AXIL Hearing Aid Reviews

In 2012, Axil was formed from a merger between two companies leading in their respective industries, hearing performance products, and hearing aid clinics. Axil has used the 60- years of experience the two companies had to bring customers the best quality products.

What’s more, the products have been combined. For example, axil creates well-known hearing devices sold worldwide—some of which provide hearing amplification and block loud, damaging sounds.

Thus, a review is necessary to better learn about some of the products, the best Axil hearing aids. 

AXIL Hearing Aids (Enhancement) Review

Axil has created a variety of hearing enhancement products that fall into one of several categories. Each category has its unique characteristics, which you can examine through the specifications of the models.

In each series, there are higher and lower-end models that range widely in price and capabilities. 

Axil Custom Edge 360 hearing aid product

One of the most popular Axil products, the Custom Edge 360, a part of the Edge Series, is a digital hearing enhancement product fit with technology to protect the wearer’s hearing. The Edge 360 has features that allow it to be used in several environments. In addition, the product is built for daily wear, both active and non-active.

The same is true of the full Edge Series, as they are tactical hearing aids. These products can provide significant benefits while hunting, attending concerts, motorcycling, auto racing, or simply everyday usage like talking with others. The reason being that they come with sound processing technology and sound reduction ability.

What’s more, these products are built for absolute discretion, as they are in-the-ear devices. Some of the features inherent to the Edge 360 include the following.

  • Noise Filtering and Feedback Cancellation
  • Manual Volume Control
  • Digital Sound Compression for Hearing Protection
  • 27dB Noise Reduction Rating
  • 42-70dB Gain
  • Medical Grade
  • Non-Allergenic Acrylic
Axil Custom Blue Series hearing aid product

The Axil Blue Series is similar to the Edge Series as they’re built for use in everyday environments and extreme environments. People who have mild to severe hearing loss would greatly benefit from a pair of Blue Series hearing devices, as it provides effective amplification and filtering of sounds.

These hearing devices are rugged, well-built products that happen to be tiny at the same time. They are in-the-ear devices that use acrylic shells and an optional waterproofing component. The ultimate goal of these hearing devices is to provide hearing protection, hearing amplification, and convenience, as they come with greater features.

The Axil Blue Series offers Bluetooth technology so that users can connect their smartphones or other devices to their hearing enhancement products. Beyond the Bluetooth, the following specs can be seen.

  • 42-70dB Gain
  • 27 dB Noise Reduction Rating
  • Customizable Listening Settings
  • Noise Filtering
  • Manual Volume Control
Axil Custom Open Series

The Axil Open Series hearing enhancement products are pretty different from the other series already reviewed. The striking difference is that the Custom Open Series are behind-the-ear hearing devices. They utilize a receiver that sits behind the wearer’s ear. Attached to the receiver is a tube that wraps around the ear and feeds into the hearing tip that sits inside the ear.

This series is built for people with mild to severe hearing loss and are intended for daily use. The hearing aids use advanced digital sound processing and compression technology. On top of the amplification benefits, the Open Series also provides hearing protection from loud noises. The Open Series also has the following features.

  • 29dB Noise Reduction Rating
  • 42-70dB Gain
  • 4 Different Listening Settings
  • Noise Filtering and Feedback Cancellation
  • Smartphone Connection with Bluetooth
  • Remote Control via Smartphone App

As hinted by the name, the Custom Open Blue Series follows the trends set before by the Open Series. These devices feature similar specifications with the addition of some. The Blue Series provides ReSound Quattro Link technology, Bluetooth capability, and a smartphone app for greater control.

The CORE technology used inside offers some of the most advanced sound quality available. This technology allows the hearing devices to process incoming sounds efficiently, so the resultant sound you hear is clear and free of whistling.

What’s more, the Open Series includes a Find My Device feature through the smartphone app if they’re misplaced. Other features include all the following.

  • 29dB Noise Reduction Rating
  • 42-70dB Gain
  • ReSound technology
  • Digital Sound Compression for Protection
  • Memory Button for Unique Settings
  • Mute Function
  • Smartphone Connection with Bluetooth
  • Remote Control via Smartphone App
Axil Digital Ear Series

The Digital Ear Series is an all-around hearing protection device that aids in noise reduction while offering discretion and comfort. It’s designed to be used in all environments. People use the ear pro for shooting, construction work, concerts, auto racing, and much more.   

In contrast to the other hearing enhancement devices, the Digital Ear Series is made only for those with unimpeded hearing. It’s not designed to be used by those with hearing loss. However, the goal of these devices is to protect against hearing loss.

These devices are in-the-ear devices that come custom fit. Users must get a mold of their ears created so that the hearing devices can be custom-made. The Digital Ear Series has all the following specs.

  • 27dB Noise Reduction Rating
  • Background Noise Filtering
  • Wind Noise Filtering
  • Manual Volume Control
  • Non-Allergenic, Acrylic Shells
  • Pull string for Easy Removal

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Axil Hearing Enhancement for me?

Axil has experience with hearing impairments and hearing performance products. The company brings the best of both into one product—perfect for daily use or extreme use cases such as hunting or auto racing.

Can I use the Sport Ear Custom Edge as a hearing aid?

Yes, you can! The Custom Edge models offer hearing amplification settings that are dependent on your condition.

Is the Digital Ear Pro II an earplug?

The digital ear pro II is a tactical ear plug meant for frequent use. It’s a heavy-duty ear plug that is custom-fit to each user’s ears.

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