The Best Earplugs for Musicians Reviews

earplugs for musicians

Hearing protection is a must-have for any musician. Noises over 85 decibels (dB) can begin damaging your hearing. However, anyone who has ever been to a concert knows that the noise level can be significantly higher than that, often topping over 100db.

In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about earplugs for musicians, including whether you should get silicone or foam earplugs, the different types of earplugs, and other factors you should ensure to pay attention to. 

In addition, we have provided a list of the best earplugs for musicians according to reviews.

14 Best Earplugs for Musicians Overview

As a musician, you must protect your hearing without compromising your ability to perform. So the best musician earplugs will balance hearing protection with fidelity to properly perform your music. Today we’re going to look at the best earplugs for musicians, including ones used by the pros. These are also the best earplugs for attending concerts.

You’re constantly exposed to these loud noises and high volumes if you’re a musician. Regularly performing in concert, listening to music at loud volumes, or being exposed to loud noise can damage your hearing. And the worst part is that this hearing loss, for the most part, is irreversible.

Therefore, it is imperative to make sure that you take the necessary steps to prevent this hearing loss while you still have time. One of the best ways to do this is to consider getting a pair of foam earplugs or high-fidelity earplugs. These work by using technology such as noise reduction to help lower loud noises to volumes that would not damage your hearing.

Musician's Noise Reduction Ear Plug Reviews

I think you’ll find that wearing earplugs from this selection will allow you to perform at your peak during concerts, band practice, live shows, and other events without compromising your hearing. 

Even the pros need to use earplugs when they work, and some of the different options included on this list are also used by your favorite bands when they perform. Here are some of the best earplugs for musicians.

The EarPeace High Fidelity earplugs set comes with three earplugs to ensure that you have an extra on hand in case you lose one, which is a very thoughtful feature and one that none of their competitors emulate. 

They also have a proprietary sound attenuation methodology with medium and high filters to ensure that you get just the right amount of sound passing through to allow you to hear everything you need at a lower volume level. This noise reduction quality will help you hear all the highs and lows without worrying about damaging your ear canal.

These are also the only hearing protection we’ll be looking at that are flesh-toned, so no one will be able to tell that you are wearing hearing protection. These are the same earplugs that bands such as Metallica and Red Bull sell onsite at their events, so you know it’s a trusted name in the industry.

Many professional bands use earplugs in concerts or other loud venues to protect their ears and hearing. Therefore, many people are willing to trust these earplugs, and the price and good quality attest to this fact. Their sound quality is impressive even though they operate by lowering noise levels.

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  • 3 filter sets included (Medium, High, and Max), with 17 to 26dB noise reduction.
  • Made using hypoallergenic premium silicone.
  • Come with an aluminum case, which clips to your keychain.
  • High Fidelity attenuation delivers true-to-life audio.


The LiveMus!c Hearsafe Earplugs take a slightly different approach than the first brand we looked at on the best music earplugs list. Rather than have an interchangeable filter system, these come with two sets of earplugs, a medium attenuation set and a high attenuation set.

Having more than one pair of earplugs can help if you lose one accidentally or, in this case, depending on your need. In terms of attenuation design approaches used to make musicians’ earplugs the best, this seems to be the piece that LiveMus!c has taken.

Attenuation refers to the noise reduction capabilities of the headphones, or the volume reduction, which will enable you to hear sound still but at levels that will not damage your ears. 

Many people, especially those in the music industry, see this as an advantage when choosing a pair of silicone earplugs. These silicone earplugs go into your ear canal, making them a convenient option instead of pairs with neck cords or plugs that go over the ear.

This pair of earplugs offer a noise reduction rating, or NRR, of 23 and 29 dB, depending on the pair used, while still offering great clarity. Most earplugs with replaceable filters tend to be in the NRR 15 range, providing outstanding protection.

With a high NRR rating, you can ensure that the noise reduction will be at a frequency spectrum to protect your hearing. They are also backed by a lifetime guarantee and come with a handy carrying case, so you should be able to keep using these earplugs for a long time.


  • 2 filters included offering 23dB or 29dB NRR.
  • They have a triple flange design, for a better fit in your ears.
  • Made using safe, hypoallergenic silicone.
  • An aluminum case with a neck cord is included.
  • They have a precision filter to retain music and voice clarity.


One of the most innovative things about the Eargasm earplugs is their case. It is designed to be shorter than competitors’ cases for easier storage on your keychain. This is a thoughtful design choice that I, for one, appreciate. 

The pair of earplugs have a three-flange system that comfortably fits most ears and a proprietary attenuation system that users report provides outstanding clarity.

These are made from transparent material for a minimally noticeable profile while wearing and include a tab to grab onto for easy removal. However, these only provide a marginal noise reduction NRR of 12, so they may not offer enough hearing protection for louder concert environments. This is something to consider if you are frequently exposed to loud sound levels.


  • Come with two pairs of different-sized ear tips that fit normal to large ear canals.
  • Made using hypoallergenic silicone.
  • An aluminum case is included.
  • Have innovative attenuation filters, which preserve sound fidelity.


The Vibes High Fidelity Earplugs reduce damaging decibel levels by up to 22dB. They are suitable for musicians and concerts since they provide a clear sound experience due to their attenuating filters.

They have a low-profile design and are virtually invisible due to their clear-out shells. The Vibes High Fidelity earplugs come with three size tips: small, medium and large and are sure to fit any ear type.

The earbuds are silicone and comfortable to wear even for long periods. In addition, they offer a snug fit for all ear types, including men, women, kids and adults. 

When you buy the Vibes earplugs, they also come with a convenient hard portable case. This way, you can carry them whenever you need hearing protection.


  • Come with three pairs of different-sized ear tips (small, medium, large) suitable for men, women and kids to wear.
  • Made using hypoallergenic silicone.
  • Come with a hard portable case for travel.
  • Provide clear sound experience using attenuating filters.


Decibullz is the most unique and highest NRR earplugs on this list of the best music earplugs. At an NRR of 31, they should be more than adequate for even the loudest of venues. 

Make sure that you pay attention to the NRR on any pair of earplugs you choose since this will determine whether or not the earplugs are good quality and if they will provide you with the protection you need while still being able to hear. 

The custom-made earplugs come with three sets of triple flange tips in small, medium and large, and one set of medium foam tips to fit any ear. In addition, the set comes with a unique thermoform plastic that you can use to custom mold to your inner ear.

With the custom-fit earplugs, the thermoplastic noise reduction makes them some of the best earplugs for musicians, including comfortable foam ear tips that provide passive noise reduction.

This is the only set of custom earplugs on our list that are moldable and is a unique feature not seen in any other product. The downside is that these don’t have the other products on the list’s attenuation feature, but if high protection is what you are after, these may be the earplugs for you.

The high-fidelity version contains a passive HI-FI filter for accurate sound reduction. They also come with an optional neck cord.

Please read our review of all Decibullz products, including percussive filters and high-fidelity molded earplugs.


  • Offer a very high NRR of 31dB.
  • They come with 3 sets of ear tips (small, medium, large) and one set of Max protect medium foam tips.
  • Custom molded earplugs will fit the exact shape of your ear.
  • Suitable for different activities, such as shooting, travel, swimming, work and concerts.


  • They come with a carrying pouch, not a hard case.
  • There is no attenuating filter in the base version, so the music quality will not be as good as the other earplugs on this list.
  • They are not as discreet as the other products on this list (but you still have 6 colors to choose from).

These are Europe’s #1 best musicians earplugs, made by Alpine, a leader in producing some of the best earplugs for musicians. The case comes with one set of earplugs but two sets of filters. The filters are a small hole that passes through the earplug to allow a bit of sound to pass through.

Still, hearing some sound is a good feature for any of these earplugs to include. For one, you will still be getting all the protection from loud levels of noise you need, but on the other hand, you will still be able to focus on your work and music without having difficulty hearing.

This case comes with two interchangeable filters with both medium and high attenuation, so you can adjust how much battery-free volume attenuation you are receiving. This way, you may choose which pair you need depending on where you will be and what you will be doing.

The different sound levels are good if you want to have extra protection. If you are listening to loud music, for example, if you will be attending a concert, you might want to choose the high-protection option. But if you will be going somewhere that doesn’t require exposure to such high noise levels, then selecting the medium protection option will work. Alpine is always a sure choice of the best reusable ear plugs.

People generally use these earplugs for multiple different purposes, and they like the fact that they can choose based on the various features. They also come with a great carrying case design, which contains two chambers, one for the earplugs and another for the filters, as well as a keychain ring to ensure you can have them handy at all times. They are made out of a reusable, washable material to ensure they’ll have a long life.


  • Come with two sets of filters for high or medium noise protection.
  • Have special music filters, preserving music’s quality.
  • Made from soft, flexible, and durable thermoplastic material which adapts to the unique shape of your ear canal.
  • A travel case is included for safe and hygienic storage.


EarDial HiFi Earplugs - Invisible Hearing Protection for Concerts, Music Festivals, Musicians, Motorcycles and Other Discreet Comfortable High Fidelity Noise Reduction. with Compact Case and App

EarDial HiFi Earplug are discreet hearing protection devices made of high quality silicone, which provide superior noise reduction performance. They feature an innovative design that allows users to hear their surroundings without having to remove or adjust the device. The compact case fits easily into any pocket or bag.

High fidelity earplugs have been used by musicians, DJs, and audiophiles since the early 20th century. These products were originally developed as a way to protect workers in factories and mines from loud noises such as machinery and explosions. Today, they are widely used by people who enjoy listening to music, watching movies, playing sports, and engaging in other activities where it would be beneficial to reduce exposure to potentially damaging sounds.

EARasers Noise Cancelling Earplugs - Reusable Noise Reduction Musicians Earplugs for Concerts, Djs – 19dB Peak Reduction

Earasers earplugs are medical-grade silicone earplugs that reduce damaging frequencies by 19 dB. They’re virtually invisible when worn and can be reused many times! The unique design allows them to stay put while providing maximum NRR of 30dB. Earasers earplugs are well-known for their quality and comfort. These are essential guitar gear, protection against sudden noises like feedback, while still providing natural sound.

Product Features:

  • Medical Grade Silicone – Safe for your ears and environment.
  • Virtually Invisible – Wear them under your clothes or hats.
  • Can Be Used Multiple Times – No more replacing expensive disposable earplugs.
  • Reduce Harmful Sounds By 19dB – Protects your eyes and ears.
  • Stay Put While Wearing Them – Keeps them where you want them.
  • Easy To Use – Place them into your ear canal.
  • Soft And Comfortable – Designed to provide long-term comfort.

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Loop Experience Ear Plugs for Concerts – High Fidelity Hearing Protection for Noise Reduction, Motorcycles, Work & Noise Sensitivity – 8 Ear Tips in XS, S, M, L – 18dB Noise Cancelling - Black

Loop Experience Pro Earplugs are just what you need as musicians. These are high-fidelity earplugs for musicians, DJs, drummers and more. They provide 18dB peak noise compression and extra accessories for your convenience. Read our Loop Experience earplugs review here.

These high-fidelity earplugs are made of silicon and offer an incredible level of noise reduction. Thanks to their unique design, Loop earplugs will never get stuck in your ears. Their rounded shape makes them very discreet and comfortable to wear. You can choose between two types of ear tips: soft silicone or memory foam tips. Both foam and silicone tips provide excellent acoustic isolation.

STYLISH COMFORT & DURABILITY – Loop earplugs are made of high-quality materials and are ergonomically shaped to sit comfortably in your ears. They are lightweight and won’t cause any discomfort. They are ideal for musicians, DJs, festival goers and night owls.

EASY TO USE – Put them into your ears and lower the volume as needed. When wearing them correctly, they won’t fall out of your ears.

IN THE BOX – Loop earplugs include everything you need to use your new earplugs immediately! A pair of ear tips, a carrying pouch and a handy instruction manual.

Etymotic Research ER20 High-Fidelity Earplugs (Concerts, Musicians, Airplanes, Motorcycles, Sensitivity and Universal Hearing Protection) - Standard, Clear Stem w/ Blue Tip

Etymotic Research has developed an innovative new standard-fit earplug that provides superior sound isolation while still fitting comfortably into your ears. Etymotic earplugs come in a passive and active version.

The ER20XS offers exceptional performance and value for those who want to protect their hearing during activities with excessive noise or vibration.

Product Features:

  • Low profile design allows for easy insertion and removal.
  • Ergonomic shape conforms to the contours of the ear canal.
  • Soft, flexible silicone ear tips provide maximum comfort.
  • The unique “noise isolating” design reduces ambient noise by up to 20dB.
  • Impulse Noise Reduction of 15dB ensures effective attenuation of unwanted noises.
  • Ideal for live music, concerts and festivals.
  • It can be worn under hats, helmets, and other headgear.
  • Available in three different colors.
  • Manufactured in the USA.
  • Lifetime warranty.
Etymotic also developed the MusicPro musician earplugs. These are active earplugs and considered some of the best earplugs for musicians.
Etymotic Research Music Pro Elite Rechargeable Musicians Earplugs with Active Hearing Protection, Black, 10 Piece Set (ER125-MPE)

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Minuendo high Fidelity Acoustic earplugs | Hearing Protection for Musicians | Adjustable dB Attenuation Ear Plugs | Made in Norway | Award Winning Design | Suitable for Concerts, gigs, Working

These Musician focused earbuds hit all the boxes. These have adjustable attenuation for the studio musician who needs flat frequency response and the ability to fine tune the levels.

Although expensive, these are the best earplugs for musicians and should be essential music production hardware. Read our Minuendo ear plugs review for more details.

Earplugs are essential equipment for musicians, especially those working in loud environments such as rock bands, heavy metal groups, DJs, etc. They protect your hearing against harmful sounds and prevent damage to your eardrums. But what about the sound quality? Can Minuendo ear plugs really improve it?

The answer lies in the patented Hi-Fi earplug design. Minuendo earplugs use a special material called Membrane Technology™ to block unwanted frequencies while preserving the original sound. This allows them to offer the most comfortable earplugs possible.

We know that finding the right pair of earplugs isn’t easy. There are many different types of earplugs on the market, each claiming to provide better quality sound. However, we’ve found that none of them actually deliver the promised improvement. Minuendo set themselves the challenge of creating the world’s best earplugs.

After months of research and development, they finally came up with a solution that works. By developing a unique combination of materials and manufacturing processes that allow us to produce earplugs that are extremely light, flexible and durable. These features make them ideal for musicians and audiophiles alike.

The earplugs are designed to work with your music.

And because they’re dedicated to providing the best products, Minuendo put their earplugs through rigorous testing. Not just once, but over and over again. Each pair goes through several tests to ensure that they meet exacting standards.

So whether you’re looking for a pair of earplugs for yourself or someone else, look no further than Minuendo.

Fender Musician Series Ear Plugs, Black

Musicians know how important it is to protect their ears when playing music. The Fender Musician ear plugs are designed to provide protection from high volume while allowing your ears to hear clearly. They feature an innovative design that allows them to be worn over or under earplugs. The Fender Musician earplugs have a unique design that provides superior performance and comfort.

The Fender Musician earplugs are the least expensive on our list, under $10. They have a 22dB NRR, totally passive. Musician specific earplugs which are trusted by Orange Amplification employees (one of the music world’s biggest brands for amps).

Product Features:

  • Designed for musicians who play loud instruments.

  • Protects your ears from harmful levels of noise.

  • Allows you to hear clearly during performances.

  • Soft silicone tips allow easy insertion into ear canal.

  • Available in black.

Mack's Ultra Soft Foam Earplugs, 50 Pair - 33dB Highest NRR, Comfortable Ear Plugs for Sleeping, Snoring, Travel, Concerts, Studying, Loud Noise, Work

This should be your last resort, if there is nothing available except for these, you need ear protection. The reason these are last on the list is because they do not provide sound attenuation allowing certain sound waves in your ears for pleasant hearing. You will hear muffled sound which won’t work for serious musicians.

A good pair of regular foam earplugs provide incredible ear protection, and are incredibly affordable earplugs for music professionals. But again you won’t be able to hear natural sound as the sound muffled by the foam plugs won’t be clear.

Look for these universal earplugs as the best affordable earplugs for concerts and musicians.

What to Look for in Hearing Protection for Music

People working in the music industry use many different types of protection for their ears, but the most common are the earplugs described in this buying guide. 

Generally, people like to hear what is happening around them, but at volumes that will not be damaging to their ears over time. Here are some of the things that people like to pay attention to when they go to purchase or test earplugs.

high fidelity earplugs for musicians

Noise Reduction Rating

We have emphasized the importance of noise reduction ratings many times. The higher the noise reduction, the better your ears will be protected. That means you can be exposed to loud noises as much as you want, especially ones that are part of the job, without worrying about irreversible hearing damage over time.

In addition, the NRR will still enable you to hear music and other sounds around you, but it will be at lower levels than in actuality because of the protection that the plugs provide. The best earplugs for musicians included in this article have an NRR of over 20, which is very good for providing overall ear protection.


Most of the options we provided here are foam or silicone. Your choice will depend on personal preference—some people like foam earplugs, whereas others like silicone. In most of these reviews, people said they wanted earplugs that would comfortably conform to their inner ear shape.

Since this article is mainly geared toward those in the music industry, those working in the industry tend to choose earplugs that go in the ear canal for added convenience. Therefore, choosing the suitable material that will provide you with the best fit during a live performance is essential.

Also, please make sure the earplugs are reusable, so you can use them again when you’re attending another music event or a concert.

Fit in Ear Canal

How well do the earplugs fit? This is extremely important when deciding which pair to get. Based on the average music performance, you should expect to wear them for long periods.

Therefore, you want to ensure that you get the top option on the market that provides supreme comfort for all wearers. Otherwise, you will spend the entirety of the music performance scratching your ears and waiting for it to be over.

As we mentioned earlier, people choose between silicone and foam, with foam tending to adjust to the shape of your ear better. At the same time, it is a good idea to read reviews to better understand the top options. In addition, many brands offer different sizes, so you can choose the right size for your ears.

What do you need them for?

It is a good idea to ask yourself what you need the earplugs for. People will most likely need them to listen to music at lower volumes. That is one of the most popular uses of earplugs.

However, if you need them for a different career path or want some protection if exposed to loud volumes, you might not need to buy the maximum protection available. Therefore, checking out the different levels of protection offered by brands is vital to get a better picture of what you need.

Do professional musicians wear ear plugs?

A professional musician uses earplugs to protect hearing to prevent hearing loss. Using musicians earplugs you can listen to music even at low frequencies.

Some regular musicians use earplugs as a protection against ear infections. Although it may not be the most important thing to think about, it’s definitely worthwhile.

There’s a good reason earplugs have a high-fidelity design, which is usually popular in music. The best earplugs for musicians should help preserve the original sound quality without losing the clarity of the sound.

What ear plugs do musicians use?

Musicians use high fidelity filtered earplugs. This can explain what makes earplugs so popular among musicians. Having the right pair of earplugs is essential for preserving the authentic sounds while reducing noise levels.

They are also high quality, as both ends of the frequency spectrum need to be maintained evenly while being reduced. Silicone earplugs are commonly the preferred choice by music players because of their comfort and durability.

Singers also wear earplugs to ensure they keep an even pitch.

Should I wear earplugs at band practice?

When you play in a band, your ears will thank you if you wear ear protection. Yes, it should always be recommended to use earplugs at band practice.

Approximately 50 percent of music lovers suffer from noise-induced hearing loss. For better protection of the musician’s hearing, some musicians use earplugs specially formulated for musicians. Rock and even classical musicians can experience hearing loss.

Do musician ear plugs work?

Musician earplugs work very well for the purpose. Musicians usually find their earplugs relieve tingling after rehearsals and less headaches. Students who play Marching Bands usually have an easier time hearing and playing together when wearing hifi plugs.

If you’re a music enthusiast that enjoys concerts custom earplugs may be a worthwhile investment – they work better and provide amazing sound reduction. Children need protection too; earmuffs are ideal to cover the outer ear. These can help children sensitive to auditory overstimulation as well.


As you’ve seen in this review of the best earplugs for musicians, there are many great options for you, no matter how loud the venue or your personal preference on style.

After careful research, our number one recommendation is the EarPeace High Fidelity Earplugs which come with three filters for Medium, High or Max noise protection, depending on the venue you’re going. They are made from hypoallergenic silicone and are comfortable to wear.

The best part is that these earplugs do not only have to be used for musicians or concert-goers; anyone who is exposed to loud noise levels, including people in a band or people who work near loud noises such as construction, shooting, or manufacturing, will be able to find a good use for any of these high-quality earplugs.