dog, where they would have a noise aversion. If the neighborhood is noisy or you have to take your dog for medical procedures, 4 Paws Aviation reduces the effect of loud sounds on your furry friend. These are a great option if you’re looking for general hearing protection for dogs!

Dogs can sense a storm even before thunder, leading them to react anxiously and uncomfortably. Unfortunately, most options on the market do not protect them from thunderstorm phobia. One of the best ways to calm them down during a thunderstorm is to be beside them; however, this isn’t always possible. The best hearing protection for dogs, luckily, is available. Look here to determine the best prevention for your dog’s hearing against loud sounds.

It’s time to give our furry friends the attention and proper dog ear protection they deserve. These are the best hearing protection for dogs available to protect their ears.


Different sizes :

Available in 3 sizes-small, medium, and large

*Head circumference (H.C)

  • The small size is for dogs weighing 5 to 25 lbs with H.C of 7” to 13 inches.
  • The medium-sized dog earmuffs for noise are for dogs weighing 20 to 60 lbs with a H.C of 13” to 19 inches.
  • The large size is for dogs weighing 50 to 90 lbs with a H.C of 19 inches and above.
Comfortable to use :

These straps are adjustable and have a buckle. The earpieces are gel molded and contour comfortably around the head of the dog. The foam-filled ear seals provide the optimum fit over the dogs ears.

Attachment :

External points of attachment make this piece super comfortable for your dog.


  • Designed for use in aviation, medical, and personal.
  • Comfortable and adjustable straps with buckle.
  • Available in different sizes.
  • External attachments for comfort.
  • Gel molded that can contour according to your dog’s head.
  • Available in gorgeous colors – black, white, desert tan, and pink.


K-9 ear muffs by 4 Paws Aviation are a US-based company. They have been manufacturing hearing protection for dogs and ear muffs for domesticated animals over the last 7 years. The wide foam-filled ear material and technology for crafting K-9 ear muffs are similar to the 4 Paws Aviation ear muffs. Hence, they have the same features.

These muffs are specially designed for aircraft and great for dogs ears or large cats. The K-9 ear muffs also protect against thunderstorms and gunshots. In addition, these are great dog noise-canceling headphones for reducing sounds while undergoing a medical procedure. The K-9 ear muffs provide the best ear protection for your pets. You might also be interested in Dog Ear Warmers for the Cold.

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Different Sizes :

Available in 3 sizes – sm, med, and large.

*Head circumference (H.C)

  • The small size is for dogs weighing 5 to 25 lbs with an H.C. of 7” to 13 inches.
  • The medium size is dogs weighing 20 to 60 lbs with an H.C of 13” to 19 inches
  • The large size is for dogs weighing 50 to 90 lbs with a H.C. of 19 inches and above.

These noise-canceling headphones for dogs are made of gel-molded material that contours to your dog’s head. The straps are adjustable with a buckle and comfortably fit any dog.

External attachments:

The external points of attachment are for extra comfort.


  • Available in 3 sizes – sm, med, and large.
  • Superior quality and comfort.
  • FAA-approved foam is used to reduce loud sounds. It is the same material that is used in aviation headsets.
  • Specially designed for aircraft use. Effective for medical and personal use.
  • Adjustable straps.
  • Gel molded ear muffs to contour according to the dog’s head.
  • Available in lovely colors – white and pink.
  • Effective for medical and personal use.


FAQ on Canine Hearing Protection

How can I protect my dog’s hearing from loud noises?

In addition to protecting your pooch with a set of doggie ear muffs, you can also take additional precautions to protect their ears. Pet parents should ensure the volume on the TV, stereo, and other electronic devices is controlled and kept at a lower level. 

Preferably, if you can have a separate room for your pet where it’s quiet, that would be a wonderful option. Also, if you’re a party person or go to concerts and events, don’t take your dog along wherever you expect it to be loud. Loud music can hurt dogs ears.

Understandably, you love your dog and want to take them everywhere. However, stop and think if the place is safe for your dog’s ears. Will it impact them negatively? If the answer is yes, then don’t take them along. It is better to keep them safe than expose them to deafening sounds.

Do dog ear muffs work for fireworks?

Dog ear muffs help for reducing the noise of fireworks on your dog. They will also help your animal be calm by protecting them during storms, while shooting, and operating lawnmowers.

We recommend Mutt-Muffs Hearing protection as the perfect choice. But even at a reduced decibel level, some dogs still hear and react to these sounds.

Are fireworks bad for a dog’s ears? Fireworks scare some dogs and are damaging to a dog’s hearing. This can be prevented altogether with dog earmuffs.

How do I protect my dog’s ears from gunshots?

You can protect your dog’s hearing with ear protection muffs. The ear muffs are designed with different shapes to fit the contours of dogs’ heads.

A dog’s hearing is sensitive; gunshots hurt their ears! The average gunshot registers between 120dB to 140dB, way above the recommended noise level safe for dogs. If your dog’s ears aren’t protected, it may experience temporary hearing loss or permanent damage in the worst-case scenario. Therefore, if you plan to bring the dogs shooting, you must protect the ears of dogs hunting with you.

How can dogs hear so well compared to the human hearing range? 

We have about 6 ear muscles, whereas dogs have 18 muscles. They use these muscles to tilt and raise their heads to catch the sounds around them. 

With approximately 16,000 tiny hair cells in their ear, they can register sounds up to 60,000 Hz, much higher frequencies than humans. The high range of frequencies they can hear make them quite sensitive to sound and thus at risk for hearing damage due to noise. 

You may have noticed that dogs are extremely uneasy when exposed to loud noise, and regular exposure to deafening noise can lead to deafness in your dog. Therefore, ear protection for dogs is essential for your canine pal.

Did you know dogs are sensitive to sound? They can hear varying frequencies, even from a distance, and their heightened sense can take us by surprise. 

That is the reason, even before you know, they know someone is at the door. 

Dogs can hear sounds coming from a distance 4 times away from them. A dog’s highly sensitive ears are prone to damage if repeatedly exposed to loud noise. 

Luckily, people who care about their canines have created dog ear muffs. These are the best dog earmuffs for fireworks.  Equipping your pet with a pair of Mutt Muffs or other covers is a sure way to protect your pooch.

Can you get earplugs for dogs?

If you’re asking, are their earplugs for dogs, the answer is somewhat, at least referring to earplugs in the traditional sense. There are brands who make Dog Earplugs for Swimming.

However, many ear muffs work like a charm in blocking out loud noises. The top picks on the market include Mutt Muffs DDR337 (high-frequency), 4 Paws Aviation (noise reduction), and K-9 ear muffs (noise reduction during thunderstorm/firework displays).

It is important to have ear covers to help your pet feel comfortable. Even U.S. military officials have advised canine soldiers that ear protection should be used to protect them from ear damage. This helps both physically and emotionally.

*Dogs might eat your foam earplugs, keep them secured.

Can you use human ear muffs on dogs?

Human earmuffs don’t work for most dogs because they don’t stay on and are not in the right shape for the ears. Also, you cannot put an earplug in your dog’s ears for many reasons. They could fall into the ear.

Do noise Cancelling headphones for dogs work?

We should note these are not noise canceling earmuffs; they only reduce loud sounds to a safer noise level. Noise-canceling products use filters or electronics to cancel loud sounds.

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Protect Your Dog's Ears from Loud Noise

Like humans, our canine friends require protection from any extremely loud environment, such as those with stereos, firearms shots, and the city’s general hustle and bustle. These noises impact their ears to a large extent. They are likely to lose their hearing if continually exposed to loud noises. 

Our responsibility as pet owners is to take proper measures to protect our pet’s ears against these excessive decibels. We protect our children’s ears; why shouldn’t we do the same with our pets? 

Unfortunately, dogs cannot cup their hands over their ears like we do to protect our ears when there are loud sounds. We must provide our pets with the best possible dog ear protection available. 

There are a few options for earmuffs for dogs, but luckily, the ones we’ve shared with you here effectively provide a suitable solution for your furry pal. 

Whether you are looking for dog earplugs for fireworks protection (4 Paws Aviation), standard mutt muffs (DDR337), or dog earmuffs for storms (K-9 ear muffs), what’s important is you find the right protection that suits your pooch.

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      These muffs are great to reduce any noise levels your dog may experience – they are rated at 21 NRR, they will not completely block sound. This also depends on how well the muffs fit your pup, a better seal will block more dBs. Please review the sizing in our article so you can get the best fit for them.

  1. Please give me the dimensions of one of the proper muffs for a poodle about 20 pounds. I ask because we bought a pair from an individual. He said they were size small. I’m thinking they are extra small. She has floppy ears like all poodles. The muffs we have seem too small.
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    • Hey Angelo,

      Thanks for your comment. Might I suggest going up a size for the larger ear type, but ensure the straps are not too big for your dog’s head size.

      Here at the specs for the Mutt Muffs:

      Small – 9 to 25 lbs – 9 to 13″ head circumference
      Medium – 20 to 50 lbs – 13 to 18″ head circumference

      One of those should work perfectly!

  2. Definitely – you need to check out CrittEar dog earplugs! They are the only in-ear dog earplugs – and they are patented. Our dogs wear them for grooming and recently for when our house was renovated and they didn’t like all of the noise!

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