Best Over the Counter Hearing Aids – Reviews in 2022

As of 2017, the FDA approved the sale of hearing aids over the counter (OTC). Before this, hearing aids could be a nuisance to obtain. In addition, they required medical examination, prescription, and thousands of dollars out of pocket as most healthcare companies did not cover the cost. Luckily, those are past problems.

Now, those who have hearing loss can purchase OTC hearing aids at their local drugstore or online. No more having your elderly family member asking, “can you buy hearing aids over the counter?”. Yes, you can!

Nearly 40 million people in the US alone may suffer hearing loss, according to researchers’ estimations from 2017.  Quite a staggering number. However, thanks to the FDA, those individuals can now receive over-the-counter hearing aids for a fraction of the price only a few years ago.

Many companies have been jumping at this great opportunity to get into the industry. Here, we look at some over-the-counter hearing devices and various OTC hearing aid manufacturers.

OTC Hearing Aid Reviews

After much time, we’ve tracked down the best over-the-counter hearing aid, as well as various other OTC hearing aid reviews. As we’ve seen in the research, there are various styles, models, brands, price ranges, accessories, and features—all of which were considered.

With an attractive price of only $54.50, this hearing aid is tough to beat. The Britzgo Digital Hearing Aid Amplifier is fully adjustable so that you can use it on either ear. In addition, it has a sleek design that individuals can be proud to wear, and it has an unparalleled battery life of 500 hours.

It even comes with two batteries. It also comes with 4 interchangeable modes allowing users to tailor this exceptional OTC hearing aid to many environments.

For all those reasons, the Britzgo Digital Hearing aid has claimed the name of the best OTC hearing aid.

Key Features:

  • $54.50 on Amazon
  • 500+ hour battery life
  • 4 different hearing modes: high, low, mid, and wide
  • Adjustable hearing tube— can be used on either ear
  • 3 in x 1 in x 5 in

The OOFONIX Elite over-the-counter hearing aid uses a 12-band digital sound processor made by Intricon to enhance hearing. This hearing aid boasts a 35dB gain with 10 different levels for optimal volume control.

Furthermore, it has 4 different hearing modes for environmental personalization. It uses noise-canceling technology to produce a clear sound. It is also built extremely small, which offers discrete usage.

However, the excellent features and technology are displayed in the price. Customers can purchase a pair for $399.99 or $199.99 for a single.

Still, the Otofonix Elite is an exceptional hearing aid and is tried and tested by many users. The company even offers a 1-year warranty and customer support by phone.

Key Features:

  • Easily adjustable volume
  • Noise-canceling technology
  • 4 listening modes
  • 0.5 in x 0.3 in x 1 in
  • 1-year warranty

This hearing aid is built to be small yet powerful. They pack a punch, with digital sound processing offering clear amplification. In addition, the Empower Hearing Amplifier can switch between 4 modes to suit the environment.

The product comes in 8 sizes, 10 batteries, a carrying case, a cleaning brush, and two tips—a regular tip and a power tip. The power tip is built for greater volumes, if necessary. In addition, the Empower Hearing Amplifier comes with exceptional noise reduction technology to ensure users get clear amplification.

This hearing aid also comes with a one-year warranty to make it a risk-free purchase. This hearing aid costs $269.99.

Key Features:

  • Advanced digital noise reduction technology
  • Power tip to increase the volume
  • 12-band processing
  • 4 listening modes
  • 1-year warranty
  • 1.06 in x 0.25 in

This easy-to-use hearing aid is unique as it comes with a rechargeable battery. On a full charge, the Banglijian Hearing Amplifier gets 20 to 24 hours of use. In addition, the product comes with 10 different earpieces and two sound tubes allowing it to be used on either ear.

The hearing aid itself has very low audio distortion, with noise-canceling technology to give exceptional clarity. It also has two modes for quiet and loud environments. In addition, with 2 listening modes and 5 volume levels, the customization of the hearing aid gives versatility to the wearer.

The Ziv-201A model costs $124.98 for one hearing aid.

Key Features:

  • 20-24-hour fully rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • Smart noise reduction
  • 2 listening modes
  • 5 volume levels
  • 3-year manufacturer warranty
  • 1.4 in x 0.4 in x 0.3 in

Another Banglijian product, the Ziv-206 model, is an upgrade in terms of capability and technology. Again, it offers a fully rechargeable battery that lasts up to 24 hours of usage. However, this battery comes with quick-charge features.

It has smart noise reduction, and it now has 4 channel processing to produce even clearer quality than its predecessor. In addition, the Ziv-206 comes with 53dB sound gain and 3 listening modes for further adaptability.

This product comes with 5 different sound tubes and 15 earpieces. It costs $149.99, only $20 more than its counterpart.

Key Features:

  • 20-24-hour, fully rechargeable, quick-charge lithium-ion battery
  • Smart noise reduction
  • 3 listening modes
  • 4 channel signal processing
  • 53dB sound gain
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty
  • 1.4 in x 0.4 in x 0.3 in

IAid created this over-the-counter hearing aid. It offers a well-built hearing aid for a solid price, at $53.88 per hearing aid, the lowest price on our list. In addition, with 500-hour battery life and two batteries included, it’s sure to last a long time.

It’s small, lightweight, and easy to use, making it the perfect aid for those who want a basic yet powerful hearing aid.

The Digital Hearing Amplifier Aid comes with 4 channels of noise reduction and 4 different listening modes. It’s built for quality and clarity of noise while still giving customization for users to select the proper mode based on their environment.

Key Features:

  • 4 channels of noise reduction
  • 3 sizes of earpieces
  • 4 different hearing modes
  • 500-hour battery life
  • 2 batteries included
  • 6.5g/0.1 lb

Coniler has created a well-built, discreet hearing aid built for the users. It comes neatly packaged and offers a customizable set-up. The Coniler Smart Hearing Amplifier has digital noise reduction to enhance the clarity of noises. It’s intended to reduce any high-pitch sounds and other background noises.

The hearing aid itself is designed for comfort and even smoothly fits users wearing glasses. With a 46dB sound gain, the Coniler Smart Hearing Amplifier is sure to fit all needs. It cost $118.99 for one hearing aid or $218.99 for two.

Key Features:

  • 48-battery life
  • Smart noise reduction
  • Rechargeable, lithium-ion battery with charging stand
  • Maximum sound gains of 46dB
  • 1-year warranty

Blomed’s Hearing Amplifier is the ideal over-the-counter hearing aid for those wanting a discreet, cost-efficient hearing aid. At only $54.80, this small-sized hearing aid is easy to use and comfortable to wear. In addition, it’s built with a TPE silica gel ear hook offering an aid that’s easily forgettable while wearing.

It comes with a new digital smart chip with a 38% improvement in noise reduction compared to its previous model. This means the Blomed Hearing Amplifier offers a clear, natural sound sure to impress.

It comes with 4 different modes, controlled by one button, to adapt to the user’s environment. With 500-hour battery life and 2 batteries, this product will meet all your needs.

Key Features:

  • 500-hour battery life
  • 2 Zine Air batteries
  • Comfortable and stylish look
  • 4 different listening modes
  • 1.37 in x 0.27 in

The LAIWEN Digital Hearing Amplifier Aid is a high-quality hearing aid built in a small piece. This hearing aid can come in red or blue color. Despite the small size, this hearing aid has impressive features.

With 8 powerful channels and 16 bands of digital processing, the Laiwen hearing aid boasts impeccable sound quality and clarity. In addition, the hearing aid comes with a battery lasting 5 to 7 days, and the package comes with two batteries.

Read our full LAIWEN hearing amplifier review.

It has 4 different modes so that you can use the hearing aid in any environment. It also comes with 3 different volume control features. The Laiwen Digital Hearing Amplifier costs $105.99 for one hearing aid.

Key Features:

  • 8 channels
  • 16 band digital processing
  • 40dB peak sound gain
  • 4 different listening modes
  • 40.87 in x 0.51 in x 0.39 in

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