​The old saying silence is golden hold true. It really is. In our modern-day lives, we rarely stop and think about how much we damage our hearing every day. We walk next to busses, trucks, motorcycles, construction sites and airports every day. It’s safe to say you don’t want to use “please say again” as a reply to everything when you’re older and for that reason, protecting your ears are vitally important. If you want to choose between two of the coolest brands when it comes to earplugs, it will be Hearos vs.​ Eargasm.

The number one reason people do not want to use earplugs is the look of them. You have that little awkward plastic stick poking out of your ear, or the piece of neon green alerting everyone in the vicinity you’re wearing earplugs. You feel like everyone is staring at the little beacon sticking out of your ear.

With both Eargasm and Hearos that is no longer the case. The industry’s cool kids have made sure of that. Now, there are two ways of taking the awkward out of something, either make it so cool everyone wants one, or make it invisible. This is your first choice when deciding the winner between Hearos vs. Eargasm.


Style - Eargasm vs Hearos

Hearos made it cool. You have choices like pink lady’s earplugs. This earns bragging rights with any lady in a relationship with a lumberjack sleeper. The earplugs are soft and sleeping in them is easy. They are also bright pink, for that touch of passive aggressive. Just a gentle reminder to the bear next to you that yes, he bothers you and aren’t you the nicest for not murdering him in his sleep?


Another Hearos option is the diamante earplugs. They have a touch of bling securely fastened to a high-performance pink earplug. These are great for concerts or a noisy work environment where a bright blue earplug just really doesn’t match your outfit. These earplugs make a great conversation starter. A conversation you can easily hear because the earplugs take the ambient sounds and make them less obtrusive. Allowing your ears to hear your friend’s slightly veiled jealousy about your great outfit.

Eargasm does the opposite. They’ve made earplugs invisible. The earplugs are made of clear silicone and won’t be seen unless someone is staring into your ear canal, but if that’s happening, you’re not the awkward one. The only color to be found in the earplug is a small blue disk hidden well inside your ear. Only a small, clear tab used to remove the earplugs will be visible outside the ear.

Quality - Hearos vs Eargasm

The next question is always about quality. How much sound will be blocked by the earplugs? Eargasm earplugs provide an average sound reduction of 21dBs. Hearos has a huge range, the hybrid earplugs offer a 30 dB noise reduction. The Dazzlears will reduce ambient noise by 35dBs. By comparing Eargasm vs. Hearos, Hearos does have better sound blocking performance.

The actual quality of the Hearos product varies depending on what you require from your earplugs. Hearos have a wide variety of options with different durability properties.

They have earplugs that are designed to be disposable, and some that are washable and reusable. The reusable plugs are made of silicone. Eargasm only has washable plugs that are made of high-grade silicone. Silicone is always a good bet when considering durability. Foam will disintegrate after a few washes. Foam also tends to lose it’s sponginess over time meaning the plugs won’t fit as snugly.

Main Uses

What about Eargasm vs. Hearos for motorcycles? The back of a motorcycle is a noisy place. There is the noise the bike makes, the wind noise and the noise coming from all the cars around you. The tricky part about earplugs is they have to fit your ear well or they will fall out if you put on a helmet.

Eargasm is the industry favorite due to the design of the earplug. The earplug has a triple flange design ensuring that it fits comfortably in most ears and comes with a removable noise filter. The user can then decide on extra protection or not. Backing up the company’s motto of being the volume adjuster of the earplug industry, you get to choose how much noise to cancel. The earplug design also means it doesn’t fall out as easily.

The sound blocking specification of Eargasm is perfect for active road users as the sounds are just filtered not muted. The plugs cut out the high pitch wind noise while still allowing the user to hear important sounds like sirens.

The fact that the plug is invisible also makes it popular. The carry case is also as invisible as they come. Eargasm makes the smallest carry cases that slip onto your keychain.  The metal case is dust and moisture resistant with the screw on lid’s lip on the outside of the case. This ensures your earplugs won’t get damaged whilst removing or storing them. The case is also made of aluminum making it strong enough to handle all the bumps your keys get every day.


There is a lot of debate regarding what is considered value for money earplugs. Cheap and expensive is a very relative term depending on your financial situation and needs. When applying the concept to earplugs, there is the matter of how much use will you get out of one pair. This varies a lot from person to person.

Both brands have suggested usage guidelines, but if you get squeamish about using an earplug twice and wash or dispose of it after one use, the disposable or foam route may get expensive really quickly. In this case, it might be better to use Eargasm’s silicone plugs. They are durable and washable. Eargasm earplugs sell from $14.95 to $32.88.

For the person who doesn’t mind foam or disposable, Hearos has a great range to choose from. Hearos prices range from $6.99 to $19.95.

Other Notes

If you’re a die-hard Hearos fan, the suggested plug is the Hearos extreme, a reusable blue or green foam plug. They have a noise reduction of 30 dBs, which might be a little too high to hear street sounds. The foam earplugs do cause slight pressure inside the ear for the first hour or so, and with oily and sweaty hands handling the plugs, taking them out and reinserting them, the user will have to keep an eye out for the plug’s cleanliness to avoid ear infections.

One of the big drawbacks of Eargasm is the limited product range. They basically have two different size high fidelity shells (for smaller ears and for normal ears) and a choice between two colored filters (light blue and transparent). The whole design allows you to use the shells with or without the filter. The smaller shells are made of soft rubber.

Eargasm also has an activewear series made for normal size ears. The sound quality won’t be as good as the high fidelity earplugs.

Hearos vs Eargasm for Shooting

Lastly, they have earplugs made with the shooting range in mind.  These earplugs have two ends attached to each other, and the user can decide how much noise reduction is needed. Eargasm also has a range of items used to care for your earplugs. This includes the carry case, wipes, and brushes.

Hearos has a much larger range to pick from, allowing the wearer to put a personal stamp on his/her ear protection. They come in everything from bulk packs for workers to one pair reusable for musicians. They have silicone based plugs and soft foam plug for sensitive ears. You’re sure to find what you’re looking for from them. The Hearos brand does not supply their own range of cleaning and care products.

Which Ear Plug Should You Choose?

In the end, I suppose the Hearos vs. Eargasm choice is a personal one. It’s a mom and pop store vs. a high-end specialty store. Hearos develops as consumers grow and evolve; they try their best to move with the times, make everything as cool and funky as possible. They vehemently try to cater to every one of their client’s whims.

Eargasm is sticking to their guns and ensuring the limited range they have is the best on the market. They are uncompromised by trends and fashion, choosing to rather just focus on that three flanged clear piece of Silicone and how to make it the best earplug ever. If you are looking for a quality reusable earplug, this is your choice.

There are no gimmicks. No funny names. Nothing at all funky or cool about the brand, but hey, hearing protection is a serious business. That’s also okay. There are plenty of consumers who won’t ever talk about their earplugs. Can you imagine two big burly bikers discussing their pink dazzlears?

You are going to have to decide whether you want bling or invisible. Foam or Silicone? It’s a tough choice if you’re new to the market maybe start out with a pair of Hearos silicone earplugs. See if they work for you and then get serious with some Eargasm plugs.

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Josh spent many years of his life working in an industrial environment where hearing protection is paramount to workplace safety. Since then he has been on a mission to share how important taking care of your hearing is for living a great life.

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