The Highest NRR Ear Plugs – Up to 34 NRR (Decibel Rating)

Highest NRR Earplugs

For the noisiest environments only the highest level of protection will do. That means getting the highest Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) you can.

What is NRR?

NRR, or noise reduction rating, is measured in decibels (db) and tells you how much the hearing protection is lowering the sound level prior to it reaching your ears. So, for example, if you are at a concert that has an average noise level of 100 decibels and you are wearing protecting items with the level of 30db, then the noise level reaching your ears would be 70db.

As you can see, these products will help to ensure noise reduction to help protect your hearing and keep your ears healthy and strong. While they do not do much in terms of blocking out sound, there are certainly some of those options available, which we have discussed below.

Foam ear plugs are the most cost effective and easiest way to protect your hearing. They are made of a moldable material that offers protection and comfort all in one. The moldable material will change the way you think of hearing protection and health forever.

These products all boast an NRR of at least 32 dB, which will be sufficient for most situations. We have compiled a list of some of the best noise reduction silicone products on the market according to customer ratings and reviews, and other factors, for example, higher NRR ratings, quality, fit, ease of use, and more.

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Earplugs With the Highest NRR Rating

It is important to understand NRR since any noise level over 85db starts to cause hearing damage, which means that only the best ear plugs will help to reduce noise exposure and protect your hearing. In order to make sure that you are doing the most for your health, check the NRR levels that these products offer.

Today we’re going to be looking at 6 foam earplug options that offers a whopping NRR of 33 decibels each. Higher ratings means more protection. We only cover passive earplugs in this review, you may be looking for noise cancelling earbuds for shooting.

high noise reduction rating earplugs

This is the maximum level of protection that any ear plugs provide. This higher NRR rating will help to protect your hearing even when you’re exposed to some of the highest noise levels, whether you’re listening to music, other personal use, work, or more.

Still want more protection for shooting or other very loud activity? You can double up any of the earplugs on this list with a  set of earmuffs and end up with around a combined NRR 36 decibels protection.

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Innerpeace Chill Box Earplugs are aimed at people living in tight spaces such as dorm rooms or apartment buildings. These are one of the top choices for people who want to concentrate better, or who simply want to work in environments that are louder than what they are used to.

For those who live in close quarters and need the best noise reduction ear plugs for some peace and quiet these certainly seem to be just the thing. These are one of the only products on our list that also works for blocking out noise aside from just hearing protection.

Their unique shape means they are very comfortable for long term wear, for instance while writing a term paper in your dorm room, or trying to block out a neighbor’s party while still providing the highest NRR rating protection for your hearing.

Twenty pairs, which should each be reusable several times, are quite inexpensive.

Flents Quiet Time Earplugs hearing protection devices are for those who need to block out some noise in order to get some rest. 

Unlike some of the other NRR rating products that only provide you with protection when you face exposure to loud levels of noise, these will block out loud noises and sounds to help you concentrate on a certain project or get some sleep.

Whether you are at home and need to drown out the snores of a loved one, or trying to catch a nap on the plane or subway, these will get the job done. Not only are these some of the best earplugs for loud noise and hearing protection, they are comfortable too.

Most users report being able to wear them all night long comfortably without them falling out. They are a very affordable hearing protection option for those looking for the best sound cancelling earplugs. A 50 pair retails on Amazon, so you can rest without a large investment.

Hearos Xtreme Protection ear plugs are the best noise reduction ear plugs in the Hearos line, which is one of the best brands according to customer reviews. They are slightly larger than the other products from Hearos in order to provide the additional protection, so they may not fit smaller ear canals or children.

That makes these high noise reduction NRR rating earplugs perfect for adults who need them for on the job or any other essential purpose. They will help to reduce your exposure to a loud level of noise, protecting your hearing and decreasing noise exposure at the same time.

The Hearos line is latex free and made from a proprietary polymer, so for those who have had skin reactions from latex, these would definitely be an option worth trying. Packs in multiple quantities are available on Amazon. A 2-pack of 14 pairs (total of 28 pairs) is available. That’s an outstanding price for packs of that size.

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Howard Leight is one of the many brands that provides protection for industrial environments, and their Max-1 earplugs reflect that focus. The Max-1 are designed for challenging noise environment work places such as mining, welding, and manufacturing.

Many people working in such conditions are not aware of how important it is to protect their hearing and health. They are made from polyurethane foam that is designed for a single use. The soft foam and bell shape are designed for all day comfort, according to data.

The bright orange color is a purposeful design element as well that makes it easy to see them within a co-workers ear to make sure they are complying with safety requirements and data. This will help to protect your health and hearing for the better.

If you are looking for the best noise cancelling products for your workplace, or if you just want the protection the pros rely on for home, the Max-1s may be the earplugs for you.

3M is the major competitor for brands such as Howard Leight in the workplace hearing protection market, and the Ear Soft Blasts are their answer to the Max-1 hearing protectors we just looked at. These are an outstanding pair of earplugs and are one of the best sound cancelling silicone earplugs on the market.

They are made of a soft foam and have a comfort design shape for all day wear. In addition, they have a high NRR rating to ensure your safety when you face exposure to loud noises, such as concerts, fireworks, or machinery.

The bright yellow is designed to be noticeable for in-ear checks on co-workers to ensure compliance to safety requirements. They are also an outstanding value, which most users were pleased with. You can purchase a 200 pair box on Amazon for a very low price.

So if you are looking for a professional pair of the best sound proof ear plugs for your home or workplace the Ear Soft Blasts are an outstanding value.

In the crowded workplace hearing protection market it can be difficult to stand out. So, to put their spin on the best noise canceling ear plugs for the workplace, brands such as Moldex focused on the packaging.

Their Pura-Fit line of earplugs come in an easy and convenient dispensing station that can be mounted for high visibility inside the workplace. Therefore, if you want to decrease your exposure to a loud level of noise, you will be able to have these products readily available.

The high end dispenser packaging does come with some extra cost, but if workplace hearing protection is a concern, then it may be worth the extra price to have packaging that increases visibility and use.

The ear plugs themselves have the same quality features you find in the products of brands such as Howard Leight and 3M, including bright coloring for compliance and the highest level of NRR. 

These are definitely one of the best noise reducing ear plugs for the workplace and worth the extra price if you need to mount a dispensing station to make them easy for workers to access, which will please a lot of people.

You may want to consider reusable ear plugs for construction as opposed to disposable.


​Whether you are looking for products for personal use or the workplace, there are plenty of great options for the highest NRR rating products to block harmful or annoying sounds or a high level of noise.

If you are looking for home use the Innerpeace, Flents or Hearos lines will likely be perfect for you. If you are purchasing for a worksite, then look to Howard Leight, 3M or Moldex.

No matter which of these products you settle on, you’ll get the highest NRR rating protection possible from a set of earplugs to protect your health, and you’ll be very pleased with your purchase.

This list was compiled of the best earmuffs and earplugs from different brands available on the market based on customer reviews. No matter which option you choose, you will know that at the end of the day, you are working to protect your health.

You may want to pair your earplugs with a set of high quality electronic earmuffs.