Eargasm vs Etymotic High Fidelity Earplugs

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Earplugs are one of the most under-rated saviors of our modern age. You may not realize it, but there are many times you probably should have ear protection, at a loud concert for example.

People purchase them because they need them, but quite often they don’t fit well or block enough sound. Then you are likely to toss these in the trash after getting disappointed.

That is where high-fidelity plugs from Eargasm or Etymotic come in. When we talk about professional-use earplugs, the biggest challenge is reducing the sound evenly. Most earplugs simply soften or completely block the sound, which can be good, but is of no use to us for situations where we need some sounds to get through.

It’s important to choose earplugs that will work best for this situation, there are many on the market so carefully monitor the tone. Today we are looking at Eargasm vs Etymotic high-fidelity earplugs, most likely for concerts or musicians.

Hearing Protection Comes First...

The utmost priority of any professional who uses ear plugs is to maintain their ear health; earphones or earplugs are one of the best products when you want hearing protection; small and convenient. Before buying these earplugs, you should check the specifications, features of earplugs, and not just decide based on price.

Eargasm vs Etymotic High Fidelity Earplugs

Eargasm high fidelity headphones and Etymotic are available with excellent noise blocking features. There is a unique triple flange design which can easily fit in any ear size and shape. This will keep your ear secure where you need maximum comfort and effectiveness. Exclusive reduction filters drastically reduce overall sound levels. I must say that this technology works so great and offers a silent sleep experience.

Eargasm earpieces are constructed with soft hypoallergenic silicone; they come with an ergonomically designed aluminum carrying case. This case can easily be attached to your key ring so that you can always keep the ear buds handy. In addition to that Etymotic headphones are the first insertable earplugs; it continues the tradition of innovation. These are constructed with comfortable soft plastic and are capable of much more. They are so perfect for industrial workers or for those who regularly experience high degrees of noise.

Eargasm earplugs are considered as a smart choice for all kinds of music events. They are amazing as they protect your hearing from noise in everyday life or working environment. Whereas Etymotic earplugs are also used for gigs and studio rehearsals. You will relieve a great deal of hearing stress by using these earpieces.

Earplugs – worthy of serious consideration:

Etymotic are considered a hi-fi equipment and these earphones are superb stuff for users. Normal earphones usually muffle sound, but Etymotic earplugs provide sound levels that are lowered to safe levels. So, there is no excuse of not wearing such earphones. They are a great option but as an alternative you can also go for Eargasm high fidelity earplugs. They are similar in functionality and worth consideration. After using these earphones, you can have an ideal earplug experience for concerts and enjoy a natural sound response. They are available in two differently sized outer shells so you can pick the one that fits your ear.

The comparison in a nutshell can be summed up like this:

  • Etymotic headsets are quick to insert, and come in two different sizes;
  • Live music sound so good at safer levels. Eargasm have high fidelity sound quality music but still sounds good;
  • Both are reusable but Etymotic are relatively inexpensive;
  • Eargasm earplugs are more durable and have six filters.

Durability of Eargasm vs Etymotic:

Eargasm are made of soft silicone material that contains hypo allergic features. You can easily wear them for a long time period without any pain or itching. Other reason to choose Eargasm product is that they are reliable and durable protective earplugs. Such type of earphones keeps your ears safe from noise in different situations. Both earpieces are highly recommended for high level sudden noises.

Those users who are not sure about the size of their ear, they can purchase Etymotic earplugs. Eargasm are much more durable than the other product and produces a more defined sound. You can enjoy a lot of perks by using them because it contains six filters and much more durable.

Sound quality of Eargasm vs Etymotic:

Eargasm sound quality is so good and they are used by professional musicians, drillers, machinery drivers and other people who undergo high-pitched sounds on regular basis. It basically reduces sound levels uniformly; that is why the environmental sounds are so clear and natural.

On the other end of the spectrum, Etymotic sound quality totally surprises the users. You will totally forget what you felt while listening to music through a pair of these high-fidelity earplugs. There is a pushy baseline, so that you will forget the value of less intense sound signature.

Volume adjustment of Eargasm vs Etymotic:

With the help of these high-level earplugs you will be able to hear sound at a comfortable level. There are numerous loud noises which user can block out completely since they may cause damage to the ear canals.

The outstanding feature of Eargasm’s earplugs is its volume adjustment. This feature allows you to control the number of dangerous sounds that can be heard in the background. Many people wish to have volume adjustment feature for sound that they are exposed to during their work. Eargasm ear pieces reduces the volume by about 20Db. This is just enough to prevent damage to you ear while not totally muffling all the sounds.

Eargasm earplugs have an NRR of 12 rather than 20 as the frequency used in NRR calculation blocks the lower frequencies. They are designed so amazingly that you can hear the full range of music without any distortion. Whereas, the Etymotic earphones automatically changes the output level and sound input level change. Hearing feels natural and you feel like nothing is in your ears until sound exceeds the safe level. When the sound level increases, these earphones gradually provide 9 or 15Db sound reduction.

Adaptive noise reduction of Eargasm’s vs Etymotic:

The musicians and music professionals who want to protect their precious ears from damaging sounds will never sacrifice on sound quality for their ear protection. After comparing both Eargasm and Etymotic we have found that these earphones easily prevent you from hearing loss and you will be able to hear normal conversation quite clearly in noise.

These are very beneficial for those who needs to perform their job well or participate in recreational activities where hearing protection is needed. Eargasm earphones have a noise reduction rating that reaches maximum of 21Db. It usually depends on how these earphones fit in and how you wear them. When you start using them frequently, you will be able to measure or notice the amount of noise they block out.

Explicit blocking Vs filtering:

Eargasm are much better than Etymotic because of the traditional foam. It works well by filtering out noise instead of completely blocking all sounds in an environment. You can easily determine the quality of music and differentiate a good performance from an average one.

Etymotic provides either 9Db or 15 Db protection at the flip of a switch that rapidly protects from loud sounds. These earphones enhance soft sound which many people desire to listen. You can have the fit ear tips and there is no need of extra molds. There is a mechanical mechanism that will completely block all unwanted loud sounds and the noise is then filtered well. There is a hollow center which is attached with a filter to provide a balanced sound.

This is an amazing innovative technology through which earplugs reduce loud noises while voices won’t be muffled. These filters help to smooth the frequency response and ear wax from entering the earpieces; otherwise dirty filters will block earphone output.

Aluminum case of Eargasm vs Etymotic ear pieces:

Most musicians like Eargasm earplugs because of its aluminum case as it is 35% smaller than other brands and easily fit in your key chain. Further, it has a waterproof rubber seal which completely protect earphones from moisture and dust. There is a threading on the exterior of the cylinder in order to protect the earplugs from getting damaged. They not only remove the excess sound but also reduce the quality of music.

Alternatively, Etymotic has an aluminum covering as well. This comes with a perfect hard-shell carrying case and an audio cable that is 5 feet long. This feels so nice the way you can have a Y-split. Usually earphones have a thin braided cable which is not so durable but with Etymotic you can keep your investment protected. Aluminum is super handy when removing filters and it is less likely to break when compared to the previous plastic version.


After looking all the factors of these products, I must say that both products are so amazing. Both of them are compared positively and both of them are of high quality. Foamy earplugs are best for casual music professionals and concert goers. If you are seeking flexibility of changing filters and want to experiment the sound, buy Eargasm high fidelity earplugs.

After all, it’s all about the quality of experience which you get when you are out for a live concert, music festival, a club or anywhere else where sound can be bit loud for you. You can protect your ears and you will get a chance to enjoy music and conversations.

For choosing best earplugs, variation is a very important factor. As different sound filtering options can easily cover a wider spectrum of ear protection needs. If you are a professional who is regularly exposed to high-volume noises, then buy good quality earplugs. I suggest investing in earplugs that fits perfectly in your ears.

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