Talking about Westone ear plus, undoubtedly it is one of the most advanced way of avoiding hearing loss. No matter if it is the noise of of gunshot or some unexpected loud noise that is not pleasant at first; those sounds have high impulses and have negative effects on your hearing abilities. You can easily and completely suppressed unwanted sounds with Westone ear plugs.

Westone ear plugs are not limited to the protection of hearing loss from extraordinary loud noises but at the same time they enhance the sound that has low impulses. The reason is obvious, that it becomes difficult for the person to hear at low pulses.

Let’s talk about the digitals that Westone has to offer you people. First digital or digital 1 enables suppression of noise especially for a number of shooting environments. Whereas, digital 2 will help you for the enhancement of the quality of the sound. Indeed, both the two digitals have something special to offer you.

Westone vs Etymotic ear plugs:

Westone Ear plugs

Westone Ear plugs

Etymotic Ear plugs

Etymotic Ear plugs

Comparing Westone with Etymotic ear plugs is an interesting debate. Basically, the job of Etymotic ear plugs is to avoid hearing loss at a reasonable cost. We all are aware of the fact that hearing problems can take place if the music is too loud, not suitable or very shrill.

However, we also have the idea that it is completely preventable through the use of Etymotic ear plugs. These are one of the most high-fidelity ear plugs containing one-size fits. The job is not limited to the suppression of noisy voices but to enhance the quality of sound at the same time.


Before going into the depth, let’s take a start from the insertion of both the ear plugs. Westone ear plugs have the ability of custom fit. In case of earplugs, protection and comfort is often demanded but rarely provided. With the use of Westone ear plugs, you will not be deprived of this comfort; these ear plugs are easier to insert, and they can hold on to your ear for a considerable period of time.

On the other hand, when we talk about insertion of Etymotic ear plugs, they are also not a big deal. You just have to follow some really simple steps. Before actually inserting the ear plug, you need to open the ear canal from your right hand and gently place the ear plugs. After placing them, you need to move them upside down. Guess what, you are done here!

Modular design:

Westone ear plugs are very easy to deal with; their overall module design adds to the worth of the product. Not only they are easier to insert, but at the same time easier to remove. They are very much flexible having their very own outer design.

While Etymotic ear plugs are also very flexible and have better appearance. Lesser designing features makes them even more convenient to deal with.

Size of ear plugs: Westone Vs Etymotic:

Let me share a personal experience with you while explaining about the size of Westone ear plugs. When I first bought the ear plugs, they were exceptionally small and delicate, which obviously had a bad impression for me at first glance; but surprisingly they turned out into a really great product. I was glad about that purchase decision.

In other words, the size of the ear plugs of Weston, may not appeal at first since they are small – but these little rubber compounds are perfect for use. However, you may find one or two ear pieces quite irritating because that is something which happens and is somewhat expected. This problem can be easily solved by giving a try to ear plugs of various sizes.

Whereas the other side of the story is different: Although Etymotic ear plugs come in various sizes (approximately 6 type of sizes) but you need to learn special technique to adjust them in your ear canal. This may seem bothering at the start but afterwards you will get habitual and face no trouble in using them.

Price – Etymotic Vs Westone ear plugs:

There is a significant difference when it comes to the price of both ear plugs. Let’s talk about the Westone ear plugs at first, these ear plugs are more expensive than the Etymotic counterpart. Prices vary depending upon a number of factors, mainly being where you purchase it; yet, Westone one is pricier than Etymotic one.

The prices are not that much out-of-reach when compared to the benefits the product has to offer. One important point is that both the products offer various price ranges therefore people with every type of price range can take benefit from these ear plugs.

How to clean? Etymotic vs Westone ear plugs

When you purchase these Westone ear plugs, it is important to know that cleaning procedure to reap the best benefits from the product. First of all, avoid taking them apart. Damp cloth is preferable for cleaning of the ear plugs. It is suggested to clean the ear plugs after every use. In case of carelessness, the ear plugs may lose their ability to serve well.

Etymotic ear plugs can be cleaned by the use of clean water. To enhance the life span of Etymotic product, avoid using chemicals or alcohol while cleaning ear plugs.

Battery life:

When it comes to the battery life comparison of the ear plugs of both products, I consider Etymotic ear plugs better than the Westone ear plugs. The reason is that there are a variety of ear plugs offered by Etymotic ear plugs that are without batteries.

The use of latest technology in the creation of this product has enabled it to use no battery. No battery eventually means no battery issues. On the other hand, Westone ear plugs use batteries. These batteries can last for five to six days. Basically, these batteries are made of air-zinc. Not every time you are lucky enough to enjoy the reliable long-lasting batteries, therefore at times it is not more than a risk.

Westone 1 Vs Etymotic hf5:

Hf5 is comparatively better as these ear plugs are easier to remove and use. On the other hand, Westone has got no microphones at all; rather you will be benefited with warm midrange. Well, it is up to you to choose the one which is perfect for your usage requirements. One thing that should not be forgotten is that Etymotic hf5 is way more expensive than other versions of this product. Thus, if you can afford it then what’s the better option than to go for the best?

Provision of hearing protection:

No matter what type of ear plugs you are using, hearing protection is something that is the top-most priority. Being the consumers or buyers, the utmost priority is protection and safety.

Keeping in view such concerns, both the ear plugs have certain decibels. For instance, in the case of Westone ear plugs, it protects 30 dB while Etymotic ear plugs provide the protection from 9 to 15 db.

Westone Vs Etymotic – The major differences:

Let’s take a look at the major differences between the two types of ear plugs. Talking about Etymotic ear plugs, note that these ear plugs are not of a single type, rather they are divided into sub-types or you can also call them versions of the same product. So, choose the one that suits your needs best.

Keeping in view the ear plugs from Westone, there are some types that are used by musicians or DJs in order to protect against hearing loss. As the sound system of professional use is very high, it can be very dangerous for hearing ability.

It becomes necessary to use some kind of ear plugs to protect from damage caused by prolonged exposure to loud noises; for that purpose, ear plugs by Westone are the best. The other popular use involves facilitation that is given to the gun shooters, hunters, drillers, construction personnel or other professionals. The best thing about both kinds of ear plugs is that unlike the old traditional methods of avoiding hear loss, they are very easy to use and remove.

Westone ear plugs are great for providing digital hearing protection. They have been reviewed very well by actual users of the product. It is not wrong to say that Westone ear plugs are best to use when it comes to any type of outdoor recreation activity. When it comes to indoor usage, you will be glad to know that the users need not to remove them, as they can have conversation while wearing the ear plugs.

Styles of the ear plugs:

Obviously, style is more of a personal matter and opinions can differ regarding which ear plug offers better style. At least I would rank the Etymotic ones as the best one when it comes to style. They are more unique and at the same time very easy to wear and remove. You do not have to deal with any type of difficulty in everyday use of this product.


While keeping in view all the factors, it is undeniable fact that both the products are amazing. They are different, unique and beneficial in their own way. It depends on the choices or needs of the user who is looking for the ear plugs.

A slight edge, according to me, must be given to Etymotic ear plugs as they are designed using latest tech and are less expensive. Note that some versions are quite expensive, but the money is worth spending.

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