What Are NoNoise Earplugs, Why Are They Different?

NoNoise earplugs are made from a long lasting ceramic material that uses zirconium oxide and are available in a large size so that they are suitable for everyone to use. They are the world’s most advanced universally-fit hearing protectors. They have a precision sound filter that fits deep inside the ears hearing channel so that when I am using them I can be sure that the maximum level of sound waves that could cause damage to my hearing is filtered out.

They Are Different In Design

The quality high tech design of this product ensures me that my hearing receives precise attenuation while filtering sound waves through its Venturi-shaped channel. This channel running through the centre of the filter absorbs sound differently than other filters that use a straight channel as a filter system. I am ensured that this product offers me the best quality available in hearing protection through dampening the harmful sounds while allowing those essential noises to still filter through and reach my inner ear.

Comfortable For Many Uses

If I wear these for long periods of time they are comfortable inside my ear, in fact I hardly notice I am wearing them. When sleeping they are so soft my sleep is not disturbed while still being able to hear my alarm in the morning or my son should he wake up crying, when riding my bike I can still hear the traffic around me. The silicone free earplugs are suitable for anyone with health issues over the use of products made of silicone, they offer no muffling (serious cases of muffling could affect your balance). In addition to being comfortable they are re-usable.

Who Are NoNoise?

NoNoise have been in existence for more than 20 years and the hearing protection systems they have developed have been designed by some of the leading hearing technicians and audiologists in the Netherlands. They are very experienced at the design as well as the manufacturing of custom fit devices to protect my and your hearing. I know I am safely protecting my hearing when using their products.

The hearing products are rigorously tested to ensure they exceed the European Standard, they have also been independently tested and approved in Germany by an internationally recognized testing institute in that country.

How To Clean NoNoise Earplugs

There are lots of earplugs on the market that cannot be adequately cleaned or cleaned sufficiently. NoNoise earplugs are a little different in that they have developed their very own cleaning fluid, so I know I can easily keep my earplugs clean and this helps me to keep my ears free of any infection.


The cleaning fluid is sold in a 50ml bottle with a spray attachment and it helps me to keep my earplugs generally clean and most importantly free of any harmful bacteria that may cause infection. It can also be used on other non-electrical hearing devices except disposable foam ear plugs. You just need to apply the spray and wipe clean, ensuring the earplugs are fully dry before you place them into their storage container. If like me you use your earplugs regularly then every 2 or 3 days is sufficient for cleaning, if they are only used occasionally then clean them after every time they are used.

Why Do I Wear NoNoise Earplugs?

For the simple reason to avoid becoming deaf later in my life, we are surrounded in our daily lives by noises that are damaging to our hearing. I choose to wear protection simply to reduce the risk of damaging my hearing. Deafness caused by noise is irreversible, it does not generally happen suddenly but over a period of time, damage can be caused at levels over 80 decibels (dB). Whispering is recorded as being 30dB, talking generally about 60dB, and the siren of an emergency vehicle 120dB.

NoNoise Earplugs Used In Motorsport

They offer ideal protection for motorcycle riders of all levels, reducing the road and wind noise while still allowing for intercom and other means of communication while riding. The wind noise while riding a motorcycle can produce a noise level of up to 105dB, spectators at motorsports events could be in even greater danger of permanent hearing damage as that level can be 130dB. I suggest always wearing them when riding or watching. The unique filtration system allows for motorcyclists to hear the traffic sounds around them while the damaging noises are filtered out. I and other users rave about this product as we can have a normal conversation without any muffled sound. This product is colored orange so should you drop them onto the road surface they are very easily seen. The maximum rating for attenuation of hearing protection products is 33dB, the NoNoise Motorsport earplugs are very highly rated at 29.6dB.

NoNoise Earplugs For Water Sports

These earplugs are very efficient at keeping unwanted water out of the ears of swimmers, water skiers and surfers while allowing the wearer to hear conversations with no muffling or loss of conversational sound while filtering out unnecessary and disturbing background noises. They carry the maximum level of attenuation of 33.4dB when protecting my and your ears against water contacting the middle and inner ear, avoiding any unnecessary permanent water damage, irritation or even infection. I highly recommend this product for anyone thinking of taking part in any form of water sports.

NoNoise Earplugs For Use During DIY Or Working In The Garden

NoNoise produce a range of earplugs designed specifically for use in the garden or doing DIY and operating power tools. A small compressor or power drill each have a decibel level of 92 and can cause permanent damage if your ears are not protected after just 30 minutes of use. A lawn mower is slightly lower at 89dB and an after an hour of use it could result in my having permanent hearing problems if I were to use one without protection. NoNoise DIY and Garden earplugs carry a rating of 26.7dB and are among the leading products for this required use of ear protection which is highly recommended. When using this product it offers me a great reduction in the damaging machine and tool noise while also allowing me to hear conversations, it is the ideal protection for my hearing when I am using loud and potentially hearing damaging power tools.

NoNoise Earplugs Shoot Protectors

Should you choose to go shooting on a gun range or hunting if your country allows that pursuit then wearing suitable earplugs is a must! A single shot from gun can be as high as 150dB this is enough to give immediate damage to your hearing. Some fireworks can have the same effect to your hearing. NoNoise earplugs however will seriously reduce the noisy effects of a gun blast. They are the ideal protection to use for any shooting activity and are much better than the earplugs available to me when I was in the military a few decades ago. This product has such a good reputation that they are currently used by several police and military forces throughout the world. NoNoise Shoot earplugs are tuned precisely to be at the optimum attenuation of the required frequencies for accurately protecting the hearing of shooting enthusiasts and the 29.5dB level offers a high level of protection.

NoNoise Travel Earplugs

The earplugs designed by NoNoise to assist me while travelling help to regulate the build-up of cabin pressure while flying, just four hours of flying without protecting my hearing can lead to discomfort as well as be irritating and prevent sleep. They are also ideal in situations where there is loud conversation taking place, when on a train and another passes the decibel level can be as high as 86. It can be equally as high when standing on the street with busy traffic passing.


NoNoise Travel earplugs have been independently tested to an attenuation level of 29dB to give precision filtration of noise and reduce the pressure in my ears when flying meaning I can have a soothing and relaxing flight with no muffling sounds that allows me to fully hear conversations.

NoNoise Sleep Earplugs

Sleep deprivation while not harmful to my hearing can be somewhat irritating or so my wife tells me, apparently my snoring kept her awake, now she has a good nights restful sleep because of this product. These earplugs also reduce background noise, another reason for not having a restful night’s sleep. The noise filtration system of these earplugs helps to reduce irritating nighttime noises while essential sounds such as an alarm or baby crying are still audible.

NoNoise Work Earplugs

These earplugs offer the best solution to reducing machine and tool noise whilst working with noisy machinery such as a pile-driver or hammer drill. These tools both give out a noise level of 120 decibels which can immediately damage my hearing should I not wear earplugs. Wearing them improves my level of concentration as well as being able to communicate, both good support factors to my safety at work. These earplugs are highly recommended and have been approved by the Institute for Health and Safety in Germany.

NoNoise Music Earplugs

Going to a loud concert to see your favorite band should be an enjoyable experience but it is one where too many people put a serious risk to their long term hearing. Simply wearing earplugs can reduce that risk. The peak sound created at a concert can be as high as 130 decibels, that is higher than anything my or your hearing can tolerate and the result can be immediate damage to your hearing.

NoNoise music earplugs are specially designed to give clear sounds to enhance the enjoyment of music while filtering out the decibel level that creates the damage. They do not give a muffled sound and normal conversation is not affected. They are ideal to take along when listening to any loud music.


NoNoise earplugs are highly recommended whatever use they are designed for, long lasting and excellent value for money. They are available direct from the manufacturer from around 20 Euros or other suppliers worldwide. You will not be disappointed with this product only wonder why you did not discover them before now.

Precision noise filtration

​Why do I need NoNoise Hearing Protectors?

Unamplified music (drums, brass etc) can produce noises levels up to 100dB; amplified music at festivals, concerts or clubs can reach 130dB. Permanent hearing damage can occur from 85dB so it is essential always to use hearing protection.

Why are these Hearing Protectors different?

Developed over 20 years by leading audiology experts, NoNoise MUSIC Hearing Protectors are superior to traditional foam, wax or silicone earplugs.

Precision-tuned, patented ceramic sound filters ensure maximum protection against dangerous levels of noise from loud music. Filtration reduces volume but does not deform the sound and lets you listen clearly to a surrounding conversation – ideal for all music lovers.

Comfortable and suitable for all ages.

NoNoise MUSIC Hearing Protectors are precisely tuned for optimum attenuation at the frequencies required by live music lovers.

The independently measured mean sound attenuation (EN352-2:2002) is 28.5dB at the higher (most damaging) frequencies.

I just used a brand-new pair of NoNoise earplugs, and I highly recommend them. After just one 25-minute ride (my commute to work), I’m comfortable saying that they are the best earplugs I have ever tried.


But the rumble of wind noise was almost absent. I’m tempted to take the “almost” out of that sentence. The absence of wind noise was astonishing. I commute in suburban stop-and-go traffic at up to 60mph for a minute or two.

Source and cost:

I got the plugs at Twisted Throttle for about $36 including shipping. I don’t mind paying for excellent gear and, for me, these plugs are worth the money. I won’t argue with anyone who says these plugs are too expensive; if foam plugs do the job for you, that’s great and more power to you.


NoNoise plugs feel like silicone, but the website says they are “silicone free” and are made of thermoplastic. They feel rubbery and they have three ribbed ridges that, when inserted, fill up the ear canal. In the center is a small tube that you grasp to remove the plug.

Inside that central tube is what NoNoise calls a “zirconium oxide ceramic filter” that’s a “venturi-shaped sound channel.” This noise filter is designed to tune out the sound frequencies of wind noise and road noise.

For storage, it comes with a screw-cap aluminum tube that’s easy to drop when you’re holding the plugs and unscrewing the cap. Don’t try this while standing on top of a stormwater drain.

Using them:

The plugs are easy to put in. You tug on your earlobe or on the top of your ear (depending on your personal anatomy) and insert the plug with a twist. The plug is comfortable and doesn’t feel like it’s filling your entire ear canal, the way foam plugs do. Removing is easy — grasp the central tube and gently pull out.


This is where the NoNoise plugs shine. Wind noise was almost gone. At the same time, I could hear the acoustic guitar on the Beatles’ “Here Comes the Sun.” It’s hard to describe (or to believe) how well these things filter out wind noise while letting you hear music and, more important, passing cars. While waiting a stoplight, a police car went past and turned on its siren. I heard the siren clearly.

I’m impressed that the wind noise was gone, but I could hear tire noise from cars. It’s important for me to be able to hear cars coming up behind me.


​For 2-1/2 years I have used, off and on, Alpine Motosafe earplugs, which are very good. Motosafes are made of silicone and they, too, have sound filters that fit into the central tube. The Motosafe sound filters are made of hard plastic, and there are two sets: green for low-speed city riding, and yellow for highway riding.


Motosafes do a good job of filtering out wind noise while letting in other sounds. But the NoNoise plugs are much better at this selective filtering. Both are better than foam plugs.


I liked the Motosafes, but they did have problems. For one thing, the noise filters are slick, hard plastic, and after a few weeks, they slid out of the silicone earplugs when I was removing the plugs. Eventually I had to superglue them in.


The Motosafes are too floppy to insert with your fingers, so you have to use a small plastic inserter.


Foam plugs are OK, but they muffle everything and not just wind noise. The NoNoise plugs muffle the wind noise but hardly anything else. And I don’t particularly like the feel of foam plugs, whereas NoNoise and Motosafe plugs feel less intrusive.

Other thoughts:

When I saw the description of the NoNoise plugs on Twisted Throttle, I was skeptical. NoNoise makes plugs for all sorts of applications, from motorsports to airplane travel to gardening work, and the company says that each variety of plugs is tuned to filter out noise peculiar to that application. I was dubious, but my Motosafes were on their last legs (and, in fact, one of the Motosafe plugs fell apart as I was getting ready to go home from work yesterday — and when I got home, the NoNoise plugs were in the mailbox. Perfect timing.), so I took a flyer on this new brand. I’m glad I did.

And finally, I have a quirk in my cranial anatomy that causes problems with most earplugs, whether they’re Alpine Motosafes or foam plugs: My right ear canal is almost vertical. When I insert an earplug, the tail end invariably rests against the inside of my outer ear. Because the outer ear is pressed against the lining of the helmet, the vibrations caused by wind noise are transferred directly to the earplug, and I get a loud rumbling noise in my right year.

My roommate snores.

But she happens to be my significant other. So, there is no way I am going to kick her out.


Sleeping next to her is unbearable, unless I am wearing the best noise cancelling headphones that money can buy.


It is not easy to sleep with someone who snores. I have been there, done that, and I didn’t like it.


Get yourself the best ear plugs for sleeping with a snorer. Honestly, using these earplugs for sleeping will save you from so much agony and many sleepless nights.


However, f you can’t fathom the idea of sleeping with earplugs in your ear canals, you may want to consider getting one of these best white noise machines that block out snoring.

Josh Roberts

Josh spent many years of his life working in an industrial environment where hearing protection is paramount to workplace safety. Since then he has been on a mission to share how important taking care of your hearing is for living a great life.

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