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Hearing protection is a must have for any musician. Noises over 85 decibels (db) can begin damaging hearing, and anyone that has ever been to a concert knows that the noise level can be significantly higher than that, often topping over 100db.

6 Best Earplugs for Musicians Overview

As a musician, you have to protect your hearing without compromising your ability to perform. So the best musician earplugs will balance hearing protection, with the fidelity to properly perform your music. Today we’re going to take a look at the best earplugs for musicians.

Musician's Ear Plug Reviews

I think you’ll find that any one of these selections will allow you to perform at your peak, without compromising your hearing in the process.  

Ear Peace High Fidelity Hearing Protection - Best Musician Earplugs


Ear Peace comes with three earplugs to ensure that you have an extra on hand in case you loose one, which is a very thoughtful feature and one that none of their competitors emulate. They also have a proprietary sound attenuation methodology with medium and high filters that ensure you get just the right amount of sound passing through to allow you to hear everything you need to at a lower volume level.

These are also the only hearing protection we’ll be looking at that are flesh toned, so no one will be able to tell that you are wearing hearing protection. These are the same earplugs that both Metallica and Red Bull sell onsite at their events so you know it’s a trusted name in the industry.  

Livemus!C Hearsafe Ear Plugs

The LiveMus!c Hearsafe Ear plugs take a slightly different approach than the first brand we looked at on the best music ear plugs list. Rather than have an interchangeable filter system these come with two sets of earplugs, a medium attenuation set and a high attenuation set. In terms of attenuation design approaches used to make musicians’ ear plugs the best seems to be the one piece set up that LiveMus!c has taken.

These offer an NRR of 23 and 29 db depending on the pair used, while still offering great clarity. Most earplugs with replaceable filters tend to be in the NRR 15 range, so these offer some outstanding protection. They are also backed by a lifetime guarantee and come with a handy carrying case, so you should be able to keep using these earplugs for a long time.  

Eargasm High Fidelity Earplugs - Best Ear Protection For Musicians

One of the most innovative things about the Eargasm earplugs is their case. It is designed to be shorter than any of the competitor’s cases for easier storage on your keychain. This is a thoughtful design choice that I for one appreciate. The earplugs themselves have a three-flange system that will comfortably fit most ears and a proprietary attenuation system that users report provides outstanding clarity.

These are made from a transparent material for a minimally noticeable profile while wearing and include a tab to grab onto for easy removal. These only provide a marginal NRR of 12 so they may not provide enough hearing protection for some louder concert environments.

Ear Defense Premium Filtered Earplugs - Best Hearing Protection For Musicians

The Ear Defense earplugs are the second brand on our best musicians ear plugs list to provide 4 earplugs in two different attenuation levels. As such they have very similar performance characteristics to the LiveMus!c Hear Safe earplugs discussed earlier. These go the extra step of providing two neck straps and 4 post extenders that make insertion and removal easier.

These are the only brand on our list that provide these extra features so it’s a nice touch, especially given the superior performance of these ear plugs.  They use a three flange tapered design for comfort and can keep going for around 30 months with minimal maintenance. Overall these are well designed and would make an excellent choice.  

Decibullz Custom Molded Earplugs For Musicians


Decibullz are the most unique and also highest NRR earplugs on this list of the best music ear plugs. At an NRR of 31 they should be more than adequate for even the loudest of venues. They come with three sets of triple flange tips in small, medium and large, as well as one set of medium foam tips so they will fit any ear. In addition they come with a unique thermoform plastic that can be used to custom mold to your inner ear.

This is the only set of earplugs on our list that are custom moldable and is a very unique feature not seen in any other product. The down side is that these don’t have the attenuation feature that the other products on the list have, but if high protection is what you are after, then these may be the earplugs for you.

Read the full review here – https://doctear.com/decibullz-earplugs-review/  

Alpine Hearing Protection MusicSafe Earplugs - Best Earplugs For Music


These are Europe’s #1 best musical ear plugs and they are made by Alpine, a leader in producing some of the best earplugs for musicians. The case comes with one set of earplugs, but two sets of filters. The filters are a small hole that passes through the earplug to allow a bit of sound to pass through.

This case comes with two interchangeable filters with both medium and high attenuation so you can adjust how much protection you are receiving. A great carrying case design contains two chambers, one for the earplugs and another for the filters, as well as a keychain ring to ensure you can have them handy at all times. They are made out of a reusable; washable material to ensure they’ll have a long life.


As you’ve seen in this review of the best earplugs for musicians, there are a lot of great options out there for you no matter how loud the venue, or your personal preference on style. If you are in a moderately loud venue or sound clarity is especially important to you, take a closer look at the Ear Peace, Eargasm, or Alpine offerings. If you are going to be in a louder venue you may lean more toward the Live Mus!c, Ear Defense or Decibullz. No matter what your needs, if you are musician you should be able to find a quality product on this list that meets them.