Going to concerts or being a musician or just being around loud music requires earplugs, but how do you choose between Earasers vs Etymotic musician earplugs? If you’re a novice who has never bought earplugs before, the decision can be a tough one.

It used to be, just go to the dollar store and pick up the foam orange, yellow or green disposable earplugs, and you were good to go. They were not expensive, and you just tossed them out, or lost them, whichever came first. The sound quality with those was terrible, though. It was muffled, not enjoyable, and the plugs didn’t really fit in your ears properly. They usually popped out several times while you were wearing them.

Things have gotten much better with the quality since then. Folks now know what they want when they go to get a pair of plugs and they won’t waiver with their standards.

With the right earplugs that fit snugly but comfortably, you’re able to focus and concentrate better on working on the music, tuning the instruments, playing a piece – you’re in your own world. They drown out everything around you and leave you with the sound.

Some people aren’t really fond of the “isolation” that the real earplugs bring because you really are “in your own head” when you put them in. Most are appreciative that their hearing is protected more so than ever before, which is a hazard of being a musician. So, which of these earplugs protects them better? Earasers vs Etymotic? Let’s look at them more closely.

Earasers Earplugs

The Earasers were designed by a hearing aid company. Specifically, their lead designer is a musician. The plugs are made of a soft, pliable medium-grade silicone, kind of shaped like an ear canal. They fit snugly into the ear, almost like a custom plug, only at a much lower cost.

The price tag is between $40-$60. Expensive if you lose one and need to replace it. It is money well spent for the quality that you get with these earplugs.

These plugs are gentle on the ears due to the material they’re made from and the comfort they provide. They’re very easy to insert and remove, no pinching or twisting. Just push them in. There is a red indication for the right ear and a blue indication for the left ear. With the fit of your ear, the Earasers come in four sizes, extra small, small, medium and large.

Washing them is easy and then they can be worn again and again. Discretion is not a problem. They are virtually invisible after you put them in your ears.

Once the Earasers are in, whatever you are listening to is the only noise you hear. Everything else around you disappears. The sound is not loud and obnoxious. It’s crystal clear and soft. The plugs reduce the decibel level without cutting out lower frequencies or higher frequencies. The earplugs don’t give you muffled, garbled or underwater sound. They allow you to feel the effect of the natural sound.

Etymotic ER3

How about the Etymotic vs the Earasers? The Etymotic ER3 comes in SE version or XR version. The earplugs come with a zippered case. They have a shirt clip, two pair of three-flange ear tips in standard and large sizes, one pair of foam tips, a filter removal tip, and extra filters.

These earplugs fit deep into the ear canal. They are said to have the strongest passive noise reduction of any earplugs on the market.

It’s noted the ear tips are not durable. They wear out rather quickly. The plugs are not discreet based on the attached wires and cable which, if it gets caught on something while working or sleeping, could pull the earplugs out or maybe cause you harm.

The manual that comes with the plugs indicates that moistening the tips makes insertion easier. Once inserted, then twist one time to get them to the correct spot deep into the ear canal.

Retail is a bit higher. These are approximately $80. Losing them is not likely, though, with the cable attached by a shirt clip. Maybe not the most comfortable earplugs.

As far as the sound, bass is not really their friend. This is especially true with the XR version. With the SE version you get a bass that wobbles. The XR makes a skull-rattling sub bass.

Other than the bass, the quality of the sound with the earplugs because of the depth into the ear canal, is phenomenal. The SE is beautiful for acoustic, classical and opera. The XR is good with any genre. Both depend on sensitivity to high frequencies and taste for bass.

Which of these earplugs would be the best? It’s really difficult to say. There’s so much good on both sides. By comparing something negative about one of them, there’s a positive that cancels it out. Let’s look at how they equal up.

Comparing the Earasers Vs the Etymotic

With the Earasers vs Etymotic Size, the Earaser is compact and has more ease and comfort to be worn. They consist of just the silicone ear pieces, whereas the Etymotic has the wires attached and a shirt clip meant to hook the earplugs’ cable on to you. Portability is available for both, of course, but is much easier with the small, less cumbersome Earasers vs the wired Etymotic.

The Earasers have a very little carrier comparable to a keychain case. The earplugs don’t require any real maintenance or any extra things to go with them. They are washable and reusable. The Etymotic has a larger zippered case in order to carry the extra parts required to maintain the pieces that are not reusable.

It’s not a huge difference, but putting the Earasers in requires just pushing them into the ear canal, plop. The Etymotic requires moistening the tips, inserting and then turning to get them down deep into the canal where they’re meant to be. Not to mention, needing to clip the cable on your shirt and position the wire so it’s not intrusive for you while you’re working.

The tips for the Etymotic wear out fairly quickly, so these earplugs are not just pricey to buy but have expense to upkeep. The Earasers have a one-time upfront cost which is less than the Etymotic. The problem with the plugs is, they are very small. Losing them would be quite easy and, therefore, replacing them quite costly. The Etymotic would be difficult to lose with all of their attachments.

The Earasers come in a variety of sizes while the Etymotic has standard and large.

Sound is fantastic with both sets of earplugs. The really good thing is, the Etymotic doesn’t allow for any sounds to get through at all. You go inside yourself with the plugs in. They are the best on the market for blocking out passive noise leaving you with what it is you want to hear. It is like a whole other experience with the Etymotic.

The problem is the bass. Both the XR and SE versions of the Etymotic have difficulty translating the bass. With the Earasers, the sound is natural, as it’s meant to sound. Exactly how it’s played is precisely what you’re going to hear. The earplugs just lower the volume for you.

Another comparison is Etymotic and Earpeace HD plugs.


There’s some who put earplugs in and can’t believe the feeling they have from the noise being drowned out. It can be a little overwhelming being taken inside yourself like that. That’s how good earplugs have become today.

Ultimately, it’s about the fact that our hearing is finally protected from the loud, overbearing sound around us. We can actually focus on what we need to and do our work listening to the small nuances involved with those loud sounds so we can fine tune and refine the music.

As with anything, choosing the right pair of earplugs for you is completely a personal preference. The Earasers and the Etymotic are both fantastic options as shown. Particularly when compared to their Styrofoam ancestors of yesteryear. These plugs stay in your ears. They do their job quite well in different ways.

These earplugs each have people with their own distinct personalities that would be attracted to them for what only they can offer in their own right.

Hopefully, enough has been talked about here that you’re able to make the right decision for you, and your hearing and the music are all the better for it.

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