MD Hearing Aid Reviews (Models Compared)

Millions of Americans suffer from some form of hearing loss. They could benefit from the use of hearing aid technology, but one thing is stopping them, price. A pair of hearing aids can cost thousands of dollars, which many people cannot afford.

MDHearingAid is a great alternative for those looking for high-quality hearing aids, without a high price tag. MDHearingAid sells FDA-registered hearing aids at a fraction of the cost charged by other companies. Unlike other manufacturers, they sell their hearing aids directly to the consumer. You can take a hearing test online instead of having to drive to a testing facility.

MDHearingAid sells a variety of products. This includes some of the best hearing aids, and accessories such as chargers, tubing, and tips. Today we will take a look at the MDHearingAid PRO, AIR, Volt+, and Core to help you choose the best product.

Who is MDHearingAid?

MDHearingAid has sold hearing aid products for over a decade. With over 500,000 Americans using their products, they are a trusted name in the industry. Their hearing aids are tested and assembled in their Southfield, MI distribution center. All their products are FDA-registered and programmed by an in-house audiologist.

MDHearingAid believes that price should never be the reason someone can’t have better hearing. By cutting out the middleman and offering direct sales to the customer, they provide hearing assistance at a reasonable price.

They also offer free lifetime support. You can call a dedicated support team anytime with 24/7 assistance ready to answer any questions or concerns. With over a decade of experience, they can answer any questions about maintenance or general concerns. Free shipping and low monthly payments make online shopping easier than ever.

The hearing aids come fully assembled, delivered straight to your door for an easy setup process. MDHearingAid’s main goal is to provide high-quality products and customer support to all its users.

Online Testing

Online Testing

Most hearing aid companies require an in-person hearing exam before selling any hearing assistance devices. Having to find an audiologist and testing location that is paired with a hearing aid company can be difficult. During a pandemic, the option to test online is helpful for those who don’t feel comfortable with an in-person test.

MDHearingAid partnered with audio engineers to develop “the world’s easiest to use online hearing test”. The test is 100% free and takes less than 10 minutes to complete. The test is user-friendly and designed to be completed with headphones.

After completing the exam you will receive personalized information regarding your hearing loss. The test gives a good idea of what level of hearing aid you may need, but it isn’t comprehensive. It can help confirm if you have hearing loss but doesn’t replace a thorough examination from a trained audiologist.

It is still recommended that you have an in-person appointment if you are beginning to experience hearing issues. Call their support line today if you have any questions regarding the testing process or your level of hearing loss.

MDHearingAid Volt Hearing Aid (Set of 2), Long Lasting, Rechargeable, 2 Directional Microphones, 4 Audio Settings, Fits with Glasses, Magnetic Charger Included

The PRO hearing aid is MDHearingAid’s most affordable option. More than 75,000 pairs have already sold across the nation so far. The thin design sits behind the ear and is nearly invisible to others. There is no need for a custom-designed fit for these hearing aids. They use ComfortTIPs shaped like your ear canal offering a comfortable fitting hearing aid, without extra cost.

The fit also works comfortably if you wear glasses. Fitting comfortably between the glasses and your ear, there is no need for special accessories.

With two different audio settings, this hearing aid provides help to people with common hearing loss problems. The first mode, flat loss, helps those who have lost hearing at all frequencies. While the second mode, sloping loss, helping those with high-frequency hearing loss. 

Because of these two different audio settings, this hearing aid can provide assistance to most people without the need for a custom hearing aid solution.

The PRO model is great for watching TV, phone conversations, and in-person conversations. You no longer will need to crank up the volume on your TV and phone to understand the dialogue.

This model comes with noise-blocking technology to help cancel out distracting background noise. This allows users to better understand conversations they want to hear in loud environments. However, this model is not ideal for loud, distracting environments. MDHearingAid offers models with better noise-blocking abilities if loud environments cause you issues.

The PRO comes with a carrying case and a year’s supply of batteries. Single hearing aids cost $199.99, while a pair costs $399.98.

The AIR hearing aids are MDHearingAid’s best-selling pair of hearing aids. It delivers great sound quality, without breaking the bank. The sleek design makes the AIR practically invisible, making it hard for others to notice you are wearing a hearing aid. These hearing aids have four different audio settings including quiet, social, and noisy.

Where the AIR hearing aids improve over the PRO is with the noisy audio setting. These hearing aids have improved noise reduction. The AIR is a better option if you struggle in noisy environments. They are the perfect solution for restaurants, theaters, or churches.

Places with lots of background noise will no longer be an issue thanks to the AIR. They still function great while watching TV at home, or when calling on the phone. You will be able to understand conversations with friends and family at home with crystal clear clarity.

These hearing aids also reduce feedback issues that can be painful to the user. Have you ever heard the noise a microphone makes when it gets close to an amplifier? That loud whistle can be annoying and sometimes painful when it’s played into your ear.

The AIR model uses feedback cancellation technology to ensure this never happens. Hug a loved one who also is wearing hearing aids with no fear of annoying feedback noise.

The AIR hearing aids are a noticeable increase in audio quality over the PRO option. With more audio settings and better noise cancelation, these are a higher quality pair of hearing aids when compared to the PRO. The price is higher, but it is worth it because of the added features.

The AIR sells for $399.99 individually or as a pair for $799.99. They are on sale right now for only $399.98 a pair. You are basically getting the second hearing aid for free, and it costs the same as a pair of the PRO model.

The Volt+ comes with even more features than the AIR. These hearing aids offer unmatched comfort, great audio quality, and noise management. But what makes the Volt+ hearing aids special is the rechargeable battery. The batteries on the Volt+ offer over 24 hours of use before needing another charge.

Forget about wasting time with single-use hearing aid batteries, these hearing aids are the future. The charging case holds three full charges, so these hearing aids can last a total of four days. These are perfect for an active lifestyle, or if you hate having to buy replacement batteries. You will never have to worry about losing your hearing again because of a low battery.

Another added feature with the Volt+ is the water resistance. With an IP57 water-resistant coat, you can be worry-free about your hearing aids taking water damage. If you live in a humid area, water damage can be a serious issue. It also can be hard to tell if water has entered a pair of hearing aids.

These hearing aids can withstand up to 3 ft of water for up to 30 minutes. This means sweat, humidity, or light rain won’t affect your ability to hear. And it increases the life of the hearing aids. Nobody wants to end up buying a new pair of hearing aids sooner than expected.

Dual microphone technology means users hear more of what they want, and less of what they don’t. These two microphones help pick up on conversations in front of you and block out the noise surrounding you. The “noisy environment” is one of the four settings available on the Volt+, like the AIR model. This setting is perfectly paired with this technology to provide clear sound in a loud environment.

These hearing aids typically cost $1,199.99 a pair, but at the writing of this review, they are currently on sale for $599.98 a pair. That is savings of $600 if you buy soon!

The CORE hearing aids help optimize sound settings, without an unnecessary trip to the hearing clinic. When MDHearingAid says these hearing aids are “Smart”, they mean it. The CORE model changes and adapts to your specific hearing!

These hearing aids are compatible with MDHearingAid’s app, which is available for your smartphone or tablet. It supports both iOS and Android operating systems. Connect the hearing aids to your device and you can customize your sound profile from the comfort of your home. This app is all about ease of use, no need to be tech-savvy to use this system.

The app uses a simple setup process to get you hearing better than ever in no time! If you do experience issues, or can’t figure it out, call the support line for live help from a real person.

This is the only model available from MDHearingAid that offers personalized hearing. Use the application to adjust and improve the sound you hear. If your hearing changes over time, there is no need for new hearing aids. Simply open the application and reset your hearing aids to new settings.

Instead of spending thousands on a new pair, this smart technology adjusts the pair you already have. These hearing aids also adjust on the go. When changing environments, the CORE will automatically adjust between its’ four settings for what fits best. There is no need for pressing buttons or opening the application.

Like the Volt+, the CORE has dual microphone directional technology. This allows for selective listening by the hearing aids. It also offers feedback cancellation, so no unwanted whistle when you hug loved ones using hearing aids.

A single CORE hearing aid costs $799.99, while a pair is $1599.99. The sale price for a pair is only $999.99, so take advantage of the low prices.

Worry-Free Guarantee and Warranty

Every hearing aid sold by MDHearingAid comes with a 45-day risk-free trial. Test the hearing aids at home to find your best fit and model. If it doesn’t meet your hearing needs, then you can return them with no hassle.

They do recommend customers give the hearing aids a three-week adjustment period before deciding. Studies show that the brain has an adjustment period getting used to new hearing aids. Of course, you can send them back before then if they are not a match.

You will receive a full refund as long the product returns during the 45-day period. MDHearingAid products also come with a 90-day warranty protecting material and workmanship defects. FDA approved.

Bottom Line

MDHearingAid, Inc. offers a wide range of behind-the-ear hearing aids and accessories. Because they sell directly to the customer, the prices are much more affordable. With multiple hearing aids available, customers with any level of hearing damage can find assistance.

Online testing is not as comprehensive as an in-person test. However, it does allow for users to find a good match for their hearing needs while never needing to leave the house.

With great customer service, a 45-day return policy, and warranty options, customers don’t need to worry about getting stuck with a bad product. There is no need to wait, take a test today and find out which MDHearingAid product is best for you. Get the hearing that you deserve!

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