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You love your significant other. They are a wonderful, kind person. Unfortunately when the sun goes down and you lay down to sleep they turn into a braying wildebeest. There is no way you or anyone else can sleep near them. Your only solution to get a good nights rest is to find a way to block the noise or to banish them to another room.

QuiesHypo allergenicVIEW PRICES
Mack’s Pillow Softvery comfortablyVIEW PRICES
PQHigher ProductivityVIEW PRICES
Moldex Drift to Sleepshaped to fitVIEW PRICES
Alpine Sleep SoftProtects up to 31 dBVIEW PRICES
Flents Quiet Pleasemade out of a soft foamVIEW PRICES


Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. Today we’re going to dive into the best ear plugs for snoring reviews.  There’s a product on this list that is guaranteed to turn that wildebeest back into the person you fell in love with, and let you get a great nights sleep.  


The best snoring ear plugs fall into two categories, inner ear and outer ear. The first product we’re looking at is from Quies and is an outer ear product. Quiet is made from all natural wax mixed with cotton. So if getting an all-natural product is important for you then Quies is one you’ll definitely want to take a look at. Not only are these all natural and hypoallergenic, they really work too. When you put them in your ear your body heat softens the wax and they form to the individual contours of your outer ear. This creates a comfortable seal that lasts all night and will give you a great nights sleep.  

Mack’s Pillow Soft

Mack’s takes a similar design approach to Quies by using soft silicone that can be molded to the outer ear. These have an NRR of 22, which is good for lower level snorers, but may not be enough to block out the loudest levels of snoring out there. These are slightly higher reviewed than the Quies, but don’t have the same all natural and hypoallergenic features. So if you want an outer ear moldable earplug and you aren’t concerned about reactions or the all-natural aspect these may be one of the best earplugs for snoring for you.


The PQ earplugs are designed to be long term reusable. They are made from a soft polymer and have a three-flange design to sit comfortably in your ear. The PQ earplugs come in their own case that you can keep by your bedside or even on your keychain so you always have them with you. After all, even the best ear plugs from snoring are useless if you can’t find them. The three-flange inner ear design holds these earplugs in place very securely and they are much less likely to fall out than the outer ear moldable earplugs. There may be a tradeoff in comfort as these earplugs will put some pressure on the ear canal, but most users report finding them comfortable for overnight wear. They should be usable for months to a year and can be cleaned with simple soap and water.

Moldex Drift to Sleep

Moldex typically focuses on ear plugs for the industrial work environment and now they are taking that expertise and using it to make some of the best earplugs for snoring. The Moldex Drift to Sleep have an NRR of 33. That is the highest level of sound blocking that it is possible for a pair of earplugs to provide. So if you have an extra loud snorer in the house then you need to take a look at these earplugs. These were also designed with a cone shape for extra comfort. Between the design and the soft foam these are very comfortable for all-night wear. The comfort design and soft foam and high level of protection make these earplugs a winner.

Alpine Sleep Soft

Alpine Sleep Soft earplugs were designed with the side sleeper in mind. They use a ThermoShape material that is especially soft and short two flange design to sit low in the ears for comfort while laying on your side. The comfort design doesn’t take away from the hearing protection however. These come with an NRR of 31. This is an outstanding level of hearing protection and should let you sleep through all but the very loudest of snorers. These are long term reusable and come with an innovative cleaning tool to ensure that they stay hygienic and let you keep sleeping soundly for months on end.

Flents Quiet Please

Flents takes the simple approach to hearing protection with a basic foam design to create some of the best ear plugs for snoring. Basic doesn’t mean that you miss out of features however. These ear plugs are very comfortable and stay in place for an entire night of wear. They provide a great NRR of 29 and each pair should be reusable for several nights. What you give up in design features you make up for in price. A container of 50 pairs of earplugs are only around $15, which is a great price for disposable earplugs. So if you want a quality earplug at a reasonable price then you should definitely look to Flents Quiet Please earplugs.


So how do you know which product on this list are the best earplugs for snoring for you? There are a few factors to consider. How loud your significant other snores is the first factor to look at. If they are a light or inconsistent snorer then any product on this list will likely do a great job. If your loved one has the potential to make the neighbors think there is an earthquake then you will want to focus on the higher NRR options such as the Moldex or the Alpines. The second thing you’ll want to look at is your own comfort level. It doesn’t do you any good to purchase a pair of ear plugs to drown out snoring, only to stay up all night from the discomfort they cause. If comfort is something you have trouble with, especially if having things in your ear canals is an issue for you then look at either the Quies or Mack’s. Users report the moldable outer ear options as being much more comfortable. If you need a combination of protection and comfort then Moldex is your best option. No matter which of these you decide to purchase, you’ll wind up with a great nights sleep, and a better relationship.

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