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For hunters, sports shooters, or anybody who is consistently exposed to loud noises, the need for hearing protection is apparent.

Construction sites, shooting ranges, demolition areas, warehouses, and many other environments are excessively loud. Individuals in such areas need a quality protection product. Thus, we bring the Shothunt ear protection review to you.

About Shothunt

Shothunt is a Milano, Italy based company that designs, produces, and distributes hearing devices. The company specifically creates Shothunt eat protection to be used for hunting and sport shooting. The hearing protection aids are designed to increase low frequency sounds like the movement of wildlife through a forest or hard to hear sounds like the breaking of twigs.

The company spent time collecting feedback and reviews from hunters, shooting centers, and other groups to determine the best technology and design for their needs. The result of such work is the Shothunt earplugs—an innovative piece of technology that protects the wearer’s ears while amplifying necessary sounds. Thanks, to this technology and the subsequent products, Shothunt became the number one hearing protection manufacturer in all of Italy.

For hunters who need reliable hearing protection but do not want bulky ear muffs, Shothunt in-ear hearing protection is the way to go. The company has created three different variants for customers to find the best model for their needs.

Shothunt Products

Shothunt Products

Each of the three products Shothunt offers has a similar design but different features. They fit directly in the ear canal with a portion sitting on the outside to control settings. Each model comes with digital multichannel technology, a 20dB gain, and 32dB attenuation—perfect for protecting against the acoustic shock from gunshots.

All three Shothunt ear protectors have P2i Aridion nanotechnology which repels water from the electronic components inside. With a memory foam tip, comfort is maximized making them ideal to be worn on long hunting trips or short shooting sessions. Additionally, all Shothunt products come with a 24-month warranty.

Shothunt Standard

The standard model of Shothunt’s products is a hearing device offering exceptional technology in a minimal design. Customers have the choice of a brown model and an orange model. The Shothunt Standard comes with a Zinc Air Mod 312 battery which has 220-hour battery life.

The external part of the hearing protection has a potentiometer adjustment wheel. Users can adjust the amplification to their liking. Each hearing aid has its own wheel, so users can adjust each piece independently. Alternatively, when buying directly from Shothunt, customers can request a pre-adjustment suited to their needs.

The small size is perfect for hunters or sport shooters who wear other headwear or eyeglasses as the hearing aids will not interfere. At only 1 gram, the hearing protection will hardly be noticed while in use.

Shothunt PBS

shothunt E.A.R

The Shothunt PBS is similar in design to the standard model. However, rather than a choice of color, the PBS comes only in blue. The Shothunt PBS is designed and fitted to be more suitable for shooters.

The hearing protection comes with a Zinc Air mod 10 battery. This battery comes with a life of approximately 140 hours of continuous use. In contrast to the potentiometer wheel on the standard model, the PBS has a button that cycles through three different hearing programs. Users can choose a non-amplification mode, medium amplification for natural surrounding sounds, and an accentuated amplification mode for increased environmental sounds.

The Shothunt PBS fits like the standard model as well, making it discreet and ideal for shooters who need something small yet powerful. This model is designed perfectly for sport and competition as shooters can protect their hearing while given the choice for sound amplification as well.

Shothunt Wireless

The last model Shothunt offers is a communication device combined with hearing protection. The Shothunt Wireless has a beige external color with either a brown or orange body. It comes with a Zinc Air Mode 312, just like the standard model, which has a 220-hour, continuous use battery life. Also, like the standard model, the Shothunt Wireless has a potentiometer wheel handling the adjustment of amplification.

The novelty of the Wireless model is that it can connect to radios, two-way transmitters, or mobile phone. To do this, the user wears a magnetic induction neck loop.

This neck loop induces a magnetic current that is transferred to the earpieces from the source. Wearers of these earpieces can press a switch on the earpiece to communicate as there is a microphone built into the switch on the earpiece.

The Shothunt Wireless model is perfect for hunters and other individuals who want hearing protection that can act as a communication device.

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